Do you want to start a Christmas light installation company from scratch? Or you need a sample Christmas light installation business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Christmas is around the corner; few weeks after the Thanksgiving break, everybody will be getting ready for the Christmas celebration. Christmas period is a good time to relax and have fun with family and friends, but it can still be a good time to make massive money through the Christmas light installing business.

As you all know, during the Christmas season, everybody likes to have a Christmas light both inside and outside the house. Even organizations and business owners love to have it around their office building.

So Christmas light installation business is a seasonal business that can fetch you quite a lot of money during the festive period alone; unless you reside in a country like United Arab Emirates that is dominated with over 90% non-Christians. If not, this is a viable business anybody can engage in and make a lot of money during the festive period.

In this article, I will outline and explain all you need to start making money from installing Christmas lights for people, things you need to get started, how to advertise your services and get a lot of Clients to patronize you and finally what to do when you start getting more orders than you can handle.

What You Need to Start the Christmas Light Installation Business

1. Quality Christmas lights: Since the business is that of installation of Christmas light, you will need to source for quality lights in bulk quantity at an affordable prize. One good place to source for this is from, a Chinese website where manufactures offer products in bulk quantity for cheaper prize. You can order for a custom made Christmas light to be manufactured for you. However, you must try to confirm the authenticity of the company on Alibaba before placing the order for the product.

Also, you should calculate the cost of production of the lights and cost of shipping back to your country to make sure that you are still on profit, if not, you can order from any manufacturer in your Country. After all, the aim is to maximize your profit while offering valuable service. Also, you need to order other accessories like wire, plugs that you will need for the installation.

2. Services of an electrician: The process of installing Christmas lights does not require any technical knowledge to get started, but if you feel that you can’t handle the stress of fixing it all by yourself, you can employ the services of one or two electricians to help you do the main installation.

3. Advertisement: I will talk about the advertisement process in details later in the article, but I just wish to make an emphasis on the importance of advertisement in this line of business. Advertisement is very important in this because if you don’t create the awareness, nobody will patronize your services.

Since this business is just for the Christmas season, you need to be vigorous on your advertisement process, and to create all the awareness you can. Also, if you do a good work, chances are that your services will be required the next Xmas period for another contract. So it can be a long term thing.

4 Ways to Advertise your Christmas Light Installation Business and Get More Clients to Patronize

As I mentioned above creating awareness for your installation business will get you more Clients which will convert to more money for you.

a. Complimentary Cards and Fliers: This is one easy way to advertise your Christmas installation business. You can print out complimentary cards and share to your friends, family members and organisations near you. The complimentary cards should contain the following information:

  • Company name (you mustn’t register a company to start this business; you can just choose a unique name that people will know you for).
  • Phone number
  • Contact address (you can use a friend’s office as your contact address, while you keep the products in your garage)
  • Email address.

b. Website: Another way to create awareness for your Christmas light installation business is to design a website where people can visit to get information about your services and also book online. Creating a website is no longer as complicated as it used to back then as you can create a WordPress site without knowledge of how to code. All you need is to buy a domain name for $10 a year, a hosting space for 3 dollars a month, and upload the site to WordPress.

c. Submission of Proposals: If you will like to get contracts from bigger organizations, you may need to submit a proposal to them well ahead of the time to make it look official. Writing a proposal shouldn’t scare you as it is very easy to write one.

You can follow this format to write a proposal to a big company. You will need a letter headed paper, the name of the your service on the top left, while the name of the organization and the person you are addressing to should be on the lower right hand side. State a simple straight to the point letter on why you are the best to handle the contract.

d. Word of Mouth: This is another way to advertise your service, though you may not reach a large number of people with this method, but it may end of converting few clients who are interested in getting a Christmas light installed for them.

In a situation where you start getting more orders than you can handle, you can get your friends to work with you as Partners while you guys share profits according to agreed percentage.

In conclusion, I have outlined all you need to start a Christmas installation business, how to get clients and where to order for cheap Christmas lights in bulk. The most important thing is for you to take action after reading this article and start early to start making your plans on where to order the Christmas lights from and start creating your awareness and sending in proposals early enough.

Ajaero Tony Martins