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Can I Use Registered Agent as Business Address?

No. You cannot use a registered agent as a business address because a registered agent is only required to receive official government documents that have to do with your business. A registered agent is not meant to receive regular mail or serve as your business address unless you serve as your own registered agent; in that case, your business address and registered agent address would be the same.

But if you are not your own Registered Agent, then you should not use the Registered Address as your company’s business address. This is because the address is not in your control. In the United States, you are expected to designate a registered agent when forming a business entity, such as an LLC or corporation.

The registered agent is important to ensure reception of legal documents, a notice of lawsuits, and any other communication from the state.  Meanwhile, a business address is used to note the main location where the business operates.

If you run an LLC, this is your commercial office location. For other types of business, it’s the address where your bills and mail are sent. Have it in mind that a Registered Agent is not allowed to be a receiving agent for you.

Filing an LLC and using a registered agent is more or less considered a “fraudulent filing” in some parts of the United States. Owing to that, if the LLC is sued and a skilled plaintiff’s attorney figures this out, they can use this as a reason to “pierce the corporate veil” of your LLC and then get you sued personally.

It is recommended you either use an address under your control or even purchase an actual virtual office or mailbox. When you do this, you are under contract to lease/rent that mailbox and this means that you are in control of the mailbox.

How to Get a Business Address or Business Mailing Address

In the United States, there are numerous ways to get a physical address for your business. They include;

  1. Buy or Lease Office Space

This is, without doubt, the most expensive option when it comes to acquiring a business address for your company. Most often, this option is the least considered especially for online businesses that carry out their business activities in a virtual space. Note that this option can be helpful for regular meetings, or setting up a meeting with a big client.

  1. Rent a Co-Working Space

This is another top option for business owners in this modern age. Co-working spaces are more or less where companies share working spaces to save on rent. In the United States, there are numerous co-working sites on the web.

Just a quick Google search and you will be able to find one around you. However, note that companies that shares spaces end up also having the same mailing address; owing to that, it is pertinent you understand the pros and cons of this exact option.

  1. Use a PO Box

When analyzing the best way to get a business address, have in mind that this remains one of the most straightforward methods. A post office (PO) box is a lockable, numbered box at a post office. It is known to come with a PO Box address or a real street address you can provide to others.

Note that when you reserve a PO Box at USPS for a fee, it gets assigned to you or your business. You can choose the PO Box size that aligns perfectly with your needs. You can pick up the mail that collects in your PO Box at your convenience.

  1. Renting at The UPS Store

This is one of the options that give you a real street address. Also note that they accept any packages, not just from USPS. All packages are carefully stored until you pick them up. Also note that you will get a text or e-mail notification with new mail and can have it forwarded to you, no matter where you are.

In addition, verifications are sent to you personally for added security purposes. Have in mind that there are numerous UPS Stores in the United States. Therefore, finding one that makes your business processes easier won’t be a daunting task.

  1. Rent a Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox known to come with a physical street address. However, note that the actual mailbox lives online. Content forwarded to the virtual mailbox will get scanned and digitized. It makes it easier for you to read digitized mail from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Ideally, you can do anything you want with your mail once you have received it online. It also shows you a scanned version of your package so it is more convenient than ever to scan through all your mail without the clutter. Also, note that you won’t be restricted by post office hours, and this means that you can look for mail, forward it or do anything at any part of the day or night with the freedom to send it internationally too.


Every business requires a business address, even when it is run from home. Note that for personal privacy and safety reasons, coupled with creating boundaries; it is a bad idea to use your home address.

However, just as was noted above, you cannot use a registered agent as a business address unless you serve as your own registered agent. Understanding the difference between both a registered agent address and your business address can help you set up your business to meet state requirements.