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Best Vision and Mission Statements for Hospice

The desire and ambition that fuels your company are undoubtedly among the many crucial components of any thriving company, regardless of its size. Startup companies, smaller companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies are now all developing vision and mission statements that portray what they are about, who they support, as well as what they want to achieve.

As we understand, brand storytelling is a method for businesses to develop a story that eventually becomes the core foundation of their organization.

This fundamental message aids in keeping operational activities unified and on track. Even though vision and mission statements are unlikely to come up as the primary thing a service user looks for when they visit your website, they are nevertheless a smart thing to have.

A mission statement defines your current state of affairs. It emphasizes why you do what you are doing as well as who profits from it. Your vision statement defines what you are progressing towards and points to strategic aspirations. Such planned ideas provide your customers with a concentrated sense of your services.

Best Hospice Vision and Mission Statement Examples

Example 1

  • Vision statement: As perhaps the most committed partner in care delivery, our hospice Clinic will offer an extraordinary experience to patients nearing the end of their life.”
  • Mission statement: To provide the most outstanding care to all patients via embedded patient management, training, and studies in order to encourage optimism as well as support life and well-being.

Example 2

  • Vision statement: Our vision is to become a standard bearer in trying to transform the supply of whole-person care in the health sector of North Dakota.
  • Mission statement: Our mission is to focus on improving the life quality and well-being of those we serve by providing high-quality, community-based assistance and medical attention.

Example 3

  • Vision statement: As a Hospice Facility, we understand that there is life before death. Now, this is where we come in. We offer patients a seamless transition in their final journey. We want to respect the patients’ integrity as well as encourage them during this difficult time.
  • Mission statement: It is not about the end; it was always about the present. We are here to help individuals live their lives to the fullest, to feel love, as well as to understand what it means to be acknowledged during difficult times.

Example 4

  • Vision statement: Our vision is to supply individually tailored senior assistance facilities to households in Kilmarnock, Gloucester, and White Stone, as well as outlying areas in Virginia.
  • Mission statement: To encourage, safeguard, as well as progress the top standards of Hospice services in the country.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Hospice Vision and Mission Statements

A mission and vision statement, when combined, will help guarantee that everyone is on the same page as well as operating toward the same goal. Nonetheless, the following are essential variables to consider when determining the best hospice vision and mission:

  1. Reasons for your Hospice Agency

Consider the point in time you chose to start your hospice organization. What happened before that? You could have been merely passionate about helping individuals or wanted to advance from operating as a caregiver to running an organization.

Several of the agency owners we speak with got into the hospice business upon providing care to their own relatives. There was probably something that piqued your attraction to hospice, and determining the motives is critical. It is not for everybody to run a hospice institution.

It takes the cream of the crop – people who are not really super scared of a stumbling block and are motivated to combat carers’ turnover and recruitment.

Even though it’s unlikely to be specifically stated in your vision and mission, it really should provide you with some guidance. When you understand why you were interested in beginning and also why you keep operating a hospice agency, the rest will come together.

  1. Your Agency’s goals

The very first step in building a comprehensive mission and vision is to establish a specific set of objectives. Even though developing a specific idea of what you are trying to achieve today is essential, this area will assist you in looking ahead to identify what you are inevitably working towards. Situations will undoubtedly change as your company grows.

  1. Company principles

The mission and vision must incorporate the company’s core values. Even though there is normally not enough space to state each one separately, there is normally a bigger context that embodies every one of them. In a broad sense, how many phrases can you use to define your company’s core values?

  1. How it benefits the customer

The most important aspect here is deciding how your company will function. Be particular and emphasize what distinguishes you.

Are you providing the highest care? Are you following a low-cost, high-satisfaction framework? Maintaining effective patient and family interaction? Whatever it may be, consider making it precise as well as retain your target audience in mind.

  1. How many actionable mile markers can you reach?

It is absolutely essential for an institution to visualize where it wants to be in the future. A useful inquiry to pose to yourself is:

What performance measures or targets are you seeking to accomplish, and how are you going to know if you’ve achieved them? As you read through this paragraph, remember that the most effective goals are all SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound objectives


Mission and vision statements define benchmarks and targets to foster a growth culture. Such statements could indeed serve as motivation for employees, stakeholders, or customers as you strive to supply quality services. Even though communicating your firm’s story in just a couple of phrases is not easy, you’ll discover that it provides more paths and clarifies targets. Every business has a plotline that deserves to be told.