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How to Start a Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Once a woman gets to her adolescent stage, she starts to see her monthly circle and also her period which occurs once a month; and lasts for four to five day. What happens at this time is that the unfertilized eggs in woman’s body are shed or destroyed, so that another circle of eggs can be formed during the next circle.

The destroyed eggs leave the body in the form of bad blood. A sanitary pad or towel is needed to hold off the blood and it is necessary to change the sanitary pad or towel regularly, at least three times a day in order to maintain proper hygiene. A proper sanitary pad is made of cotton to absolve the blood, sticker to stick the pad to the panties and polyethylene.

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Starting a Sanitary pad production company is a very profitable business and as long as the female folks are still in existence; there will always be market for you sanitary pad. Bearing this in mind, this article will be a form of short guide for people that are interested in starting a sanitary pad production company. I will cover the necessary steps you need to take to get your company up and running in no time.

Starting a Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry Out Research

There are a whole lot of sanitary pad products in the market and if you must break even, you have to carry out a research on major sanitary pad products in the market. You also need to know who your competitors are and the main thing that differentiates their products from others.

You can also get a focus group of girls and make them take a survey on the best sanitary pad product of their choice and what makes the product unique; they can also add things they will have wished to add in a pad if they are left to make a choice for product.

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This will help you a lot during the design and production stages of your sanitary pad. You can also keep the focus group around during production to get their criticism about the product until you get the best sample that suits the public.

2. Get Adequate Training on How to Produce Sanitary Pads

If you are starting the company on a large scale, chances are that you will be on a managerial position, while your employees will be in charge of production. But it is best to get trained on how the production process works; it will come in handy especially during the sampling stage. Top it up by taking some leadership and management courses if this is your first time with setting such an enterprise.

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3. Register a Company Name

Since you are going to be running this as a business, you will need to register the business to run as a company. It will give your product better credibility in the market. Also, depending on the State you are planning to locate your company; you may be required go get some form of license or permit to situate and run your business in the state. You must make sure you get all the required licenses needed to run your business in that state to avoid issues with the law as time goes on.

4. Get a Location to Run Your Business

The space should be bigger than your normal office space; because it will most likely serve as the production ground where all the machines for production will be kept, where the actual production process and packaging will take place, warehouse for storing finished goods and raw materials, office space for accounting, reception and marketing departments will be located.

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5. Production and License

After the production, you may need to send samples to the body in charge of standardization in your state or country for approval; after which you will need to place the organization’s trademark logo on your product to show that your sanitary pad product has been tasted and approved.

6. Packaging

Another important aspect of production of sanitary pad is the packaging; a pack of sanitary pad should contain enough to serve a lady for a month’s menstrual period. Most sanitary pad is packed with eight to twelve pieces of sanitary pads.

After the packaging, the next step is to introduce the product into the market and as I mentioned earlier, that are over fifty sanitary pads from different companies in market and for your breakthrough, you have to add something to your product that will make it irresistible to your customers.

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3 Things That Can Make Your Sanitary Pad Production Irresistible

If you can succeed to make your product irresistible, you will end up making your sanitary pad high on demand and that is much profit for your company; you can do the following to make your sanitary pad irresistible.

  • Offer Quality Product at a Reduced Price

One way to make your sanitary pad break even in the market despite much competition is to produce top quality pads at a price slightly lower than what other sanitary pads sell for.

With this method, you may not make all the profits you plan to make immediately, but having a large base of customers that will willingly choose your sanitary pad over others in the market should be the first thing priority of your company or business goals not just profits. You must make sure you offer customers more value for their money.

  • Incentives

Selling your pad at a lower price is a good incentive to make customers choose your product, but you can take it a step further by offering an incentive to anybody that purchase a certain quantity of your product or you can include a paper with only a word of your sanitary pad product in each pad, and the customers have to find the complete name from buying different packs after which they can submit it to enter for a raffle draw. Things like this can increase sales of your sanitary pad in the market.

You can make special bill boards, fliers and posters of your sanitary pad and get it to as every corner of the state and country as you can; this will work best if you are starting the company on a bigger scale.