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3 Best Roll Cages for Go Kart

Do you own a go kart business and you want to pick out an amazing roll cage for your go kart? If YES, here are 3 best roll cage for go kart.

Roll Cage is a metal structure made usually out of ‘bars’ welded together to create a protective ‘cage’ for the driver of a predominantly saloon/sports car to protect them in the event of a roll over. Presently, ‘roll cages’ are not used in go karts, at least not competitive racing karts.

You may see them on some customized ‘fun karts’ especially ‘off road’ karts but not in competitive Go-karts. Note that when a kart ‘rolls’, the driver would generally be thrown free, very much like a motor cycle rider. In either case, the thing which is likely to injure you the most is the bike itself, or the kart, being thrown clear is regarded as a ‘good thing’ and that is why harnesses are not mandatory in go karts/bikes.

Initially, roll over protection was brought in to protect farmers driving tractors. Since the 1920s, deaths from tractor roll-overs have been reported across the world, and in 1959, Sweden enacted a law that required all newly-built tractors to comply with roll-over protection structure (ROPS) regulations.

In 1967, the USA joined and established guidelines for roll-over protection, and in 1975 the legislation was passed to ensure that all tractors would be compliant with ROPS regulations. Nowadays, roll cages are used across a range of motorsports and aerospace industries to provide structural integrity and protect lives.

Typically, road-going cars tend to rely on airbags and crash structures to protect their passengers. But these systems add weight and take up room, which is why a simple go kart is lighter and often roomier. And just like we all know, weight is the enemy of performance. Plus, most safety regulations don’t apply to race vehicles. That is why they lack interior trim and airbags.

However, whether you’re in a drag racer or a kart cross kart, accidents can happen. Therefore, not only do some cars get racing harnesses instead of seat belts, they get roll cages. Typically made of steel tubing, roll cages are designed to absorb impacts and strengthen a karts frame, especially in the case of a roll-over, hence the ‘roll’ in ‘roll cage.’

There are a lot of roll cages available in the go kart market, so you have a lot of options to choose from. To help you out, here are top options to consider.

Best Roll Cage for Go Kart

  1. 10-PointHoopRoll Cage

This Competition Engineering 10-Point Hoop Roll Cage is emphatically not meant for your street car: this is for your weekend racer, or your autocross ride like a go kart. A 10-point hoop roll cage is more or less very serious and very safe.

This roll cage may not be the easiest model to install, but it’s not as difficult as you would think given how big it is. It is quite heavy, so you definitely want a friend to help you with the installation, but the actual process was surprisingly straightforward.

This roll cage is all about the safety, and it excels very positively in that regard. Competition Engineering is a premier brand for racing safety equipment, and their roll cages have all earned high marks. If you’re serious enough about racing or auto crossing to buy a 10-point hoop roll cage, then this model is a good choice.

  1. Dual Twin Double Roll Bar

When you buy this roll bar, note that you’re not getting just a safety item that is ideal for racing or go karts. You are, however, getting a terrific safety addition for everything driving. This model, which is designed for a Miata, offers mid-level support: less than you would want in a racer, but far more than a standard vehicle comes with.

Unlike some roll bars, the AJP Distributors Dual Twin Double Roll Bar is indeed easy (and quick) to install. It simply bolts on, with no fancy installation required. In addition, since this roll bar is meant for fun vehicles, it looks really good. The T-304 stainless steel is top quality and has an excellent, modern look.

  1. OXB 4-Point Roll Bar

Note that this is one of the best-looking roll bars you will ever find. Made for Miatas, the OXB Racing Sports 4-Point Roll Bar offers exceptional safety for karts and daily drivers alike, while also offering the practicality of still being able to fully move and tilt the driver’s and passenger’s seats. In addition, you can fully use your Miata’s hard or soft top.

Howbeit, installation is not the simplest process, but it’s relatively straightforward. The hardware kit is a little extensive,but you can get it all put together pretty quickly.

The most astonishing part of this bar was quite simply the bar itself. The double diagonal construction and top-quality alloy make this bar remarkably strong. The mounting is laser cut and is a testament to just how well made this OXB Racing Sports product is.

Although the roll cages that are currently on the market are highly effective at protecting drivers and passengers, the technology is always developing and safety standards are always improving.