Do you love dogs and you want to profit from this passion; but you don’t have the time and resources to breed dogs? Then you can invest in starting a dog daycare center. Here’s a sample doggie daycare business plan to serve as guide for you.

The dog daycare business is synonymous with pet sitting and dog walking business. However, the difference is that pet sitting and dog walking requires you take your services to the client’s house. But in the case of dog daycare center, just think of it as a child crèche or daycare; where the kids (in this case Dogs) are brought to your place of business or home, to be taken care of.

If you have kids sitting at home doing nothing but playing Soccer and video games? Then, you could put their time to good use by making them babysit pets and earn some good income; either full time or part time Here’s the story of how the son of a friend living in Australia, started pet-sitting for their neighbors and began making a few hundred Dollars monthly!’

At first, this was not something he intended to do but he didn’t have any choice than to start the business because his Father insisted that he pet-sit than stay at home doing nothing. ‘Hmm… this is a good idea”, he thought to himself. The next day, he started out helping 3 neighbors pet-sit. He was so good at the “game” that he got over 7 referrals and started earning a few hundred Dollars monthly. Not bad for a 13 year old boy!

People liked him because of the quality of his services. Some even pay him double his fee. Do you have a 13- year old doing nothing at home? Then you should help him start a pet sitting business, or better still; you can establish the dog daycare center yourself..

The reason why so many people are broke, and can never be RICH in life is because, they are afraid of taking risks.  Common, life is all about risk! It takes money to MAKE MONEY. But in this case, there’s no upfront money required. You can start pet sitting with $0. Just approach your neighbors’ and get started!

Why You Should Start a Dog Daycare Center Business Today

In the united states, 2 of every 4 persons have at least one pet. In fact, the animal industry raked in over $28 billion dollars in 2013 alone and most of these pet owners need someone to look after their pet while they are away to work or on vacation. Common, what are you doing now? Watching TV? No, don’t wile away your time. Time is precious.

There are several people out there looking for pet sitters but they won’t broadcast it. You can start by approaching your neighbors’ (those with pets), and offer to babysit their pets. Some may have dogs; cat or even more exotic pets like reptiles. I suggest you go for dogs.

The reason why I advised you target your neighbors’ before going out to solicit for clients is that, your neighbors’ already know YOU. They trust you and they know that will give them peace of mind, and there pet will be well taken care of.

Starting a Dog Daycare Center – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Homework

The first step to starting a dog daycare center is to do your preliminary research. Is the idea sellable in your area? Are there pet owners in your area? If yes, do they need such services? After you have established the fact that an opportunity for a dog daycare exist, you can then proceed to the next step.

2. Analyze the Existing Competition

You can start by making a list the existing completion and the type of dog care services they offer. What are they doing that you can do better? Find out what makes them so successful. Interview people and find out what services they are interested in. By talking to 5 people, you will get a good idea of what services you should offer.

3. Crosscheck the Existing laws in your state

Before starting your dog care business, you need to research this: Are there local or state laws governing dog businesses in your area? If there is any, then you need to approach your local council and find what it takes to start a dog daycare center (licenses, permits, taxes, etc)!

You should also check within your court room. Who knows, pet sitting business may not be permitted in your neighborhood. So, ensure you research this information well ahead of time to clear headaches.

4. Mingle with experts

It took me approximately a year and half to build to success, but I didn’t do it all alone! I learnt from experts like Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson. The same applies to when starting a pet sitting business. You need to visit a veterinarian.  Ask him what you need to start your business, and things you can add to make your business stand out from the competition.

5. Get prepared

It’s time to get prepared. I believe now you are done with your research. Are you? Okay, good. You will need to get clients for your doggie daycare. It’s important you get them.  It’s a license for your business. You also need experience. If you are planning to start a pet sitting business BIG TIME, you need experience. Volunteer to join a vet clinic

6. Come Up With a KICK-ASS Dog Care Business Plan

This is important.  Example of questions you ask and answer when writing your business plan include:

  • What dog care services will you offer?
  • How much is it going to cost you to rent a shop, or dog care center?
  • Where will the shop be located? Where will you be running the business from?
  • Are you planning on starting on a small scale level? Or, are you just doing it to get some part time bucks?

You must try to answer these questions in the business plan. Your business plan should also include documentation on things like:

  • Mode of operation
  • House of operation
  • How to handle dogs with special talents or needs
  • Startup costs and financial projections
  • Risks and challenges of running a dog daycare center

7. You need a facility

Yes, you will need a facility to run your business from. You will need space (somewhere big enough to protect the pets). Your outdoor should be fenced; you also need to keep your facility stocked with foods and other medical supplies to care for the pets.

8. Get Insurance Covering

This is very important as you would be dealing with pets that are not yours and may be difficult to control. So please get a pet insurance cover; as you might need it in case of mishap. Also, it is important you set up this business alongside an attorney or lawyer. This will help ensure you are covered legally.

 9. Start executing your marketing plan

How are you going to advertise your doggie business? Through fliers, banners or printed T-shirts? Through newspapers ads, or word of mouth referrals? You need to decide on your marketing plan and start executing it immediately. Most people wait till there business is up and running before marketing their business but smart entrepreneurs create awareness about their business before it is launched.

Also, you should start a Facebook fan page for your business. You should build a blog and post pictures and content of your business. Join social networking groups and participate in dog forums; as you are bound to meet prospective clients and get business tips from dog business owners.

In conclusion, you must bear in mind that it takes hard work to build a dog care business that generates thousands of Dollars monthly. But you can build one if you focus. Yes. Focus.

Ajaero Tony Martins