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How to Start a Gallstone Export Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start a gallstone export company from home with no money? Or you need a sample gallstone export business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people ask “What business can I start with N100, 000 in Nigeria.” Well, here is one for you, start exporting gall stones. With a little less than N100, 000 you can start this business and start making profit. Of course, I am willing to show you how; just read on.

Let’s start from what gallstones are and why they are such highly demanded items that they even have to be exported. Gallstones are actually an abnormality. They are materials that develop and solidify in the gall bladder. Now, gallstones can be found in humans and animals and the ones you would be exporting are cow gallstones. They are found in cattle and are used for medicinal purposes. Gallstone is said to-:

7 Health Benefits of Gallstone

  • Help fight virus
  • Help to improve impotence in men
  • Help to fight inflammation
  • Help to reduce toxins in the heart
  • Help to cure ulcer
  • Help to clear Phlegm
  • Help to relieve stomach discomfort,

These benefits have made gallstones such a hot item in the international market especially in America and Asia. If you want to start exporting gallstones, you should take these steps:

How to Start a Gallstone Export Business in Nigeria and Make Money

1. Source for gallstones

Cow gallstones are sourced from abattoirs. You can approach people who sell beef or who work in abattoirs, they would be able to show you how to get gallstones but you would definitely get at abattoirs.

You should be careful though because not all cows have gallstones in them; out of 3 cows slaughtered, only one may have gallstones and since it’s a hot selling item, fraudulent people have devised ways to sell fake cow gallstones. So, you must be very careful and ensure that you buy original cow gallstones.

2. Analyze your cost and profit

The next step is to carefully analyze what it would cost you to do this business and make profit from it. In fact, you should do this before you start sourcing for gall stones. Cow gallstones usually sell for about N1,000 – N1, 500 per gram at the abattoirs and most buyers would ask for a minimum of 50 grams. You should also add the cost of transporting yourself to the abattoir and the cost of your packaging materials.

You could get gallstones for as cheap as $600 depending on your bargaining power and where you source from. Of course, if you source from newbies who are not really aware of the business, you would get cheaper rates. Shipping too would gulp about N18, 000 depending on the shipping company you use. Cow gallstones are shipped via courier companies like DHL, EMS, and UPS, etc; with EMS being the cheapest.

3. Weight measurement

Weighing is very important in this business, so whenever you want to buy, ensure that you always carry your scales with you to be sure that you are getting the right weight. You should also do the same after drying before packaging for resale.

4. Drying

Cow gallstones are not to be sun-dried but dried at room temperature. Ensure that you dry it without the use of sun. Also, you must keep it airy prior to drying to prevent buildup of moulds.

5. Protecting the gallstones

Stones that are broken attract a cheaper sales price therefore, you must do all it takes to protect the stones from being broken. Another thing is that gallstone buyers would shy away from buying contaminated stones or stones with moulds and blood pipes hence; you must also protect your stones carefully when drying to prevent contamination. You should also avoid the use of chemical in treating or drying it; what buyers want are original, naturally processed cow gallstones.

6. Packaging

You should carefully wrap them in cellophane and package your gallstones in a small box, like a sugar box and cushion it with some cotton wool to avoid breakage during transportation and handling.

7. Shipping

Oh, this is the simple part. Just find your way into any courier company and have them weigh the items, supply the address of the buyer and pay for the services; easy right? The difficult part here might be how to get cheap courier services because we all know that they don’t come cheap.

While courier companies like FEDEX, DHL, and UPS are 100% fast and reliable, NIPOST is cheaper but most people fear that their packages may never get to its destination if they use NIPOST. Well, I don’t quite agree with that because NIPOST has been able to improve on its services over the years. You can use NIPOST too but just make sure you ‘know’ someone there that can help you to ‘track’ your package; I guess you understand?

8. Quality control check

When the gallstones get to the buyers, they would perform a quality control check in their laboratories to ascertain the quality of the stones before you can be paid.

9. Payment

Of course, you would get paid, just be careful so you don’t deal with scam artists. The rate you would be paid would depend on the quality of the gallstones. Good unbroken gallstones would attract as much as $12 on the international market if you are able to get a good bargain; while low quality stones may attract between $0 no-payment-for-wasting-my-time and $6.

So you see, the key to making good profit in this business is to source for good quality stones, reducing the rate of breakage and ensure that they are naturally processed and dried. Payment is usually made by bank transfer or through Western Union Money Transfer. If you don’t like any of these means of payment, you can arrange with your buyer on a preferred method; it’s as simple as that.

10. How and where to get buyers

Well, thanks to the internet, you can easily get buyers on websites like,,,, even our very own dear However, I must resound that you have to be very careful to avoid scam artists. If you are new into exporting, you should consider using trusted Nigerian product sourcing agents who would help you get buyers in exchange for some commission.