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14 Best Trucking Dispatch Software for Owner Operators / Small Companies

In this modern age of technology, operators no longer have to shout into their phones to keep drivers abreast of their operation and order details.

Technology and software solutions have modified things for good. Cloud technologies make it possible for users to upload data to a remote server and store it in the cloud.

As such, the data can be accessed from just about anywhere, and a dispatcher can control and manage fleet or freight even when they are traveling or resting.

To streamline and make the work they do easier, these professionals utilize trucking dispatch systems, which are more or less a combination of mobile devices in the trucks and the dispatch software in the base office.

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The primary objective of a good trucking dispatch software is to guarantee easy and quick communication between drivers and dispatchers, coordinate routing, make reporting precise and timely, facilitate quick financial transactions, track assets, manage fleets and vehicles, and much more. However, note that there are numerous trucking dispatch software that offer various solutions.

Truth be told, with the vast options available today, it can be quite daunting to search for an ideal solution since every business will have its preferences and specifics. As such, below are the best trucking dispatch software ideal for owner-operators and small businesses.

Best Trucking Dispatch Software for Owner-Operators

  1. Horizon GO

This trucking dispatch software is well renowned for its comprehensive and unique cloud-based dispatch software which is named Horizon GO.

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HorizonGO has raised the standard within the dispatch market by concentrating on what owner-operators want: accessibility, customization, reduced documentation, reduced cost, and cloud-based mobile dispatch management and communication efficiency.

Cost: You can get a free demo of this dispatching Software.

  1. Connecteam

You will appreciate this software especially since it is a simple and affordable solution that works to monitor and manage your logistics from one place. Its scheduling system makes it very possible to quickly schedule shifts and dispatch jobs as per your availability.

It also offers you the platform to create recurring shifts, copy previous shifts, or use pre-built templates to save time. While driving, you will have access to information and documents on the service order right on your smartphone.

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Cost: Starts at $35 per month for up to 30 users but still has a free version available.

  1. Onfleet

Onfleet is a cloud-based dispatch software that is specially meant to coordinate and optimize last-mile delivery operations.

It is loved by a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, e-commerce companies, and logistics providers. It is regarded as a valid choice for small companies since it guarantees easy scheduling, dispatching, and track deliveries in real-time.

It also features a smart route optimization engine that leverages numerous parameters (like traffic, time, location, and capacity) to come up with the most efficient routing solution.

Cost: Starts at $500 per month but has a 14-day free trial available.

  1. Pro Transport

Pro transport makes it very easy to bring together and consolidate your delivery services into a single, simple system, and this works in your favor to save time, accurately manage progress, and create better decisions.

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It also brings together all areas of your business operation into one trucking Management system, and this guarantees that everything, including security, scheduling, finance, monitoring, employee contacts, and GPS tracking, is easily available.

Cost: To get quotes tailored to your needs, please visit a website.

  1. Axon

Right from 1982, Axon Trucking has simplified accounting, dispatch, maintenance, transportation management, fleet maintenance, ticket software, and IFTA reporting at its headquarters in Meeker.

You will appreciate the fact that its integration procedure is without hiccups. All details are promptly loaded into the platform since information is gathered in real-time, and you get a quick update on your dispatch trucking software for dispatching trucks.

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Cost: Please visit the company website to get a tailored quote.

  1. TRUX

With this software, it is very easy to manage everything in one place, from managing your own trips to finding new trucks through a large truck marketplace.

When you are not driving, it lets you track the location of your trucks in real-time, assign delivery tasks to drivers, and monitor the progress of each task.

Aside from that, this software is integrated with numerous tools for load planning, driver scheduling, and route optimization to boost your net profit and increase overall productivity. It also ensures that you can identify potential underpaying, overpaying, underutilization, and overutilization of haulers.

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Cost: Starts at $100 per month | Free demo available

  1. TruckingOffice

Note that this software is designed to seamlessly work for businesses of all sizes, from owner-operators with one truck to larger fleets with several trucks and drivers.

Aside from automating trucking operations, it works to lessen administrative overhead and provides a comprehensive insight into the financial performance of your business.

It offers you the platform to easily check driver availability, assign drivers to loads, and communicate with drivers and other team members involved in the dispatch process. Other features include dispatch notifications, GPS tracking, and route optimization.

Cost: The basic version starts at $20 per month | A 30-day free trial is available.

  1. Samsara

This particular software is quite popular due to its vast range of software and hardware solutions that give real-time visibility and insights into fleet operations. It makes it more convenient to manage routes for commercial vehicles.

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You can track vehicle location and instantly check route progress or missed stops instead of manually calling drivers. It also has the capability to track fuel usage and generate reports on fuel consumption patterns.

It can also maintain a record of vehicle maintenance tasks like oil changes, wheel balancing, and electrical component inspection.

Cost: Starts at $27 per month while typical hardware costs $100 – $150.

  1. Rose Rocket

This is a well-known cloud-based transportation management software that is built to see to the needs of trucking businesses.

It features a wide range of tools to ensure that you can manage the complete transportation lifecycle, from order planning and accounting to dispatching and shipment tracking. It also makes it easy to concurrently plan and dispatch various parts of an order.

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It also comes with tools for electronic proof of delivery, automated customer communication, and reporting and analytics.

Cost: Starts at $200 per month, but also has a Free Demo.

  1. Dispatch

Dr. Dispatch is one of the most comprehensive software solutions particularly meant for small and medium-sized trucking companies.

It makes it easy for companies to manage and optimize dispatch operations, scheduling, invoicing, and other transport-related tasks.

Also, note that the software lets you know the status of individual loads and automatically generates load sheets that can be sent in minutes.

It also comes with a maintenance module to view equipment and repair costs, a load template system to speed load entry on recurring lanes, and an automated billing system to generate payroll and driver settlements within a few clicks. Aside from that, it produces reports for IFTA reporting.

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Cost: Starts at $50 per month but also has a Two-week trial available.

  1. TruckLogics

This is another viable software that ensures that you can keep track of all complicated load details, from dispatching and phone check calls to shipping details and invoicing. Known to be a user-friendly interface, it is easy to navigate and access all the features.

For instance, it is possible to create Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) dispatches in minutes, assign drivers and let them know of their assignment with just one click, generate separate paperwork for each customer’s load, and calculate route mileage using Google Maps or ProMiles. You will also relish the valuable data analytics and reporting tools that help you make informed business decisions.

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Cost: Starts at $30 per month | 15-day free trial is available.

  1. LoadOps

LoadOps simplifies back-office tasks and makes very daunting processes such as finding drivers and searching for loads quite easy, further boosting your overall efficiency.

It ensures that you can closely manage each phase of the load lifecycle by leveraging a centralized dashboard. Also note that the platform is integrated with a real-time load-tracking system and compliance resources, and this can quickly lessen business expenses and increase productivity.

Aside from that, it can be easily connected to numerous third-party tools like accounting apps, electronic logging devices, and DAT’s load board.

Cost: Starts at $150 per month and has a 30-day free trial available.

  1. Tookan

Over the years, this software has aided thousands of small and mid-sized businesses in coordinating their fleet and automating dispatch operations.

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It comes with a Smart Dashboard to obtain and dispatch order requests, track the order fulfillment cycle, and take quick actions like cancel, delete, or re-assign delivery. Immediately after the order is received, the system will quickly assign it to the nearest free driver.

Also, note that this software can seamlessly calculate the shortest and fastest routes to lessen fuel expenses and improve efficiency.

Cost: Starts at $99 per month (when paid annually) | A 14-day free trial is available.

  1. Teletrac Navman

This software comes with an assortment of cloud-based tools to manage fleets more effectively. Ranging from local construction projects to cross-country trucking hauls, its fleet management solutions ensure that you have access to valuable data to reduce expenses, stay on schedule, and put resources in the right place.

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You will love the fact that its latest AI-powered platform (called TN360) provides a more holistic view of your fleet operations, making it more convenient to manage efficiency, safety, and compliance.

It also leverages machine learning to evaluate data from varying sources and make available detailed insights and recommendations for improving trucking operations.

Cost: Starts at $25 per vehicle per month.