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How Do Seasons Affect the Food Truck Industry?

The concept of the food truck business makes operators of the business expose themselves to the elements of the weather. Food trucks are meant to be out there in fields and on street corners selling their foods and drinks to people.

There are factors that affect different industries and for the food truck industry, seasons are part of what affects them. There are four seasons in the United States of America and they are spring, summer, fall or autumn, and winter. Each of these seasons comes with its own temperature, light, and weather patterns and they are experienced every calendar year (i.e., every year).

The extent to which seasons can affect a food truck business or the food truck industry will to a large extent depend on the country or state where the business operates. This is because the winter season in city A might not be as harsh as the winter season in city B.

So also, spring in city C might not be as hash as spring in city D. Having said that, if you plan to start your food truck business in the United States of America, here are the ways the seasons will affect your business.

How Do Seasons Affect the Food Truck Industry

  1. How Spring Affects the Food Truck Industry

In the United States, Spring usually starts on March 1st and runs through May 31st. Actually, Spring starts just immediately after winter and ends before autumn (fall). It is that period of the year when you expect the rain to fall, the possibility of tornadoes to hit certain areas, and of course fluctuations in the weather.

It could be cold at night and hot during the day. During spring, tornadoes, and supercell thunderstorms can generate hazardously large hail and very high winds. Now, if you run your food truck business during the Spring, you will be exposed to rain, tornadoes, and thunderstorms that might keep people from coming out to patronize your business.

Floods are likely going to happen during the spring, and that in itself can stop food trucks from operating. On the other hand, food trucks usually take advantage of the friendly spring season to generate sales.

This is so because in the United States, there are some outdoor celebrations such as Carnival (before lent), Easter, May Day, and Passover et al which give people the opportunity to go out and when people go out, they patronize food trucks. In a nutshell, Spring affects the food truck industry both positively and negatively.

  1. How Summer Affects the Food Truck Industry

Summer usually starts from June 1st and runs through to August 31st in the United States of America. Summer is the season of the year that starts just after Spring and before Fall (Autumn).

Summer happens to be the season of the year that most people look forward to because summer is the hottest season of the year, the season where we experience longer days and shorter nights, and of course the season where we have friendly and healthy weather.

Going by the characteristics of the summer season, one will conclude that it is the best season for the food truck industry. This is the season when people usually organize outdoor events such as carnivals, parties, camp meetings, and sporting events hence it is a perfect season for the food truck business.

Food trucks usually record their highest sales for the year during the summer period. Actually, if you are looking forward to launching your food truck business, the summer season should be the ideal time to launch your business.

  1. How Fall (Autumn) Affects the Food Truck Industry

Fall, which is also known as autumn is the season of the year that usually starts from September 1st and runs through November 30th. This season starts just after Summer and before Winter. Unlike summer where we enjoy longer days and shorter nights, during Fall (Autumn) we usually experience shorter days and longer nights.

The temperature starts dropping (becoming cooler) and the leaves start dropping from trees and plants. Although there are quite a number of outdoor events during the fall, it is not too friendly for the food truck industry, especially during harsh fall.

It can actually get windy during this period and that might stop people from going to outdoor events. But over and above, the food truck industry usually experiences reasonable sales during the fall (autumn) season. In essence, the impact of the fall (autumn) season on the food truck industry is both positive and negative.

  1. How Winter Affects the Food Truck Industry

In the United States of America, Winter usually starts from December 1st and runs through February 28th (29th during Leap Year). Winter starts just immediately after fall (autumn) and before spring. It is that period of the year when the temperature to drops sharply and it gets colder.

Depending on the city where you live, it is the season when it snows. Of course, during winter, we usually experience shorter days and longer nights.

Going by the characteristic of the winter season, people usually don’t organize outdoor events because of the extremely cold weather. The implications of this are that industries that thrive when people engage in outdoor events are usually affected negatively. Food trucks usually experience low sales during the winter period.

In Conclusion,

Please note that despite the fact that some of the reasons listed above affect the food truck industry negatively, but if you are creative, you can still make appreciable sales during winter and fall. Trust me, if you have the magic touch in managing a food truck business, customers will always go against their comfort to look out for your food truck.