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3 Best Leg Straps for Skydiving

Quite a lot of thought and preparation goes on when it comes to skydiving, and this is done to make sure that that sport is not only enjoyed but also safe.

One major component of your skydiving activity is having the right gear. Skydiving gear can seem like a confusing magical backpack of joy and wonder that could kill you if you don’t handle it with the utmost care. Fortunately, the gear is far more robust and reliable than that.

A typical skydiving gear comes with a lot of parts, but what we are going to be focusing on today is the leg straps or harness. It is important to note that for skydiving gears produced today, the leg straps come along with the harness container. So you will be hard put if you try to shop for your skydiving leg straps separately.

Standard skydiving containers are equipped so as to ensure the torso, head, arms and legs are protected suitable and durable with straps. In the past, the parachute system had harness and leg straps that can be detached from the container, allowing the interchangeability of different models.

But with the development of sport parachuting, the suspension system (harness and leg straps) began to be integrated into the container, resulting in a better assembly of harness/container. Bringing these two systems together was accomplished by sewing the harness and leg straps to the container.

One of the most innovative models adopted in recent years is the ‘articulated’ harness that incorporates metal rings at the junction hip and a chest strap. But it should be noted that many military assemblies may be disassembled into separate harness and container sub-assemblies.

The container (backpack) controls the opening of the canopies, and the harness ensures that the parachutist is properly linked with canopy. The assembly of the harness/container include all parts needed to make a parachute airworthy. Basic assembly harness/container is what remains when all detachable assemblies (without being fixed by stitching) are removed.

Containers for sport parachutes have 2 compartments, one is for the main parachute with its sub-assemblies (pilot chute for main parachute, riser webbing; piloting controls; main risers and quick connectors;

Main deployment bag; cord connecting the main parachute with spring pilot chute; cord contact pin curved to pull main parachute; control handles; automatic opening system; RSL system.); and one is for the reserve parachute with its sub-assemblies (pilot chute; piloting controls;

Reserve Static Line system; soft links on the riser webbing; reserve deployment bag; metal handle for manual opening of reserve parachute

There are two types of leg pads – standard, 10 cm wide, and narrow, 8 cm wide. The narrow leg pads are made for performers with compact figure to avoid discomfort of standard wideness in the crotch area, as well as for BASE jumping in mountains – to reduce the weight of the system.

Different Types of Leg Strap/Containers for Skydiving

  1. Wingsuit Legstrap Bungee

This is a removable leg strap bungee for people who wingsuit and do other cool stuff too. The two part design allows the bungee to be connected and disconnected to allow the easy fitting and removal of your rig from your wingsuit. The half elastic and half gutted paracord prevents the bungee from being ‘pinged’ while wearing your rig.

The smooth plastic barrel is safe against the fabric of the wingsuit and snag resistant. It should be noted that none of the test jumpers reported feeling the plastic barrel while sitting on the floor or benches of various aircraft or while sliding out fast downwinders.

Technical specs:

  • Minimum fitted length length: ~75mm (3”)
  • Barrel height: 15.5mm
  • Barrel Length 48mm
  • Supplied with 400mm 4mm shock cord and ~25cm finger-trapped gutted paracord

As a part of the pre-jump gear check, ensure the barrel is tight to prevent separation unexpectedly and inspect the barrel, elastic, paracord and rig attachment points for wear.

  1. Mirage containers

Mirage Systems has achieved the highest level of refinement in design, materials and quality control when it comes to skydiving equipment. Once a jumper owns a Mirage, they usually stay with the brand for the rest of their skydiving career.

The typical mirage contained comes complete with the leg strap and harness so you are covered all round. For over 20 years Mirage containers have been designed, tested and jumped by professional competition skydivers. Mirage is respected by master riggers worldwide.

  1. Glide Skydiving Container system by Peregrine Manufacturing

The Glide skydiving container by Peregrine Manufacturing is the freshest container on the market. It’s the only rig that offers full black hardware – including the housings and was also the first ever container to offer fully articulated hip and chest rings with lateral stabilization.

The Glide has everything Peregrine has to offer: reliable function, safety, comfort and style. The “Up Tuck” style secure main pin protection with modern main bridle routing virtually eliminates main bridle piercing and provides for superior main pin protection in all genres of flying.

Peregrine’s new reserve container design has excellent coverage/containment as well as outstanding emergency deployment characteristics. The new “wrap-around style” design for the Glide provides for perfect staging of reserve deployment while having significantly reduced container restriction forces in the event of a total malfunction.


As a note of warning, you must always consult a local instructor/rigger to ensure any equipment choices you make are suitable for your intended use and ability, and they are compatible with other equipment your are using and complies with any local, national or manufacturer rules or recommendation.