Do you want to start a French fry company from scratch? Or you need a sample French fry business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. If you have ever had a bite of a French fry then you sure might agree with me that it is one experience to savour. French fries all over the world have become regular part of menus in restaurants, whether, fast food, fine dining or gourmet and even in the homes.

Starting the business of French fry comes with a lot of opportunities just as it does come with its challenges – start-up costs, staffing problems, competitions, and more. However, just like any challenge in any other area of life and human endeavor, these challenges too can be surmounted if the following tips are taken into consideration and adhered to in starting a French fry business.

If you have always nursed the ambition to start a business as this, or have a penchant for this line of trade, then there are the needful steps to be taken. Now, let us quickly consider the steps to follow to be able to start your own French fry business and then build it to the level of stability and profitability.

Starting a French fry Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry Out Your Feasibility Study

A proper research on the nitty-gritty of the business must be carried out. Where do you intend to establish the business? Are there other people doing same business in that areas? What is the volume of sales they make? What can you identify as a loophole in the way they carry on their business that you can leverage on and use as your own USP – Unique selling point or proposition?. These are some of the things that you must really look into when you are conducting your market survey.

2. Draw a Plan for the French Fry Business

A sound business plan is critical as this will show you from the onset the viability of the venture. The plan will help you draw out the road map to follow and show you in detail the different aspects of the business. Writing a French fries business plan takes time and commitment, if you cannot go through it alone employ the services of a consultant, but let him/her walk through the process with you.

3. Raise Capital

A plan is nothing than that except it is implemented. But implementation requires capital. Do you have the required start-up capital on your own? If not, you might need to talk to investors. These investors could come in form of family members, friends, colleagues, angel or equity investors or your banker. You may also want to consider other areas through which you can raise the startup capital needed.

4. Register Your French Fry Business

Operating a business without registering it with necessary governmental authorities is a punishable offense in many countries. So, you need to register the business with necessary authorities and agencies within your city to obtain required licenses that will allow you operate legally.

5. Set Up Your Facility

Except you want to operate from your home (which is not likely the case considering the volume of work that will be involved in running this type of business), you need to set up the facility. You must take into consideration conveniences, comfortable ambience, illumination, ventilation, sitting arrangement and so on. Also ensure that the facility is set up in busy areas like the beach, food courts in malls, schools or any such like place to attract necessary ‘traffic’.

6. Employees are Key

You are definitely going to need quite a number of hands to work with you; cleaners, fryers, accountant/treasurer, service personnel, security personnel, and so on. How will you get them? Do you have a system to bring them in? Or are you going to contract the recruitment exercise to a consultant? Whatever you do, just make sure they are well qualified and experienced to give a good French fry experience to your customers.

7. Build a Website for the Business

The world has become a global village and the internet is its window. It is imperative that you build a functional website with information and photos about your business, the location of the outlet and photos of menu available. Is it possible to include online request page on the website? This will help your business to reach a larger market. Don’t also forget the place of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest of them.

8. Have a Good Advertising Strategy

You must announce to your community that you are there to serve them and give them an experience like none other. Apart from the internet, also use other media to advertise. Local newspapers, national dailies, food journals and publications will be helpful in this regard.

9. Set a Date for the Opening and Open

Now that all is set, you need to open your French fry outlet for business. And you could do that in a grand style. Organize a show of some sort. Invite friends and families. Give free stuffs to people on that day and generally incite them with special discounts to encourage them to come again. You can have different variety to your flavours of your French fries – cheese, barbeque, sweet and sour and even add toppings Salsa, chili, gravy etc. Just make the opening grand.

There you have it; the guidelines to starting French fry business.