Do you run a car hire business and you need tools to help you manage it efficiently? If YES, here are 9 best software policies for car rental businesses.

Car rental software is a software that is put together to help car rental businesses run their daily affairs efficiently. Part of what this software does is to help car rental businesses make online reservations, track rental cars, driver management, location mapping, billing and invoicing, fines management, inventory management, and many more.

This software can also help drivers and passengers to easily communicate with each other. The driver can locate his or her customers and the customer can locate the driver’s position. The software also offers real-time reporting features where you can track your business activities on the go. You can easily track your car status through this software so if your car rental software is efficient, you would have no issue of vehicle theft.

With the car rental industry billed to net up to USD 124.56 billion by 2022, it means that the industry is very much alive. If you are in a position to open a car rental business that can serve a large market, and are keen to control costs and maximize efficiency, then you need, not just any car rental software, but a very good and efficient one.

Currently, there are loads of car rental software in the market offering different features, but you must know that not all of them are a good fit for your business. If you are shopping for a software for your car rental business, we have selected some of the best software in the market for you to choose from. But note that you must take the peculiarities of your business into consideration before settling with any particular one.

9 Best Software to Help Manage your Car Rental Business

  1. ASAP Rent

One of the prominent car rental software in the market is ASAP Rent. Reputed to be one of the most reliable and efficient rental fleet management software out there, ASAP Rent is loaded down with a whole lot of features. For one, the software is integrated and easy to use, it manages the whole vehicle rental business process, and it is designed specifically for the needs of the vehicle rental industry.

With over 1,000 satisfied customers and having run for over 20 years, ASAP Rent Software’s renowned product has won numerous awards and gained worldwide industry recognition.

  1. Easy Rent Pro

Easy RentPro is yet another car rental software to rely on. This software is generally free and it serves as a multi-language car rental solution. Companies of all sizes can use this cloud-based software with ease. Easy RentPro is very user-friendly and is equally considered as one of the world’s leading provider of Vehicle Hire Software.

You can streamline your daily operations with this software. For single or multiple locations, this app can manage any number of vehicles. With this software, you can know at a glance vehicles available, vehicles on the rent, and the record of new cars that will join the fleet.

All this is made possible because of its unique quick lookup feature. With this tool, you can manage your multi-location car rental business. It provides high-quality customer service and allows running a car rental business faster and more efficiently with the help of more centralized control.

  1. ScheduleBull

If you want to go with the popular guy on the block, that would be Schedulebull. Call it a one for all solution, Schedulebull is powerful web-based software that enables clients rent a car or book a bed with one tool. Schedulebull is a hotel software system, hostel software, and incredible car rental software.

With a unique platform for its clients, the software allows them to compare room databases, automatic reports, contract generation, and website management through its cloud-based system. Apart from the competitive service, the software quotes favorable prices for its clients.

This car rental software provides many facilities like car service, assurance scheduling, inspection, client database, booking, and billing with many types of reports. By using the API (Application Program Interface), all these options can be expanded.

  1. FleetMaster

FleetMaster is a cloud-based powerful platform that allows clients to perfectly manage the vehicles they have on rent. The software is integrated with multi-functional technology that makes the client’s system more flexible and efficient. FleetMaster focuses on automating the complete system by digitalizing and making it user-friendly. The software is an impeccable solution for managing all kinds of vehicle rental facilities.

FleetMaster Rental Car software has a lot of redeeming features that include; Billing & Invoicing, Fines Management, Fleet Management, Quotes/Estimates, Rate Tables, Reservations Management, Split Billing, Vehicle Tracking, etc.

  1. MyRent

MyRent is one of its kind car rental management software system that enhances operational activity and maximizes profits with its superb features. MyRent emphasizes planning and analyzing database records that helps in understanding the complete car rental system.

The software has its main aim as simplifying and organizing rentals faster and smoother. Whether there are hundreds of cars or just a start-up business, MyRent provides all important tools to succeed and many car rental businesses are testifying to this.

In addition to the above named, MyRent Car Rental software has also the following featuires; Billing & Invoicing, Fines Management, Fleet Management, Quotes/Estimates, Rate Tables, Reservations Management, Split Billing, Vehicle Tracking, etc.

  1. Navotar

Navotar is cloud-based software designed to fit the need of any type of vehicle rental business. Navotar is a fleet management system designed to handle all types of independent and franchise vehicle rental companies. The system focuses on key requirements of the business and emphasizes on easing operational activities.

The solution is designed based on a small learning curve and is easy to use. Whether it is a contract, reservation, or invoicing, the features are flexible and can be customized to suit the individual customer or business process.

This app is economical and provides easy to use solutions to manage your vehicle rental business. In this software, you will find mobile application, online reservation, GPS Tracking, Navotar Chatbot, Navotar add-on modules, and Navotar API.

Some of its key features would include; Advanced Reporting, Payment Gateway, Single Checkout, Digital Signature, Digitalized damage assessment, Mobile friendly, Secured payment processing, Real-time sync, Reservation Management, Accounting Reports, Vehicle Damage Management, Customizable rental agreements, Inventory Management, Vehicle Information

  1. Fleetlet 

Fleetlet is the cloud-based car rental software that is made for the global car rental industry. The software in addition to other features comes with a 7 days free trial period.  This app supports all stages of car rental operations. It is ideal for small, medium, and enterprise car rental and leasing companies. You can easily set up your car rental and leasing business and can efficiently run your business with Fleetlet.

There are a host of dashboards from where the user can explore the information. The business owners and their personnel can generate actionable insights on-demand from the reporting-suite present in this app. With a single and unified platform, this tool aids businesses in cutting operational costs.

In this car rental software, you will find integrated telematics data, automated contract processing, and document control, efficient front desk, and advance business intelligence. It creates a unified and dynamic business environment.

  1. Reservation Engine

Reservation Engine is a cloud based car rental software that manages every aspect of the car rental business. With Reservation Engine you can sell from multiple points, split your workflow, save time, and track your vehicles through GPS.

With Reservation Engine, you can create separate roles and assign multiple levels of access. You can create multiple price tables for different partners with whom you share your profit percentage. It eliminates the reservation kiosks by allowing customers to make a reservation on their own without any middleman.

It offers website integration facility to use on your existing site, amongst others. Some of the notable features of this tool include SMS integration, unlimited vehicles, vehicle health monitor, rental agreements, invoicing and payments, booking scheduler, reporting and others.

  1. Booking Tool

Booking Tool is a cloud-based fleet management reservation, dispatching, and scheduling software that is used by limousine and shuttle companies worldwide. The software is simple to set up and navigate but is packed with features, including GPS tracking, payment processing, and invoicing. The software is PCI Compliant and the owners run weekly security and vulnerability scans.

Booking Tool is quite affordable with a low monthly rate with no contracts. Booking Tool Car Rental software boasts of other features which include; Billing & Invoicing, Fines Management, Fleet Management, Quotes/Estimates, Rate Tables, Reservations Management, Vehicle Tracking

  1. MyCarRentalSoft 

MyCarRentalSoft is an open-source car rental management software that provides a perfect car rental platform. This tool adopted the Business model of Airbnb, so it is considered as “Airbnb for cars.” You can effortlessly manage and monitor your car rental business by making use of this easy-to-use and powerful car rental software.

For renting out cars, this app provides a readymade car renting platform. The features are fully customizable for different dimensions. The users will get engaged easily and quickly due to the attractive mobile design and features.

Its key features include; Rider/Passengers Dashboard, Advanced Filters, Passenger Verification, Location-Based Rentals, Booking and Calendar Options, Handles disputes, Cancellation Policy, Car Owner Dashboard and Verification, Car Booking and Availability Management, Revenue Management, Manage Users and Listings, Manage Ratings & Reviews, White-label product, and it is Fully Customizable.