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9 Best Truck Dispatch Software [Pros and Cons Included]

Truck Dispatching Business

Trucking dispatchers are known to require a simple digital solution to aid them in managing their everyday responsibilities such as scheduling, maintaining compliance, and route tracking.

Truth be told, the manual dispatch approach can prove to be quite stressful and challenging for fleet managers, and this can give rise to missed deadlines, driver delays, and unsatisfied customers.

A trucking dispatch software is a technological solution that works to aid trucking companies in lessening their business operational costs.

This software is vital when it comes to scheduling and assigning tasks and lessening the risk factors that come with the freight and logistics industry.

In the trucking industry, appropriate fleet management is very necessary, and trucking dispatch software can help trucking companies coordinate their dispatch operations effectively and remain competitive in the industry.

Nevertheless, below are some of the best truck dispatch software as well as their pros and cons to ensure that you can make the right choice.

9 Best Truck Dispatch Software

  1. Truckbase

Known to be affordable and straightforward, keep in mind that this software automates back-office tasks for more efficient operations. Aside from that, dispatch management is streamlined with minimal data entry.

Load building and dispatch are automated via the use of a PDF importer, text-based driver communication, and integrated mobile scanning for BOLs. Also, note that this product has cash flow with instant invoicing and financial reporting.

  • A mobile-friendly truck dispatcher website.
  • AI-driven PDF importer for load building and dispatch automation.
  • Direct scanning and BOLs upload for drivers.
  • Prompt driver notifications.
  • Instant invoicing for better cash flow.
  • Automatic settlement generation based on load and driver data.
  • Features that include stop pay, reimbursements, and provide additional pay.
  • Limited workflow customization.
  • Not compatible with some trucking software.
  • Lack of functionality to cater to bigger businesses.
  1. TruckSpy

Being a web truck dispatch software, TruckSpy guarantees driver efficiency with a drag-and-drop dispatch system and route deviation checker.

Being in alignment with FedEx, the product also guarantees transparency for customers with projected time of arrival for stops.

  • Real-time drag-and-drop dispatcher and estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • AI-based analysis for more efficient routes on the go.
  • Advanced document management.
  • Steady automatic updates.
  • No customization for reporting.
  • Lack of vehicle information.
  • Non-intuitive interface.
  1. ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is particularly meant for small operators with 1–5 trucks. Although it has proven to be perfect for the smallest fleets, this solution might not be comprehensive enough for expanding fleets or those who require advanced features such as driver apps, live tracking, or mobile scanning.

  • Automatically generated invoices with detailed reports.
  • Simple driver settlements and communication.
  • Load confirmation for an unlimited number of trucks.
  • Limited load board functionality.
  • Not mobile-friendly.
  • No live tracking and mobile scanning.
  1. Trimble

Note that this software is a 3PL-oriented truck company dispatcher software that offers features that cater to the vast needs of diverse trucking businesses.

Keep in mind that its transport management solutions, including a multimodal optimization engine, make comprehensive supply chain handling possible for brokers in this modern age.

  • Transportation management system (TMS).
  • Easy tracking and route planning.
  • Safety and compliance regulations.

Needs detailed employee training to make use of the tool’s full potential.

  1. TruckingOffice

You will relish the fact that this software offers budget-friendly truck dispatch software for small trucking operations. It’s an ideal choice for single users who take care of the accounting aspect of the supply chain.

Owing to the fact that collaboration features are sparse, it’s more likely to see to the needs of owner-operators who have to contend with a few brokers or shippers.

  • Accounting, invoice, and fleet management tools.
  • Solid customer support.
  • Simplified taxing with IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement).
  • Detailed help center.
  • Cost reports with earnings per Mile.
  • No live chat for customers.
  • Lack of dispatch programs for trucking and driver features.
  • No load board.
  1. Onfleet

Well known for its capacity to make last-mile deliveries easier, Onfleet will aid your business when it comes to routing, dispatching, and analyzing your company’s deliveries while communicating easily without delay with your drivers.

Owing to the fact that it provides real-time updates to all of your customers via short-message service (SMS) notifications to keep them informed and up-to-date, Onfleet is ideal for high-volume and last-mile operations.

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Driver app available for iOS or Android
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Add and delete tasks with ease
  • The system may be unavailable during maintenance periods
  • Somewhat limited analytics
  • Limited data entry fields
  1. Samsara

Samsara provides a one-of-a-kind dispatching software solution and their hardware can cater to the needs of trucking companies of all sizes and industries. Aside from that, this software is feature-rich but focuses on all aspects of operations and communication.

  • Mind-blowing value
  • Strong functionality
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Some users report bugs, but customer service is responsive
  • When new updates are released, the app may slow down for a few days
  1. Axon Software

Established in 1982 and renowned as one of the more experienced software companies in the industry, this is one of the best software to consider owing to the fact that it comes with great integrations, such as PC*MILER and various mapping software.

  • Mobile app for employees
  • Real-time truck location, speed, and more
  • Custom reports available
  • Note issue areas to boost operations.
  • Major learning curve
  • Costlier than most other systems.
  • Tax functionality is more or less limited and challenging to use
  1. ProTransport

This is one of the best all-in-one trucking software that comes with a comprehensive truck-dispatching system. With ProTransport’s dispatching software, it is easy to reach out to or even organize fleet workload in real-time.

While the company is less than 20 years old, a good number of users note that the interface looks old and could use some updates. The software integrates well with other major systems, including QuickBooks and trucker fuel cards.

  • Accounts for all transactions, including paying drivers
  • Easy to use and teach to new employees
  • Eliminates the need to print anything
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accessible customer service support
  • Maintenance entries don’t have the ability to feature photos or records
  • Considered outdated.
  • The accounting function lacks the ability to attach credit card statements
  • Financial information can’t be managed in one place