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20 Wedding Photography Checklist for Clients [Bride & Groom]

Course Extra-: This is an additional chapter of “The Complete Guide to Starting a Photography Business.”

Covering a wedding event as a photographer can be an overwhelming task. It is for this reason that you have got to be very organized as a photographer if you truly want to deliver good services to your clients.

One of the soft skills that you should acquire as a photographer is organization skills. It will help you dot the ‘Is’ and cross the ‘Ts’ as you go about doing your job.

Part of what is required of you to do before covering any wedding event is to have a meeting with the couples whose wedding you will be covering, or the wedding planner who may be in – charge of the wedding – so as to discuss their expectations .

All party involved must be on the same page as it concerns the number of shots that they want and the part of the whole event that must not be missing when the pictures are released.

So in essence, what do you need to do as a wedding photographer that can ensure that you deliver your job as required by your clients (grooms and brides)?

Well, that one thing required of you is to ensure that you work with them to come up with a checklist that you can work with. What is the role of a checklist, you might wonder?

A checklist list helps you not to leave out any step that should ensure that you deliver a fantastic job. Now let us consider 20 wedding photography checklists for clients (bride and groom);

20 Wedding Photography Checklist for Clients (Bride & Groom)

1. Follow Up With a Phone Call When a Potential Client Request for Your Service

You should ensure that you follow up with a phone call when a potential client calls your office to make enquiries about the services you render. It is a way of securing business deals. Thus following up with a call is a strong point that you can score.

2. Book for a Meeting with Your Clients

Here is yet another important checklist; make sure you book a meeting to see your clients whenever they make enquiries. It is an avenue by which you can show them catalogue of the wedding you have covered.

3. Show Your Clients Your Wedding Collections (photo albums and photo book)

Part of what you need to tick in your checklist is showing your clients your wedding collection. Potential clients are likely going to make up their minds to patronize you if they like your wedding collection.

4. Request to Know Their Expectations

It is also important that you request to know the expectations of your clients. This is very vital, as it will help you prepare very well to deliver, to   meet-and even surpass your clients’ expectations.

5. Give Your Clients Your Price List and Ensure That You Agree with Them on a Fee

Don’t forget to give your clients your price list and if there is need for bargaining; do ensure that there is a mutual agreement on a fee. This is so that you do not end up arguing or in disagreement.

6. Ensure That Your Terms and Conditions are Well Understood

Sometimes you might have to take out time to explain the content in your terms and conditions of your service to your clients. Please ensure that your terms and conditions are well understood by your clients to avoid unnecessary dispute.

7. Ensure That You and Your Client Sign the Contract

Sometimes due to oversight, some clients may forget to sign your contract, please make sure that you double check to be sure that both your signature and that of your client is well appended on your contract.

8. Ensure That Initial Deposit is made before Swinging into Action

This might appear to be one of the most important things to check through. It is important to note that the Initial deposit must be made before swinging into action.

Do ensure that this is a policy so that you do not fall into the hands of clients who may refuse to pay you after satisfying their need.

9. Book a Date to Know the Venue of the Wedding and any Other Location They Would Want You to Cover

This is also a vital part of the whole preparation. It must be religiously adhered to that you schedule a day when you and your client could possibly go to inspect the wedding venue.

Why is this important? This is important because you may need to figure out early enough how the arrangement of seats, tables, amongst other things will be, and to know from what angle to cover post.

10. Arrange for a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot with Your Clients (Bride and Groom) in the Location they want to Use for Their Wedding and Engagement

It is also very important to have a pre-wedding photo shoot session at the venue of the wedding event. This is so that some important things are put in place. Things like; knowing where might be the best place to have the couples take their shots, as well as the guests.

11. Lock down the Date of the Wedding in Your Calendar

It is very important that you do all that is within your reach to lock down the date you have chosen. Don’t make the mistake of not locking down the date when the deal is concluded.

12. Reconfirm the Date, Time and Venue of the Wedding at least a Day or Two before the Wedding

Sometimes, due to some unforeseen issues, the venue might change. That is why it is important to reconfirm the date, time, and venue for the wedding at least few days before the wedding day.

13. Ensure That You Have Your Cameras and Kits Set a Day or Two before the Wedding

So as not to fall into some hitches, it is very needful that you do well as to review the cameras and kits that you are to use a day or two before the wedding.

Some equipment may likely malfunction on the party day. That is why you have to keep inspecting your work tools and be sure they are in tip-top shape for the wedding day.

14. Ensure That the Couples Assign a Contact Person That You Should Work With

The couple whose wedding you are covering will be very busy that is why you must ensure that they give you a contact person to work with. This contact person will be on ground to take on your questions and worries.

15. Ensure That Pictures are taken of the Groom from His Hotel Room until He Arrives at the Venue of the Wedding

Don’t forget to take pictures of the groom and the groom and the groom’s men in their hotel rooms. The wedding photography collection isn’t complete without a before wedding shot and an after wedding shoot. As such you have to do all that it takes to capture the before moments.

16. Ensure That Pictures are taken of the Bride from wherever she lodged until She Arrives at the Venue of the Wedding

Brides are always full of glam and so it is very essential that you capture all that concerns the bride. This is why it is very vital that Pictures of the bride must also be taken from wherever she lodged.

17. Ensure That the Order of Photograph as Agreed with the Couples is Strictly Adhered to

If you and your client have arrived at a conclusion of how the order of photography will be, then it becomes very important that you adhere strictly to the laid down plans you have initiated.

Nonetheless, this is not to say that you can’t add some creative and professional touch to what they have already laid down to follow.

18. After the Wedding Event, Book a Meeting with the Couples to Agree on the Pictures that should be printed

After the long task of having to capture all the wedding day’s event, then you still have just one more hurdle to scale. What can the hurdle be, you may ask?

It is all about you and the couple sitting to agree on the pictures to be printed and what have you. For some folks they may prefer that you print all that has been captured; whilst for others they would really like to be selective.

19. Edit, Print and Package the Pictures

Your next port of call would be to print and package the pictures in a professional way. What does this entail? It entails you making the pictures, sharp, clear and free of shadows and blur. This is so that whoever comes across your business can appreciate your mode of services.

20. Deliver the Pictures as Agreed

After all has been said and done, then you will have to consider going to deliver the picture. Be sure that you deliver the picture in the most professional way so as to warrant a repeat patronage.

So, there you are! 20 checklists for clients that you have got to really follow so as to be able to continue to attract lots of clients as a wedding photographer.