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15 Best Side Hustle for Physician Assistant

Physician assistants can never be left out when it comes to professionals who are looking for the best side hustles that will help them make extra income. A physician assistant (PA) is a qualified medical practitioner who can give direct patient care.

They provide diagnosis, treatment, and small procedure work for patients of all ages in almost all specialized care settings.

Even though in the United States, a physician assistant has an average yearly pay of $106,120; some of them still need extra income to meet up with their (needs) obligations. The fact that the economy is experiencing some form of an increase in inflation all across the globe means that disposable income will be affected.

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As a physician assistant, if you are wondering about the kind of weekend side hustle jobs you can engage in that will fetch you extra income without affecting your normal daily job, then consider the options listed below;

Best Side Hustle Jobs for Physician Assistant

  1. Medical Surveys

One of the best side hustles a physician assistant can engage in if they need extra income is medical surveys. For the proper understanding of a broader population, surveys are the main source for gathering data on the social sciences and the health of a sample of individuals.

Within a short time, survey research enables researchers to gather empirical data. A representative sample of persons can be included in surveys depending on their scope and design, especially when randomization or purposeful nonprobability sampling is used to acquire them.

  1. Health Coach

There are people who have the money to pay a personal health coach who has all the experience and expertise. Your personal health coach serves as your partner, adviser, and cheerleader. They assist you in making lifestyle adjustments to enhance your physical well-being.

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Most times, corporate wellness programs offer the services. If you have a chronic health condition like diabetes, your doctor might advise health coaching. You consider this side of hustle for more income.

  1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the electronic transmission of medical data from one location to another with the aim of enhancing patient health. In recent times, businesses like telemedicine are thriving, and as a physician assistant, there is always room to accommodate you.

  1. Continuing Medical Education (CME) Content Writer

Continuing Medical Education (CME) writing is all about contributing to healthcare by writing helpful and useful content; it requires thorough research, detailed writing, and commitment to accuracy. As a CME content writer, you will make good money but you must be ready to put in the best work.

  1. Write Medical Books

If you are a good writer as a physician assistant, and you are looking for a side hustle to do that will not affect your day job, but can fetch you steady extra income, then consider writing a medical book.

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Writing books might not come easy for lots of people, but if you have the flair or the content, you can hire a ghostwriter to help you write the book. But ensure the contents of the book are useful, and you know how to promote the books to sell well and also yield income.

  1. Teaching Related Medical Courses

Depending on your level of experience and area of specialization as a physician assistant, the knowledge and experience you have acquired over the years may be needed in medical schools. So, if you have a knack for teaching and you are looking for a side hustle to do as a physician assistant, you may want to consider teaching related medical courses in community health colleges, and medical schools within your city.

  1. Public Speaking

It might interest you to note that if you are good as a public speaker who is speaking in the area of health, you may make more money than you earn in your daily job within a few hours. One of the highest-paying careers in the world is public speaking, with in-demand speakers earning tens of thousands of dollars for brief presentations at conferences, events, and businesses.

  1. Dermatology

Working as a support senior staff for a dermatologist is yet another side hustle a physician assistant can engage in. This is suitable for you if you have experience in the dermatology industry. You can even work as a dermatology consultant during weekends by sitting in for the main dermatologist if he or she doesn’t work on weekends.

  1. Emergency Medicine

Since you are exposed to the medical industry, one of the sides hustles you can do if you need extra income is to work as an emergency medicine expert. Most hospitals and neighborhood clinics usually look for standby emergency medicine officers to be on their payroll, especially for night and weekend shifts.

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If you have your nights and weekends to spare, you may want to consider emergency medicine as a side hustle. Please note that the medical specialty known as emergency medicine deals with treating illnesses and injuries that need to be treated right away.

  1. Review Health Insurance Claims

If you are looking for a side hustle to do that will help you earn extra income as a physician assistant, then one of the options available to you is to help insurance companies review health insurance claims.

An application for benefits offered by your health plan is referred to as a claim. Before money is paid out for your care, you or your doctor must submit a claim. If you go to a doctor who accepts your insurance, they should submit the claim on your behalf.

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Your experience over the years as a physician assistant will help you make good decisions and reports when you are hired to help review health insurance claims by a client. It is a less stressful way to make money without leaving your house.

  1. Pick Up Shifts at an Urgent Care Center

Another side hustle is to pick up shifts at an urgent care center in and around their house or place of work. In contrast to a standard hospital-based or freestanding emergency department, an urgent care center is a walk-in clinic dedicated to providing medical care for minor illnesses and injuries in an ambulatory medical facility (ED).

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There are serious demands for professionals at urgent care centers and most often than not, the available staff members are not enough to handle the rush. This is why they usually make room for part-time professionals to help handle some shifts for them.

  1. On-Demand Doctor Visits

The increase in the services of on-demand doctor visits is opening new offers for qualified doctors and physician assistants who have the experience and expertise.

Using any device with a front-facing camera, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, doctor on demand (DOD) enables on-demand access to board-certified doctors or same-day appointments with them, as well as appointments with psychologists and psychiatrists the next day.

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If you fall into this category and you are looking for a side hustle to do, then you should consider working as an on-demand doctor that usually visits their patients at home.

  1. Concierge Doctor

Another option is to work as a concierge doctor. A partnership between a patient and doctor in which the patient pays a fixed monthly or annual charge is referred to as concierge medicine. For conveniences like same-day appointments and 24-hour access to doctors, patients must pay a price.

Concierge doctors provide their services directly to patients in exchange for an upfront payment, which is made on a monthly basis. Personalized medical service providers and direct primary care (DPC) are other names for them.

  1. Medical Review Officer, Drug and Alcohol Testing

Working as a medical review officer, drug and alcohol testing is yet another ideal side hustle that a physician assistant can do. In order to qualify as a medical review officer, you would have successfully gained the required experience and qualifications.

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As a matter of fact, if you are good at what you do as a physician assistant, health organizations will look for you to become their medical review officer, and drug and alcohol testing specialist as against you going out there to look for openings.

  1. Medical Journal Editor

Medical journals are publications that provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with medical information. Many medical publications now have websites on the internet, owing to the development of electronic publishing, and other journals only publish online.

The fact that you are considered an experienced physician assistant means that with your skill as an editor, you can be taken before others as a medical journal editor.

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In Conclusion,

Working as a physician assistant can be demanding and stressful, hence you may want to make sure you choose a side hustle job that will not add to the stress you are subjected to for other jobs. Although some of the jobs listed above are less stressful, you may still want to review them before picking up the job. This will go a long way to help you stay fit and healthy for your daily job.