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List of Supplies and Equipment You Need to Start a Flower Shop

Even though a flower shop business may be considered easy to start and one that attracts moderate capital, it is a fact that there are certain supplies and equipment you must buy if you want to launch a flower shop business.

Having a range of supplies and equipment will ensure smooth operations of your flower shop and high-quality floral arrangements.

For example, if want to open a flower shop, and you do not make provision to stock your flower shop with different types of flowers, then you are not ready to welcome customers.

Supplies You Need for a Flower Shop

  1. Flowers

You are expected to purchase a variety of fresh flowers from wholesalers or local growers, and also artificial flowers should want to sell artificial flowers too. Doing this will allow you to offer diversity to your customers, and room to serve a wide range of customers.

  1. Foliage and Greenery

You are expected to stock up your flower shop on various types of foliage and greenery to complement your floral arrangements.

  1. Vases and Containers

Vases and containers are some of the basic things you will find in any flower shop hence when planning to open a flower shop, you must have a budget for vases and containers (flowerpots et al).

You should create a robust budget that will enable you to invest in a selection of vases, containers, and floral foam to hold and display your floral arrangements.

  1. Ribbons and Wrapping Materials

You know that the supplies in your flower shop will not be complete if you do not have supplies of ribbons and wrapping materials. Ribbons, wrapping papers, and decorative materials are needed for packaging bouquets and arrangements.

  1. Floral Wire and Tape

Apart from ribbons and wrapping materials, the flower shop should also have a budget for floral wire and tape. Flower shops make use of floral wire and tape for structural support and to secure stems in arrangements.

  1. Packing Materials

When customers make purchases from your flower shop or when they order online, you are expected to properly package and deliver the flowers.

This is why you must at all times have packaging materials such as boxes, tissue paper, and filler materials in your flower shop because they are needed for the safe transportation of flowers and floral arrangements.

  1. Tools

Apart from the fact that there is certain equipment you will need to effectively run a flower shop, you will also need to equip your shop with supplies such as floral scissors, shears, knives, and wire cutters for cutting and shaping stems.

  1. Plant Care Products

You may also want to consider stocking your flower shop with plant care products. You should look towards offering plant care products like flower food, preservatives, and conditioning solutions to customers purchasing floral arrangements.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Lastly, you should budget for cleaning supplies if you want to open a flower shop. This is necessary because you would need to keep your workspace clean with basic cleaning supplies such as disinfectant, wipes, and garbage bags.

Equipment You Need to Open a Flower Shop

  1. Refrigeration Units

One of the important pieces of equipment you need to budget for if you want to open a flower shop is refrigeration units. You need to invest in refrigeration units to store fresh flowers and extend their lifespan.

  1. Work Tables

Another piece of equipment you will need if you want to open a flower shop is work tables. You should have sturdy work tables or benches because they are needed for arranging flowers and preparing bouquets for customers or to display in your flower shop.

  1. Display Cases and Shelves

If you are planning to open a flower shop, you should also have a budget for display cases and shelves. Flower shops make use of display cases and shelves to showcase their floral arrangements and the other products they retail in the shop.

  1. Point of Sale System

The fact that cashless transactions are the order of the day in recent times means that if you are planning to open a flower shop, you should make plans to set up a point-of-sale system for processing transactions and managing inventory.

  1. Delivery Vehicles

Another useful equipment that a flower shop must have especially if the flower shop wants to engage in the delivery of flowers and floral arrangements is delivery vehicles.

The only reason why you may not have a budget for delivery vehicles is if you can successfully establish partnerships with delivery service companies or if you do not have plans to offer delivery services.

  1. Computer and Printer

If you plan to open a standard flower shop, you must also have a budget for at least a computer and a printer. You need a computer and printer for administrative tasks such as order management and printing receipts.

  1. Watering Cans and Sprayers

Watering cans and sprayers are part of the equipment you will need if you want to open a flower shop. In flower shops watering cans and sprayers are used for watering plants and keeping flowers hydrated.

  1. Labeling Equipment

You will also need to create a budget for labeling equipment if you want to open a flower shop. You will need labeling equipment such as price tags or stickers for labeling arrangements and products in your flower shop.

  1. Safety Equipment

The fact that you are going to be operating a flower shop does not mean you should not have plans for the safety of your employees, customers, facility, and products.

To ensure workplace safety in your flower shop, you will need safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and proper ventilation systems amongst others.