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What is the Average Semi Truck Insurance Cost Per Month?

The average monthly cost of semi-truck insurance differs based on the insurance provider offering the plan as well as on other variables. Nevertheless, the monthly cost of a semi-truck insurance ranges from around $675 to $2,000 on average.

Once you own a commercial trucking company or perhaps become an owner-operator of a semi-truck, insurance becomes an unavoidable expenditure. Whether you’re a newcomer to the trucking industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll need high-quality coverage at the lowest feasible cost.

To begin, you should understand how much new CDL driver insurance costs. After that, the next step is to determine the exact sort of commercial truck driver insurance that is excellent for you. Several insurance companies also provide clients with tailored truck insurance.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Semi-Truck Insurance Per Month

Once you buy coverage, regardless of if it is for your private car or a fleet of semi-trucks, several factors influence the price of your premiums.

A good number of the variables influencing the median semi-truck insurance cost per month are common to all insurance policies, while some also are unique to large trucks. Nonetheless, the factors that will influence the cost of your semi-truck insurance per month include;

  1. Driving history

It’s widely known that a driver’s driving record influences their insurance rates. Maintaining a spotless record assists to keep premiums low. Note that just only one ticket, as well as a mishap, could raise your rates, particularly if the driver seeking insurance had been at fault.

  1. Credit score

When writing policies, insurance providers consider credit histories. An excellent credit score, combined with a clean driving record, will contribute to keeping your insurance costs low. Bad credit could indeed raise your premiums or make it difficult to buy coverage.

  1. Business Location

Have it in mind that the location of your trucking company influences the price of your insurance premiums. Every state in the United States has varying insurance guidelines, and you should satisfy the minimum requirements of the state where you live.

  1. Cargo classification

Exactly what sort of freight do you transport? This affects the price of your insurance premiums too. Due to the worth of their freight, car haulers, for instance, will almost certainly pay more than a rig carrying a load of boxes. Any trucker transporting bulkier freight or risky goods  (flammable liquids, for instance) can anticipate paying a higher insurance premium.

  1. Operational range

The range you end up driving is also another major consideration in your semi-truck insurance rates. A neighborhood trucker will most probably pay less in insurance than a long-haul driver. Long-distance drivers are more likely to become exhausted, lose concentration, as well as be involved in an accident.

  1. The type and size of your truck

The size and age of your truck both are factors that influence insurance rates. A larger, bulkier truck will certainly have higher insurance premiums. This is due to the fact that larger, bulkier trucks end up causing more damage in a disaster.

Average Annual Cost of Commercial Truck Insurance

  1. Primary Liability: $500 to $1,500 per month

Motor carriers supply this liability because it is required by the constitution for most businesses. Nevertheless, as an owner-operator, you should ensure that this coverage is included in your plan.

  1. General Liability: Between $500 and $600

General liability insurance for truck drivers incorporates fatalities such as slips and falls, defective goods, as well as damage to work areas. Finally, if the motorist or anybody else is badly hurt, the insurance policy will cover health costs and attorney costs.

  1. Physical Damage: $100 to $300 per month, based on truck value

Physical damage coverage covers any physical destruction to the vehicle. Clients are reimbursed if the truck is involved in a collision or is destroyed in another way that necessitates costly repairs.

  1. Occupational Accident: $140 to $210 per month

Occupational accident insurance (also widely recognized as occupational hazard insurance) provides medical coverage to personnel who might not be protected by a workers’ compensation policy in the event of work-related fatalities or injuries. This coverage is usually more adaptable and less expensive than a workers’ compensation policy.

  1. Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers the cargo you’re transporting in the event of loss or destruction. For instance, if you have $1 million in cargo insurance, the annual cost might range around $400 and $1,800.

  1. Bobtail insurance costs between $350 and $400

Bobtail insurance is commercial auto insurance that shields you once you bobtail your truck. Bobtailing is more or less the conduct of driving your truck without perhaps a trailer attached, and the possibilities of a mishap are significantly greater. Have it in mind that if you work in the auto industry, you would have to do some bobtailing occasionally.


The average monthly cost of commercial truck insurance is largely determined by insurance provider policies as well as state rules.

Howbeit, note that the figures noted above are only the average prices. Ensure to seek multiple quotes from different companies or collaborate with a leading broker to make comparisons as well as determine the best deal for your semi-trucks.