Are you wondering how to set up a cigar bar at a wedding? If YES, here is how you can set up a cigar bar at a wedding in 2022. A wedding is a unique and happy event to celebrate the union of two people, and since a good number of people like to celebrate with a good cigar, inculcating a cigar bar into your wedding plans can be your own means to engineer good and favorable memories.

In this modern era, wedding receptions have gone far beyond the normal standard of just good food and dancing. Every day, people are eager for new and innovative ways to create everlasting memories and also give their guests a good time. From social media breathtaking photo ops to food trucks offering late-night eats, and more popularly – cigar bars!

Notably, cigars are even one of the best gifts to get for a groom. Weddings present the perfect places to celebrate with a premium hand-rolled cigar. Making cigars part of the wedding day, whether your guest list is made up of cigar smokers or not, will make for some great photo-ops and also ensure that the event remains memorable.

After the meal, not all guests will take to the dance floor. A cigar bar is a perfect idea for guests who would prefer to sit and catch up! If you know your groomsmen or father loves a cigar on a normal day, or as a bride your fiancé enjoys a cigar at a tailgate, adding a cigar bar outside your reception would help to create a befitting memory.

But first make sure to find out if your venue can allow a cigar bar. Also take your time to find premium cigars and also stock the cigar bar with all the necessary hardware, like ashtrays, cigar cutters, lighters, and proper wastebaskets. Go for premium options, different blends, flavors, and sizes. Smaller size cigars will suit the ladies in the group.

Note that you can also match the cigar bar with your signature drink or snack. A good number of drinks will go well with a cigar. Some classic liquor pairings are whisky, rum, bourbon, cognac, port. Also note that a good number of craft beers, wine or spirits and cocktails would also go well with cigars.

5 Steps to Set Up a Cigar Bar at a Wedding

A cigar bar is an extraordinary way to inculcate a touch of old-school class to your wedding reception and offer your guests an experience that is new and refreshing. Here are steps to help you set it up well.

  1. Speak to Your Venue

If you are looking at adding a cigar bar at your wedding, the first thing to do is to ensure your venue doesn’t have rules barring cigars and smokes. A good number of modern venues in the United States won’t permit smoking anywhere on their premises, and this can affect your wedding reception cigar bar dreams.

Before time, ensure to speak to anyone in charge at the venue to find out their smoking policy and how you can compromise. Ensure to ask tons of questions to verify and ensure you understand where your guests can smoke, how to take care of butts and ashes, and every other detail to ensure you abide by the rules.

Once you get the permission you need, it is imperative you put it down in writing for future purposes. If your vendor contract clearly states what you can and cannot do with your cigar bar, then you will have peace of mind that you are protected from any fees the venue may try to infuse into your bill.

  1. Choose the Perfect Spot

Even if you get the required permission from your venue to set a cigar bar, it is possible that some of your guests, especially older folks, won’t be pleased with the concept. To ensure that those who partake are comfortable and relaxed, it is pertinent to choose a perfect location for your cigar bar.

Ensure that the cigar bar at your wedding reception is positioned somewhere that is semi-secluded, away from too many eyes, away from venue doors, and away from kids. You should speak to anyone in charge at your venue to see if they have a perfect location for you. You should also consider booking it for the evening; since it can serve as a good location for guests to relax, smoke, and chat away from the music and dancing.

  1. Choose your Cigars and Set your Bar

Have it in mind that not all cigars are treated equally. Since weddings are special occasions, you should only opt for premium cigars. For instance, cigars like Padron or Arturo Fuente are top choices but aren’t the only premium cigars available. Cuban cigar brands including Cohiba, are not that costly as premium brands but are still very good choices due to their quality and flavor.

If you intend to pick something more affordable, then go for a single cigar brand in a mild blend. However, when presenting only one type of cigar, mild strength cigars are ideal for non-smokers and seasoned smokers alike. You should also consider getting bundles from big but affordable name brands at a discount price if you are planning to host a grand large event.

A cigar that’s below six inches in length with a ring gauge between 46 and 52 is, without doubt, a good option. Cigars are more or less the primary attraction of your cigar bar (it is right in the name), but they aren’t the only thing you should have ready for your guests. Note that you can also pair your cigars with a signature cocktail, like an old-fashioned or a Manhattan. Have it in mind that this will turn your cigar bar into a classy, memorable experience.

  1. Educate Your Guests

You have to understand that cigars are like every other hobby, and can surely benefit from a little education. As much as you can be an expert yourself with first class knowledge of all the best blends, always note that note all your guests will be that exposed and conversant, this can lead to a lot of unsatisfied guests—and a lot of unfinished stogies!

Note that you can easily put up signs extensively stating the options in front of them. Make it simple to understand and also remember to state what’s in each blend and the flavor profile they can expect. Consider adding a signage to explain how to make use of tools like a cigar cutter and any fancy object you have. Have it in mind that these little tips will enhance your guests’ cigar experience.

  1. Inculcate Some Activities

Always remember that we, humans, prefer to have fun in our own ways. A good number of your guests will be very content with sitting out, drink in one hand and cigar in the other, enjoying the experience, and chatting with one another. While, a good percentage of others may not enjoy the fun that way, even while they are having a smoke.

Therefore, if your venue can afford you that much room by the bar, consider setting up a few lawn games. There are simple games to inculcate that will also help to pass the time while your guests flex a cigar and some drink! Even with limited space, you can still keep your guests cruising and enjoying the evening with cards or board games.