Do you want to start a mushroom farm from scratch? Or you need a sample mushroom farm business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

In Asia, Africa and other parts of the world the love for mushroom have continued to gain greater heights. The truth is that there are the types of mushrooms that aren’t edible, and there are those that are highly edible and nutritious.

Dabbling into the mushroom business might not be a bad deal at all, especially if you have a penchant for farming and have taken the pain to draft a mushroom farming business plan. In fact, it is one business that is a silent money spinner.

The truth is that mushroom farming can yield loads of profit in just a matter of weeks if it is taken pretty seriously. One of its great benefits is that it has a low start up and doesn’t require a herculean task to pull things off from the scratch. This is because mushroom farming have been in existence for over 25 years and better ways have emerged on how to manage a mushroom farm.

There are 6 stages to the production system of a mushroom. Some of the levels that you may need to scale through in the mushroom farm business are the following; composting, spawning, casing, pinning and cropping. All these are expedient hurdles that are needed to be scaled.

If you think you might be interested in starting a mushroom farm, then you may consider following some of these steps. Paying close attention to these tips is as important as anything else.

Starting a Mushroom Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Gather a Lot of Information

The level of information that you may need to start your own mushroom farming business might be a lot. It is for that reason that you would be required to really garner plenty of knowledge. There are a thousand and one books that may be available to you when looking to pull this off.

You may consider visiting a local library, as well as buying some important books of mushroom farming. The internet is also a good medium available to you through which you can get things going. Information such as the steps to follow, as well as what it would cost you would be readily available.

2. See Things Physically For Yourself

Nothing pays like the first hand information that you are able to garner, therefore, you may consider going to a mushroom farmer and asking to be trained on the mushroom farm.

The farmer who is involved in this might charge you for a fee, whilst in some cases it you could be allowed to go see things for yourself for fee. Be sure that usurp the opportunity to ask a whole lot of information about the various stages of production, and a host of other things.

3. Determine How to Start

You have got to determine on what scale you want to start your mushroom farming. Since this is one of the prolific businesses that you may ever venture into, you may either consider starting on a large scale, or opting to launch out big. If starting small is what you want, then you can look to grow fast as soon as you create a good customer base.

4. Determine a Good Location to Use

You have got to really look well before locating your mushroom farm in a place. This means that you would have to consider either an existing livestock farm or a poultry farm. This would also entail that the hygiene level at this location is top notch so that they can achieve the right technological parameters. You may also want to consider using a field that is devoid of other road networks. Also make sure that it isn’t a sloppy land

5. Purchase Equipment

In making sure that your mushroom farm runs smoothly from the outset, and then it becomes expedient that you purchase all the necessary equipment that is needed. These equipment include; the mush comb, compost hopper, parking lorry, and a host of others. All these need to be got for maximum impact.

6. Hire Workers

Whether you would want to start small, or are looking to start big, you might not be able to pull things off all by yourself. For that reason you would need some helping hands. Be sure that you go for experienced workers who already have background knowledge on how things are run. You may also consider training some rookie if you are after saving some costs.

7. Adhere To the Cultivation Rules-: It is very important that you adhere to the cultivation rules. For instance; as stated above earlier, it is important that the stages involved in the production of mushrooms must be adequately followed so as not to at a loss.

8. Advertise Your Mushroom Business

You may begin to tell those that might be interested in your mushrooms long before they are harvested. Why is this so, you might wonder? This is especially important because you do not want to have your mushrooms harvested without having a ready market to dispose them off at. You may consider telling individuals, hotels, as well as other organizations that might want to even export your mushroom.

9. Be Sure To Be Up and Doing

After you might have made your first harvest and have transacted your business, therefore it isn’t a time to relent. Rather it is a time for harder work as you do not want your profit level to be a one off thing. So as soon as the first transaction occurs, keep looking at ways to get better at what you do and promote your business till it grows to a stage of great profitability.

A thousand and one persons have made it really big in the mushroom farming business. You too can take a cue and be a part of those who are telling successful stories about their mushroom farming business.

Ajaero Tony Martins