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How to Sell Candles at a Flea Market

Are you looking for the best tips and strategies for selling candles at a flea market? If YES, here are 8 tips and strategies you should consider.

When you enjoy what you do and you’re passionate about it, everything that comes with it will usually fall into place easily. Indeed, candle-making for profit is a lucrative business. One good thing about candles is that there is a boundless supply of scents you can make to placate just about anyone.

Once you understand the process of making long-lasting and long-smelling candles, you can likely find a steady stream of customers.

Selling candles at flea markets is, without a doubt, one of the ideal ways to get your candles out to the public. Have it in mind that on their busiest days – most notably on the weekends throughout the summer – flea markets are known to draw people from surrounding areas and locally.

Owing to the growing acceptance of these markets, it is one of the best ways to get people talking about your homemade candles. Flea market costs are renowned to be very cheap, especially if you sign a contract for longer terms, like 3-months or 6-months, that offers you the space and leverage to set up shop weekly.

Under such arrangements, you will only have to bother about keeping your supply at par with demand. However, your biggest costs will be the upfront to get your business up and running. If you can be careful with where you source your supplies from and not spend too much on packaging, your entire candle-making process would cost much less.

Ensure to keep accurate records of what you invest in materials and how much you use for each candle. Carefully do the math to understand how much one candle costs you and how much time it requires to make. To help see you through, here are a few tips and strategies for selling your homemade candles at a flea market.

Tips and Strategies for Selling Candles at a Flea Market

  1. Know your Local Regulations

Nothing can bring your business to a halt as quickly as getting shut down by your city health department or local authorities.

That is why it is critical to understand your local ordinances and health regulations. Indeed, these laws and regulations vary from city to county, so endeavor to contact your local health department and all necessary departments to know more.

  1. Pick a Good Spot

When looking to sell candles at a flea market, there are two options. You can choose to pick your stand or you get a stand assigned by the market organizer. Howbeit, in both cases, it is ideal to get there early. Note that in this way; you can pick the perfect spot for your store.

  1. Create an Inventory System

Having a solid system in place to manage your candle inventory is very necessary for anyone looking to achieve success in the candle-making business. Take your time to put together an inventory system manually or leverage a more modern software that is perfect for your business needs.

Note that leveraging a good and reliable inventory system is the best way to not only keep track of current inventory but also to efficiently track your expenses.

  1. Keep it Well-Stocked

Although it might seem backward, but your shelves and display must be full of products at all times. Have it in mind that shoppers are not impressed when you have a scanty and half-empty table. Everyone wants to know that they are getting the best selection, therefore, ensure to restock immediately and always come with way more than you intend to sell.

  1. Manage your display

This is another tip you should take seriously when selling candles at a Flea Market. Ensure you have a large visible sign that states what you are selling.

Also, endeavor to arrange your candles in a way that will hold your customers’ attention and encourage browsing. You should also remember to change your display (and even your product offerings) every couple of weeks.

  1. Be Friendly and Engage Your Customers

Always remember that you will sell more stuff when you’re friendly. No matter how boring or daunting you think selling is; just sitting with a mean face won’t sell those candles. Owing to that, greet your potential customers with a smile.

Some friendliness will do more good than harm. Don’t forget there are many vendors, so set yourself apart from the crowd by knowing your products well.

  1. Make Your Price Reasonable

Have it in mind that flea markets are known for bargains; however, it doesn’t mean you should under-price your items. Consider offering special discounts such as a two-for-one deal, and don’t forget to have enough cash at hand since the majority of customers at flea markets may not pay with credit cards. Also expect the buyer to haggle on prices, too.

  1. Stay Till the End

Even if you haven’t sold as many candles as you would like, it is pertinent you stay till the end. A good percentage of flea market customers decide to buy something at the end.

Most of them do it because they don’t want to walk around with a lot of stuff the whole day, while others do it because they are yet to decide if they should buy an item. Some prefer to buy items in quantity for big sellers. These are individuals that wait till the end of the flea market and buy all the stuff that is left.

Owing to that, it is necessary to stay till the very end if you want to make more candle sales. The business of selling candles is not that easy, however, the more familiar you become with the process, the easier it will feel.