Do you love dogs and you want to make money from that passion? Are you looking for a business that you can start with no money? Are you interested in starting a dog walking business from home? Or you need a sample dog walking business plan template? Then i advice you read on.

Dogs are man’s best friend”, that’s a quote that has been proven time and again by the millions of dog owners across the country and around the world today. Needless to say, dogs have always been man’s most reliable companion whether at work or at home, but mostly at home.

As years go by, the world became more fact paced and hectic. Therefore, dog owners who once showered their pets with as much care as they possibly can, have found themselves spending more time on their office desks than in the sidewalks walking their dogs. Luckily for them, creative entrepreneurs have provided a solution and that solution is: “Dog walking services.”

A good fact about this business is that it is profitable, manageable, enjoyable and low risk as well. This is a business that can be started in any country, provided that dogs are accepted in such regions and majority of the populace are gainfully employed. So without wasting your time, here are a few tips on how to start a dog walking business from home.

How to Start a Dog Walking Business from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Don’t worry too much about the money

Sometimes, people do jobs not merely because of profit, but because they found passion in what they are doing and they feel a sense of contentment with what they have accomplished.

Well, of course as a small scale business, a dog walking business still needs a capital and it requires money to keep running for the next few years ahead but generally, it’s all about the fun and relaxation. This might not sound too endearing for those looking for a good income but for those who find a sense of satisfaction on the simplest of things, this is good advice.

2. Decide what you would want your business name to be

What do you want your dog walking business name to be? As a rule of thumb, do not end your name in “dog walking’’ especially if you have in mind to expand in future to add on other pet care services. So instead of calling your business “ABC’s Dog Walking services” , you can choose to name it “ABCs Pet Care Services.

3. Make sure that your business is legalized

To legalize your business, you should go your state’s business website and register your business. Dog walkers in general, do not need a business license, but you still require letting your state know you are into a business. To locate your local government office, do a search for “running a business in (your state)’’.

4. Obtain insurance

This is very essential and important because you cannot tell if you will be bitten by the dog in your custody or if the dog will bite some else. You may even lose grip of the leash causing the dog to run into the street. Dog walking insurance is less expensive; you can acquire that through pet sitters associations existing in your locality. They cover both dog walkers and pet sitters.

5. Have your paperwork in order

You have to make sure that you have a signed service agreement and a pet profile so that you will know the dog’s like and dislikes as well as how to take care of it. To have this professional paperwork, you need the services of a legal professional.

6. Improve your dog handling skills

Second, people who don’t actually own dogs but are looking for ways on how to start a dog walking business from home can always begin by walking out shelter dogs. Canines in shelter homes are quite affectionate and respond to human presence with apparent excitement.

More importantly, this activity is a good opportunity to get yourself quickly acquainted in the everyday routine with the dogs. In other words, this is the training ground, the very place you can get a concrete idea on how to start a dog walking business from home.

7. Market your business, source for clients

This is the difficult, challenging and the most time consuming part of beginning your dog walking business. To set the ball rolling, you can choose to set up an ad campaign. Well of course, you can start with usual flyers and pamphlets, but for more cost efficiency and not to mention a wider reach for advertisements, the internet is worth the try.

Advertise in social media, create a blog about the company or even create a website about its services. With the technology available today, promotions wouldn’t be too difficult. Get few business cards and ask if you can leave a bunch at pet supply stores and veterinary offices, ask if a veterinary office can refer you.

With everything else set and ready to go it only be just a matter of opening up for business and waiting for customers to come in. As a rule of thumb, do not worry about money. If money is your primary concern, then do not think of starting any kind of business.

8. Decide the right price to charge your clientsDo not charge too high or too low for your services. Instead, charge in accordance with the value of services you render.

9. Outperform and outlast your competition

One honest fact about this business is that most people who venture into dog walking business usually give up within a month. Others give up after six months. It takes a lot of time and work to get clients to appreciate your services and become successful. So always be courageous and do not fret at the first sign of challenges.

In conclusion, once you have observe all the steps above, you should be up and running and ready to make a good and wonderful living. Dog walking business is a very lucrative business which can fetch you good returns if carefully and seriously managed.

Ajaero Tony Martins