Do you want to start a turkey farming business from scratch? Or you need a sample turkey farm business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

People’s preferences for meat differ. In fact all over the world this holds sway. Whilst some prefer to chicken, beef, pork and what have you, yet others prefer to swear by turkey. On the contrary there some folks who do not quite have a preference, rather they can eat any type of meat, provided it is well prepared and delicious.

The consumption of turkey meat has been in existence in some countries. These days others who didn’t use to record high patronage have started to do so. Why is this? Well, this is so because of the high cost of procuring turkey, as well as the fact that some type of meat is banned in some states.

Above all, if you are a entrepreneur and like the idea of dealing in turkey, then you may consider starting a business that is involved with raising turkey for profit. What are the several factors to be considered when this is a burning goal to be achieved? Here goes….

Starting a Turkey Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Determine Whether to Do This

This is the first task that you have got to complete. You need to ask if you really have to raise turkey. Also, you would really need to ask if turkeys are meant for your farm. This is where the need for a turkey farming business plan comes into play because unlike raising chickens, turkeys require much more attention because you may have to deal with young turkey known as poults. You may also require spending more time with your new friends, as there a social and much friendlier than chickens.

2. Study about Turkeys

It is highly recommended that you set time out to study about turkeys, the various species there- if any, how to start a business as this, the capital needed to start one, how the day to day running of the business would be like, and what have you.

Getting the right answers to all these; means that you would be on your way to start on the right footing. You may want to consider asking an expert that is someone who is already in the line of business for some advice and snippets. You can also use the internet to garner some information.

3. Go Down to a Farm Yourself

This is not a type of business you want to start without having a firsthand experience about how things are done and run. It is for this reason that you have got to go down to a nearby farm to see how all these plays out. Be sure to go with a note book so that you are able to document as much as you want. Also ensure that you scale through this hurdle well as you have a lot to gain when you do this.

4. Determine What to Breed

It is very important that you determine the turkey breed that you want to breed. Make the decision of whether it would be the broad breasted white turkey, wild bronze turkey, or the broad breasted bronze turkey. In the united states of America for instance; the broad breasted white turkey is the most commercial one.

5. Begin to Build

Your next port of call would be to begin to build the turkey pen. This ten should have a size 10 by 10 feet and this size can categorically house between ten and twelve turkeys. If on the other hand you are looking to raise more than you may consider building a sun porch. A typical sun porch has size of about 8 by 10 feet. With the 8 by 10 sized spaces you can look plan to house between twenty and thirty turkeys.

6. Furnish pen

After you have successfully built the pen or sun porch, the next thin g to do would be to know what to place inside there. There should be a feeder, Water trough and litter area within the pen or sun porch. Be sure that you do not always fill the water trough to the brim so that the turkeys can avoid drowning in them as there have been cases of that sort.

7. Determine the Type of Feeds

There are different types of feeds and you have got to decide which it is you want to go for. For instance; there are the pre- starter feeds, starter feeds, grower feeds, and the finisher feeds. They all vary as the name indicates. This means that each feed serves as their age indicates. Do note that the feed you decide to settle for would show by the quality of turkey you rear.

8. Start and Be Watchful

Now that you have started to raise them, you have got to be cautious so that you do not let the turkeys drink cold water. Why is this important? This is especially important because cold water is lethal to turkeys. It is best that you give them lukewarm water to drink so as to avoid a bad consequence.

9. Advertise your Business

It is a thing of import that you tell and sundry about your turkey business. You can begin to tell people about your turkey business even before they are ripe for sale. This is so that your potential buyers can be aware and have at the back of their minds that there is a serious seller. Do not forget to let them know when the sales would likely take place.

10. Stay Informed

Do not relent in continuance training. This means that you must keep getting trained so that you can always stay informed. This is because one of the ways to stay at the top in this industry is to stay informed.

Now that you have read all the steps that is required of you to take in starting your own turkey business, you have to also know that businesses like this takes a little time to begin to yield profit and you must be ready to be patient.

Ajaero Tony Martins