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10 Best Valet Parking Software

Anyone managing a valet parking business will acknowledge how daunting it can be to keep track of everything. To guarantee that you can attain success in this line of business, your parking attendants will have to keep track of vehicles, customers, payments, and more.

Note that all these can be quite challenging if you’re trying to do it all by hand, particularly during a rush or at a high-traffic venue such as a big event center or shopping mall.

However, in this modern age, you can leverage valet parking software to make tasks easier by streamlining your everyday operations and ensuring that your clients benefit from a seamless, convenient experience rather than leaving them to wait in long lines or track down paper valet tickets before they can get back their vehicles.

Have it in mind that the appropriate valet parking software system should be able to centralize all your business operations and customer interactions via digital tools rather than manual, paper-based ones. It should feature parking management software that tracks guest information, lot availability, finances, etc.

In terms of client satisfaction, it is meant to augment all-digital guest experiences with components that include ticketless valet, SMS-based alerts, and online payments. Howbeit, if you are seeking to find the best valet parking software for your valet parking business, here are the top choices to consider.

Best Valet Parking Software

  1. Ronspot

Ronspot is renowned for its rich and comprehensive features that will ensure that you can run your business effectively. Note that this software is made to ensure that companies with more employees than spaces available can handle the load and issue of parking.

Valet parking businesses have found this software very useful since it lets clients view availability up to 90 days in advance and book a space themselves in less than 30 seconds just from the comfort of their homes using a mobile app. One benefit of this app is that it helps to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on coordinating these resources.

  1. Skedda

This particular software has gained popularity as the world’s leading online booking and scheduling platform. Note that it comes with an easily customizable platform that enables businesses and entities to automate complex and time-consuming booking tasks.

Have it in mind that it eradicates the stress of manually coordinating booking rules, policies, limitations, and payments. This software is Mobile-friendly, accessible from anywhere, and has been used over the years by numerous organizations across the globe.

  1. Reliant Parking

Although primarily designed for apartment communities, HOAs, student housing, and other buildings that need parking management, this cloud-based parking and permit management solution has become very popular among Valet parking businesses.

One thing about this software is that it provides online parking and permit management via the web platform, along with native Android and iOS apps for residents, management, and enforcement. It also comes with other additional components that include guest permit management, multiple permit types, real-time updates, expiration date tracking, online permit ordering, and more.

  1. Sign In Enterprise

Previously known as Traction Guest, this purpose-built software is noted as the only visitor management system with airport-grade ID verification and parking management. Same as with many other visitor management systems, this software leverages a cloud-based application to ensure that you can do away with paper logbooks.

With this software, once visitors sign in on an iPad, it lets the host know that they have arrived, makes it easy for them to sign NDAs or other forms, while also taking them through safety protocols and ensuring that they can take a selfie and print out an ID badge.

  1. EVA Check-in

This is also another reliable, secure, contactless check-in solution for valet parking businesses. By leveraging a QR code, kiosk, or app, guests can easily check-in in seconds. This particular software is meant to meet organizational requirements for noting who is on-site, with data security, privacy, and ease of use at the forefront. It also takes care of simple check-ins through to advanced safety protocols.

As an operator of a valet parking business, you can easily connect digital kiosks with your employee directories and obtain visitors’ data such as customized forms. This software also has free apps for Android and iOS that ensure that you can quickly save profiles for use across sites.

  1. Wayleadr

This is another top cloud-based solution that is meant to help valet parking businesses automate the parking reservation process across more than one location. With this software, you can seamlessly allocate staff and guest parking spots by leveraging an algorithm based on information like work schedules, seniority, commute times, and employee health.

You can also leverage this app to coordinate parking with fair allocation, optimized occupancy, and violation management. Also, note that it ensures that businesses can note and reallocate unused parking spaces while increasing workforce satisfaction and accountability.

  1. Parking Boss

This is another cloud-based parking management platform to consider particularly since it comes with a wide range of features for desktop and mobile devices to ensure that valet parking businesses can manage guests and parking while also enforcing parking rules.

Parking Boss’ Smart Decal feature also guarantees that users can easily track individual vehicles and their parking activity by leveraging a unique serial number and QR barcode. Note that you can find Parking Boss’ standard 1.5” x 2.5” decals in black, green, blue, red, yellow, and purple colors, and can be customized for business needs.

  1. Gtechna

This is a comprehensive software that will go a long way to complement your valet parking business activities. It is one of the best ticketing, visitor, and traffic management software meant to help cities, parking authorities, universities, colleges, municipalities, police departments, and medical facilities take care of law enforcement processes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

Note that it comes with an online payment system that makes it easy for clients to pay, view, and appeal for issued tickets in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to safeguard transactions from fraud, identity theft, and other potential breaches.

  1. Flex Parking

Another well-known software used by a good number of valet parking businesses, this platform is built on fast, scalable, secure, and resilient technology. Note that the features it comes with guarantee top-notch uptime and performance, regardless of where you are in the world.

Have it in mind that its mobile app has been designed with user experience in mind, and comes with a steady eagerness for simplicity for end users. Also, note that the admin/web portal is also easy to navigate for your office manager/admin.

  1. SMS Valet

This is another beautiful cloud-based valet solution that is meant to assist hospitals, hotels, residential communities, and malls manage parking spaces for guests.

Note that it comes with vehicle check-ins, instant messaging, electronic validation, surveys, real-time sales tracking, reporting, as well as digital payments. It also guarantees that staff members can collect visitors’ mobile numbers, give out numbers to reusable plastic key tags, and as well issue welcome text messages with pick-up instructions upon arrival.

Also note that it offers a platform for clients to make vehicle retrieval requests using the links provided in text messages, and make payments using a mobile device.

Truth be told, the appropriate valet parking software system should be able to centralize all of your business operations and customer interactions via digital tools rather than manual, paper-based ones. It should feature parking management software that tracks guest information, lot availability, finances, etc.  Consider all the software noted above to ensure that you can serve your clients and serve them well.