Do you want to start a meat shop business? If YES, here is a 10-step guide on how to start a meat shop business with no money or experience. Meat is one part of the human diet that a lot of people have come to know and love. However, there still exist people who for one reason or the other would not eat meat. Whilst to some eating meat is not a part of their religious and moral beliefs, to others their health may just not permit it.

Whatever side of the divide you find yourself, the truth is that the nutritional benefit of meat is great. Meat provides the body with protein. It is for that reason that some folks have continued to make good profit from dealing in meat.

In some parts of the world – especially in Africa, the sale of meat is restricted to the lower class, but in recent times things have changed as more enlightened folks have taken to the business. Therefore, if you have always nursed the ambition of starting a meat shop, and you do not know how to go about it, then you may want to consider some of the valuable steps here.

10 Proven Steps to Start a Meat Shop Business

1. Do Some Feasibility Studies

It isn’t enough that you just have an ambition to start a meat business. It is very needful that you get conversant with all this venture entails so that you aren’t found wanting in any area. This means that you need to undertake some serious research. Ask folks who have already been established in this line how they started. You can also ask questions like; how much starting the business gulped, where the source of the meat is, the type of meat people love to buy, etc.

2. Establish a Source of Supply

You may not do well in this area by yourself except you ask people who are already in the business. Ask where they source the meat from. This could be in a cattle farm, from a wholesaler, a butcher, a meat shop supplier, and what have you. Knowing the various sources of meat would, to a large extent, help you know the places where the meat is gotten at a cheaper rate.

3. Determine the Type of Meat to Deal In

So, you already know that there are different types of meat. There is the pork, beef, goat meat, chicken meat, amongst others. You have to first of all determine the type you would want to deal in. You must also ask those who are already in the business what type people prefer and buy more. Doing this means that you would be able to balance the demand of the people since preferences differ.

4. Draw up a Business Plan

Although this is one type of business that you can readily start from your home, but it is also important that you do the necessary things that are needful to make short term and long term projections for the business. One of the needful things is drawing up a business plan.

This meat shop business plan must contain your vision for the business, how much that would be needed to pull things off, where you see the business in three to five years as a short term goal, as well as where you see the business in seven to ten years as a long term goal.

5. Pool Resources Together

At this juncture, your next port of call would be pooling the funds that are needed to start. If you have decided to embark on this venture on a small scale, then you can look at pooling it from yourself, family and then friends. On the other hand, if starting a very large scale is uttermost on your mind, then you can look at getting a loan from a bank, getting funds from family and friend who buy into your vision, as well as angel investors.

6. Get a Shop

Since this is a meat shop, then you have to lease a befitting shop. You can alert your realtor on the need for a shop. One that can accommodate your cold room structure, the several cabinets, and an office where the paper work is carried out. Also, be sure that it is a shop that is located in a busy area.

7. Procure Equipment

Now that things are really looking up, the next thing to do would be to procure equipment. You would need several freezers, an inbuilt cooling system, weighing scales, big knives for cutting, as well as others.

8. Hire Workers

Your ability to hire the amount of employees you need would be dependent on the scale at which you are starting. If you would be operating this business from home, then you may consider being the only one working so as to save cost. However, if you want to target more clients, then you can look to hire more than one hand. You would need attendants, the cashier, some cleaners, and an administrative staff.

9. Open Shop

If you are able to put all these in place, then the next thing for you to do is to start operation. Once things are all set, you need not waste time. Start operation so that all and sundry may know of your existence and patronize you.

10. Advertise Your Business

One of the strategies in business that guarantees customers who can cause good returns on investment is having good advertising plans. There are several plans some of which include; word of mouth advert, printing handbills and call cards, the internet, amongst many others.

Your meat shop would sure be underway when the following tips are to a large extent adhered to. Furthermore, it is very important that you continue to look up ways to make your meat shop the cynosure of all eyes.

Ajaero Tony Martins