A reception desk is a special type of desk in a waiting room, lobby, or in front of an office, that is used for anything from greeting customers, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments, to dealing with transactions. Note that all these make them one of the most important pieces of furniture in any office. There are a variety of desk options, styles and sizes to meet all needs.

A beauty salon reception desk tends to be quite different from other desks made for an office. First, salons are barely as conservative as large corporations in their décor and therefore you always tend to see a really wide choice of desk materials and shapes as their owners are not afraid to be stylish and bold. Modern reception desks made with materials like metal, glass and leather are all very common.

Even though there are many circular and even office-type reception desks, you’ll also see ones with wavy lines instead of sharp straight edges and a whole array unusual shapes that push style to its limits. Even though they can really differ in design and material, the typical salon reception desk does need a few key features.

In a hair salon, customers deal with the receptionist or stylist who is working at the desk, and that entails you will need counter space. But the counter doesn’t have to be too big, it should just provide enough area for clients to rest their purse or belongings while paying cash, writing out a check, or making a new appointment.

A beauty salon reception desk will also need to have enough room for the employee to sit and schedule new appointments. Note that you can use a keyboard tray to free up a decent amount of desk space. Space for a phone and a grommet hole for electrical cords are also imperative. Room for typical desk accessories and organizers is required too.

Since customers will be making transactions, don’t forget a lockable drawer to keep all money, checks, etc. A lot of salon owners will also add a till into the drawer to keep money organized, so that they can make change for their clients quickly and easily. Note that a small lockable storage box might also be a wonderful idea.

Some salons also sell hair and beauty products. If you do, then you might want to look for a desk with a front panel made for product display. Note that a cabinet with shelving inside, or at least a few shelves would also be a wonderful feature to have in order to keep extra products at hand. You might also want to consider a matching wall shelf to display even more products.

What are the Best Types of Reception Desk for Hair Salon?

Unlike most types of desks, beauty salon reception desks are not always very big because they normally don’t need to be. Most are very compact, and made for one employee to sit. But there are larger ones available too. Due to being made specifically for salons, the majority will include most of the convenient features mentioned above and sometimes even more. Here are top choices to consider:

  1. DFS Salon Reception Desk Design

This counter comes with a subtle silver floating check writing shelf and silver white square accent on the front that helps your desk stand out with a modern, almost industrial look. The white square is also an ideal place to put the name of your salon.

On the back you have a large open desk space area with plenty of room for a computer and it has a cable management opening. It is made of fibre board so it won’t feel as luxurious but the workstation and side panels are scratch, stain, and water-resistant.

  1. DIR Stainless Steel Reception Desk for Salons

This sleek salon reception desk is a great pick for all kinds of people. Individuals who want their desk to be the type of piece that makes their whole reception area feel modern and unique will appreciate this desk. This desk was designed by those who know the right way to create a desk that not only works out well for those who use it but that also looks nice.

  1. Sedona Reception Counter With Display by Madison Park

If you want your salon reception area to double as a display case, check out the Sedona by Madison Park. This counter has three glass shelves prominently displayed in the centre panel which would be perfect for showcasing products, sales, and other promotions.

The floating glass counter on the top of the desk is a check writing space for your clients and it also helps make the simple shape of the reception desk lighter and more interesting visually. The counter has a veneer of cherry hardwood for durability and that welcoming wood effect.

Behind the counter, the shelves are accessible by a sliding wooden panel and there is a shallow shelf area that can be used as a small desk space. Also note that it is not a full desk and you won’t have room for a computer and phone and printer if that’s what you are looking for, but there is room for set down a tablet or scheduling book.

  1. Argento Beauty Salon Desk by Dream In Reality

The Argento Reception Desk by Dream in Reality comes with a modern, asymmetrical design which is functional and trendy. The large smooth panel in the front gives it a very clean appearance. This is something DIR does a lot of and the effect is stunning.

The curved counter comes to a point which gives you an area to conduct your point of sale while saving space. An elevated glass shelf keeps the desk looking airy and would be good for any displays you want directly in your clients’ line of sight.

Additionally, on the other side of the desk, you are looking at a full, ADA approved work station. It has two drawers (one locking which is great for holding cash), a long desk top, cabinet, and recessed storage shelf. There is room for a tablet, scheduling materials, and phone, but keep in mind it is all in within the clients’ view.

  1. Pibbs Ultra Contemporary Salon Reception Desk

This salon reception desk is one that features an attractive and curved design. Hair Salon owners who want to find a reception desk that will help their reception area look modern and fun will love the shape of this desk. The one who wants their desk to have a unique appearance will realize that this desk is a fantastic pick. This is the sort of desk that is different from the average piece of furniture, and it will work well in any salon space.

  1. Revival Salon Desk by Dream In Reality

This Revival Salon Desk was inspired by the class of the Victorian era which continues to be a benchmark for sophistication. If your aim is to have your reception station catch people’s eye, this is definitely an attention-getter. This desk makes a statement that your clients are going to receive top quality, luxury service at your salon.

The real wood construction is painted and intricately carved. The metal accents are well detailed carvings in the wood that have been painted silver, which saves you on weight and price while still getting that opulent look. The centre panel is frosted tempered glass back-lit by colour – changing LED lights.

On the opposite side you have a desk area with sliding keyboard shelf, cable management hole, one drawer without a lock, one lockable drawer, two cabinets, and space for a chair. The overhang of the counter covers about half of the desk area so keep that in mind if you have tall items on your desk.

  1. Marque Series Curved Reception Station by OFM

This desk has a more classic look to it that goes with a wide range of styles. A frosted Plexiglas window on the top third of the desk lets in sunlight, allows you some vision of the waiting area, but still provides a degree of privacy for the person sitting at the desk.

The long counter top is plenty of room to conduct business as well as product displays. On the other side of the desk, there is a wide, open work station with plenty of space for a desktop computer as well as a cable management hole. Have it in mind there isn’t any built – in storage to this desk, but it does come with a matching filing cabinet that can fit underneath it.

The Marque Series is made of thermo – fused melamine, which is a super durable particle board. This material is so durable and known for preventing visible scuffs that it is often used as flooring, so you know the desk can hold up to everyday wear.

  1. Gattino Beauty Salon Desk by Dream In Reality

The Gattino by Dream in Reality comes with a modern, asymmetrical design which is functional and trendy. There is a big panel of frosted tempered glass on the front giving it a very clean appearance. An LED lighting system behind the glass allows your station to have a relaxing, but eye-catching, glow to it.

Note that this is something DIR does a lot of and the effect is stunning. The low, curved counter on the right side is a perfect space to conduct your point of sale and other interactions with clients. The taller section of the desk has an elevated glass shelf which keeps the desk looking airy and would be good for any displays you want directly in your clients’ line of sight.

On the other side of the desk, you are looking a full, ADA approved work station. It has two drawers (one locking which is great for holding cash), a long desk top, sliding keyboard shelf, three larger open storage spaces, and a cable management hole. There is plenty of room for a laptop, tablet, scheduling materials, and phone.

  1. Small Modern Desk by Golden Wind Furniture

Note that this desk is built to fit into even the tightest salons and mixes smooth man-made marble with modern elevated shelves and warm wooden drawers. At only 35 inches wide, the QT-108 by Golden Wind Furniture is designed to not take up much space but pack a visual punch with its asymmetrical design and brushed stainless steel trim.

The top counter is white man-made marble and is enough room for clients to rest their things while paying for services and products.  While on the opposite side, you have lockable drawers with removable, adjustable organizer slots which can easily turn it into a cash drawer. There is an open desk space with cable management hole and a second lower shelving unit. The only issue about the low shelving unit is that it makes sitting at a normal desk chair more crowded.

  1. Free-Standing Register Stand

If you are on a budget, then go for this free standing register stand that is clean and offers an unobtrusive solution with a desk, counter, and storage space without any of the flashy extras. For some, this desk may look boring, but for others it is exactly what fits your understated, minimalist style. The stand has a nine inch check writing area for clients and an open desk on the opposite side for storing your phone and other electronics.

Also note there is a pull out drawer to organize smaller things, but it is not a locking drawer so probably not meant to be used as cash drawer. There is more storage underneath the desk with two large storage spaces, each with an adjustable shelf so you can decide the size of each section.


Always remember that your salon reception desk creates a first impression with a new client. Your reception desk is also your point of sale. It is the place where your clients pay for your services, and where they decide whether or not they want to make another appointment. This is the more reason why you need to put your best foot forward to make the best possible impression as they are walking out the door, carrying with them the possibility of more word-of-mouth recommendations.