One of the most difficult tasks in life is to manage your time effectively. Many career moms will agree that time management is almost impossible. No matter your level of skills in arranging your day to day activities, stress is bound to occur after some time. Career moms definitely need everyday tips on managing their time for the office and for the home. Below are listed tips to help you achieve these goals effectively.

20 Time Management Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

  1. Create a Daily To-Do-List

The first step in managing your time is to remain focused on your daily target. This will help keep you from any diversion. For instance, when you are working on an office presentation, concentrate solely on getting the job done. You have to avoid being distracted with the meal to prepare in the evening. If this is repeatedly occurring in your mind, take some time off and jot down the meal plan you intend to prepare in the evening. After writing it out, return back to the presentation with a stable intellect.

  1. Multi-task Effectively

Multitasking can be a big deal if it is not carried out properly. This is because you have to beware of carrying out a big task with another big task. A good example of ineffective multitasking is when you are helping the kids choose an outfit and also ironing your cloth at the same time. It is evident that one part of the task must be affected. An effective physical multitasking example is ironing your dress and making a long phone call to your relation.

  1. Differentiate Between Motherhood and Work

Always endeavor to leave work responsibilities when it is family time and vice versa. For example, some jobs may require you to take them home e.g. teaching notes or assignments. Make sure such work responsibilities are handled when the children are already sleeping. You have to be effective in whatever roles (mom or work) you find yourself playing.

  1. Set Rational Daily Goals

The basic thing about time management is the ability to complete a laid down task for the day and having a sense of fulfillment after it is completed. Never set goals that are impossible to complete at the beginning of the day; set reasonable goals for work and for the home.

For instance during the holidays, in the morning, you may decide to complete your unfinished business proposal, and in the evening, you may decide to create and wrap the holiday gifts for your home and for the guests. This is an effective way of managing time.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

Make sure you complete tasks at the right time. Avoid putting off any task for later because it may take up family time. Always complete chores at the right time. Learn to tackle the most important tasks on your list first, before the least.

Home chores like cleaning the house needs to be completed on time. If they are procrastinated for too long, it becomes boring to complete.

  1. Time Management

Analyze the way your time is spent. You have to understand that some tasks are not important. Many time management experts have stated that people spend their time on unimportant things daily.

  1. Manage Tasks

The first step towards managing your time is to prioritize. Professionals have advised that you need to separate them into three segments which are: immediate tasks, weekly tasks (which can be completed within the week), and long-term tasks.

  1. Plan for the Future

Manage/delete some of the steps used in preparing for the day’s task. For instance, you can get ready for the next day at night or set the clothes for ironing, with the clothes you unload from the washing machine.

  1. Categorize

Always ensure to keep a folder and an extra copy of your documents. Make sure your child has their personal folder for information like hospital cases and schools. Also, copies of class lists and phone numbers should be kept at work and at home. Always remember where you kept them.

  1. Choose your Battles

Pick the right priorities for you. You have to choose what is bearable and unbearable for you. Probably you can permit an untidy bedroom but must have a clean kitchen.

  1. Multitask

You can learn to do many things at the same time. For example, with a phone headset, you can make calls and iron clothes or other physical chores at the same time.

  1. Seek Assistance

Asking for help shouldn’t be a big deal. Instead of running errands yourself, you can decide to strike an agreement with another mom. While running errands on a particular day for you, you can agree to watch her kids on another day. This will help manage your time.

  1. Divide the Tasks

Everybody should have a job. Even the little chore should not be left out. Share tasks like sticking the stamps, sorting out the laundry and arranging things in the home.

  1. Post Reminders

Always ensure to post a wall calendar to help make remembering of important events easy. The fridge should not be left out; you can post an ongoing food list on it to help track the groceries you may have to re-stock. You can buy a stick-on calendar or a white board that is erasable to track events and uncompleted tasks on your list.

  1. Be Prepared

Always have a packed bag for any unforeseen circumstance. Let it contain snacks, coloring books, baby gear, stamps, stationery, etc.

  1. Make Use of the Internet

When you want to shop for new items, you can decide to buy from online shops and save yourself the stress of going out. There are provisions for paying bills online with your card after purchasing those items.

  1. Organize the Home

The stressful thing about having a disorganized home is when you look for lost things. Always throw away things that are not useful in the home to avoid house injury.

  1. Consolidate

Keep things of the same colors and uses in a particular place. Separate them by numbers, colors and functions.

  1. Use a Basket

A basket is a mom’s best pal. Make sure you put a perfect sized basket for those books, toys, video etc. in the rooms. Always place an extra basket in the morning by the door for your family members to pick up their shoes, toys, backpacks etc.

  1. Duplicate Everything

This includes your cooking. Ensure to have an extra or even triple of recipes and you can decide to also store the remaining.