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7 Best Towels for Car Wash

People tend to take cleaning their cars seriously. They ensure that the glasses, interior, and wheels are spotless. Howbeit, just getting water onto the car won’t give it a spot- and scratch-free sheen.

You have to thoroughly remove the water from the car’s surface too.  However, drying a car manually is easy especially if you have the proper towel. Note that possessing the best drying towels at your business will save you a lot of time and limit streaks that can appear once the car dries by itself.

Owing to that, ensure you opt for a car towel that is soft, very absorbent, and won’t scratch the finish of your car. Indeed, towels can be made from a vast array of materials, such as cotton, terrycloth, microfiber, and chamois.

Truth be told, not all towels are created equal. You will find ones that will leave lint and stains behind, while there are others that can damage the car’s paint with scratches and swirls. Nevertheless, here are towels to consider for your car wash business.

Best Towel for Car Wash

  1. Microfiber Car Towels

A quality option, this microfiber towel is compactly sized yet still guarantees enough space to apply wax or dry the exterior of just about any car. Aside from that, this microfiber towel can be utilized for interior detailing or even auto glass cleaning.

Have it in mind that it comes in a pack of 36, as such you will have enough to use before washing them. Nevertheless, these microfiber towels are machine-washable, and this makes reusing them a convenient option.

  1. Fortador PRO microfiber towel

This is another very good microfiber towel designed to dry, wax, and ceramic coat your car perfectly. This towel measures around 22×29.5 inches and is made from premium-grade microfiber material that is effectively absorbent, soft, and gentle on the car’s surface.

It comes with a nice and dense texture that ensures that it can collect dirt, dust, and grime without even leaving any scratches or swirl marks. Also note that this towel is ideal for every kind of vehicle, such as cars, motorcycles, and even boats.

  1. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This Cleaning Cloth comes with 85 percent polyester and 15 percent nylon, and this makes it a nice and non-abrasive option. Aside from that, it comes with top-class stitching with reinforced edges. Also, note that these towels won’t unravel and would survive through hundreds of washings.

They are lightweight, and this entails that they dry quickly. In addition, the soft microfiber that it comes with won’t in any way affect a car’s paint job and as well won’t leave streaks behind. When it comes to its use and care, it is advisable you utilize hand or machine washing.

  1. Chemical Guys Waffle Weave Car Drying Towels

Another very popular option used by car wash businesses in the United States, this dry towel features a polyamide, polyester blend.

Even with its thick nature, the material has a good feel like waffle weave towels but is softer and less scratchy. However, it is important to note that this towel is not in any way as soft as some others, but it will do the necessary work to ensure that the vehicle is wiped clean.

It also features an extra-large size along with a wonderful drying solution for large trucks. Reviews show that it comes with good power and is capable of buffing away wax and sealing agents as well

  1. The Rag Company the Gauntlet Drying Towel

Among the things car wash businesses love about this towel is that it is made to dry vehicles faster, and more thoroughly when compared to other towels in the market.

Constructed with a 70/30 blend of Korean microfiber, note that it comes with a plush 900gsm and a flamboyant 20in x 30in size. Also, note that its distinctive dual-color design of Ice Grey and Grey guarantees that any dirt or grime picked up during use can be seen easily and will be conveniently washed out without any form of damage to the towel.

  1. Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towels

You will most definitely enjoy the fact that this towel is a soft waffle weave and is very nice to utilize on a paintbrush. Also note that the towel was designed to be quite tight so that when using it to wipe cars, the liquid will fall out in puddles and not spread across the vehicle surface.

Another notable benefit of these towels is that they tend to hold water very well when used after they are wet. Truth be told, this is the towel to consider if you want something large and effective for your car wash.

  1. Chemical Guys MIC1995 Gray Woolly Mammoth drying towel

One thing users like about this towel is its size and water retention abilities. With 36×25 inches and very shaggy, this large car towel also features silk-band edges that will ensure you leave no scratches or swirls. Also, note that the edges of the cloth could be silk banded or bound; howbeit, the 1-inch thickness of the paper is adequate to ensure that you dry up the car quickly and smoothly.

To guarantee client satisfaction, it is necessary you don’t reuse your towels on other cars if possible. Owing to that, always make sure you have enough towels, just in case the specified individual at your car wash does not wash them at the end of the business day.