Do you want to start a plumbing company from scratch with no money? Or you need a sample plumbing business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Plumbing is one of the few hand skilled trades that are highly on demand. As a plumber, your work is to fix, install, repair and change plumbing fixtures. If you have prior knowledge in plumbing field or you are currently undertaking a training course in plumbing, then you can start your own plumbing business.

For people already thinking of starting their own plumbing business; this article will give you a head start on what you need to start a plumbing business, the steps involved and a plumbing service business plan;

What Does It Take to Start a Plumbing Service Business?

  • Skill and Experience-: I mentioned earlier plumbing is a skilled trade; and one of the requirements to succeed in any skilled trade is your skills and experience, which is your ability to handle repairs, fixtures and changes. This also applies in plumbing field. You need to have a good plumbing skill and ability to hand plumbing jobs professionally; years of experience is an added advantage in your plumbing field.
  • Capital-: You need capital to kick start your plumbing business. Starting a plumbing business is not capital intensive but you will need cash to get the basic necessities like: money to buy necessary equipments you will need to work with, money to get all registrations and licenses done, money to get an office space (though you can run it as a home business if you are working on a tight budget), money to invest in advertising your business.
  • Basic Business Skill-: You need some basic business skills to run this business. Marketing and advertising skill, leadership and project management skills if you are going to hire employees for your business; and the ability to stay self motivated.

Starting a Plumbing Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Undergo Some Plumbing Courses-: This step is for beginners that want to start a career in the plumbing field. There are some schools that offer basic and advanced plumbing courses; you can register and undertake a plumbing course.

After that, it will advisable to undergo an internship in another plumbing business to gain the field or practical experience needed to succeed in this business.

2. Apply for Business License-: You have to get the necessary licenses needed to operate your business in the State; get your Tax Identification Number (TIN), Employee Identification Number (EIN), business permit, and business registration; visit the business registration bureau in your State to get the basic requirement for incorporating a business.

3. Get a Plumber’s License-: To practice as a plumber or run a plumbing business, you need to get a plumbing license; you may be required to take a basic plumbing exam; the exam is just for the board to test your basic plumbing knowledge, the license will be issued after you pass the exam. Visit the board in charge of issuing the plumbing license in your State and schedule for a plumbing test.

4. Get Business Insurance-: Business license is required to cover your business from liability or negligent suits. If you will hire employees to work for your business, then the business insurance need to cover their welfare too, and also for any damages they may cause as they go about their jobs; because in law, you company will be held liable for any damage committed by your employee while you are working.

5. Lease a Location for Your Business-: Find a good location that will serve as your business location; the location is just a place that will serve as venue for business meeting for clients and storage for your work equipments. If you are running the business as home business, then your garage can serve as the storage room while business meetings will be scheduled in public places like coffee shops and restaurants.

6. Order for Equipments-: You need to purchase the basic equipments you will need to execute your work; some basic equipment you need include: plunger, drain snakes, wrenches, flashlights, buckets, pumping pump, vacuum. Consider buying equipments for all your employees to enable them work independently. Talking about employees, you need to hire people that have prior plumbing training, and have plumbing license to operate in the State.

How to Create Awareness for Your Plumbing Business

  • Contact Construction Companies-: Most times, if a building work comes to the stage of putting the plumb and fixtures, the building construction company will likely outsource the services of a plumbing business to handle it. So you need to network with and have a business relationship with as many building contracting companies as possible even beyond your location.
  • Fliers and Business Card-: You also need to bring fliers and complimentary cards and mail to share to home owners who may have some minor plumbing jobs for your business. You can also drop you fliers in public places where many people can see it. For instance, in the front desk of restaurants, coffee shops and Realtor’s office but you have to ask for permission from the owners of the business or premises before you drop the fliers there.
  • Contractor Referral Service-: These are job contractors that refer customers and clients to your business for a pay; you can sign up for their services for them to help connect you with anybody looking for a good plumbing company.
  • Adverts in Local Newspapers-: Another way to create awareness for your plumbing business is to place adverts on business section of local newspapers in town. If you have enough money to spare, you can include a radio jingle or advert to help you reach out to wider audience.

At this stage, I have mentioned what it takes to start a plumbing business; I went ahead to mention steps involved in starting your own plumbing business, and also creative means you can adopt to advertise your plumbing business.

Also, I want you to know that you can run a plumbing business as a contractor; that is, you can advertise and bid for plumbing jobs. When the job is awarded to you, you sublet it to a plumber for a smaller amount. Your duty will be to supervise the job.

Ajaero Tony Martins