Do you want to start an RV park business on a small scale? If YES, here is the minimum size of land in acres that you need to build an RV park successfully.

Americans are embracing the ability to travel to inexpensive locations and explore the great outdoors. This makes RV parks an attractive destination for many looking for a fun getaway. Many RV Parks are being booked months in advance and have lengthy waiting lists.

Factors That Determine the Size of Land You Need for an RV Park

The minimum size of land needed for an RV park depends on a few things. The first is the number of campsites you require to make your park profitable. Secondly, the municipality’s permit requirements. They may have a minimum requirement that must be met.

For instance, Cañon City, in Colorado, requires a minimum of 3 acres of land for RV parks in their city limits. While Nye County in Nevada has a 15 acres maximum requirement. It’s very pertinent you know your municipality’s requirements and the possible changes they may be making.

Meanwhile, if you plan on franchising with a major brand, their requirements can be higher. To franchise with KOA, the minimum acreage is at least 10 acres of land. Usually, you will find those franchise requirements exceed municipal permit requirements.

Generally, you have to position at least 10 sites per acre for your RV Park. Some municipalities will limit the number of sites to be between 10-15. Many permit requirements give minimum measurements of how wide and how long each site should be.

When you decide how many sites to create, think about larger motorhomes and fifth wheels. They can be as long as 40 feet and have multiple slide outs. You want to make sure there is enough room between the campsites to accommodate the length and width of these coaches.

Your guests want to have enough space for their RV without feeling like they are on top of each other. To add to the appeal, landscaping options or the ability to add fire pits could benefit your RV Park.