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8 Best Places to Buy Amusement Park Trains

Are you thinking of where you can purchase reliable amusement park trains? If YES, here are 8 best places to buy amusement park train.

Always remember that it is not only about fun and games when acquiring park equipment. You will have to consider a lot of things including the safety level, the equipment standard, proper design, credibility and reputation of the retailer, and many other important things.

According to Wikipedia, a train ride consists of miniature trains capable of carrying people. Some are considered amusement rides and some are located in amusement parks and municipal parks. Backyard railroads and ride-able miniature railways run on tracks, and especially if the service is offered by a non-commercial hobbyist club.

If you are to spend your money to purchase train rides, you have to make sure that you meet certain requirements. Basically, the first consideration when purchasing train rides is the safety level of the equipment. As a park owner, the safety of your visitors should be of utmost priority.

Quality equipment is always a lot safer to use than those equipment that are haphazardly created. That is why you should always buy your train rides only from a trusted park equipment provider. Note that this is to ensure that you get your installations at the best quality possible.

Another consideration to make when acquiring train rides is the credibility and reputation of the supplier. Park equipment suppliers with great reputations would only sell the best quality equipment. Therefore, it is best if you read through the company’s testimonials and browse some online reviews generated by real customers.

One more thing to consider when buying train rides is your budget requirements. Each company or supplier has its own pricing and rates. Howbeit, it is best that you pick the one that offers quality equipment at a very affordable rate. To acquire train rides for your amusement park, here are top places or suppliers to consider.

Best Places to Purchase Amusement Park Trains

  1. GameTime

As play innovators and experts since 1929, GameTime believes in play. They enrich the lives of children and communities with unique and custom play spaces, playground products, and fitness equipment. Their products combine play research with thoughtful design to create award-winning playgrounds for people of all abilities.

GameTime is distinctive in their knowledge and execution of urban-tough play environments and inclusive play spaces for people of all abilities. Well renowned as the leader in creativity, originality, and product innovation, GameTime’s numerous inventions have resulted in many brand new ways to play.

Also note that they have advanced safety through innovations. GameTime brings together their creativity with the vast intellectual resources of PlayCore and an unmatched distribution network to lead the industry with the widest selection of products, programs, and innovative play environments that inspire a child’s imagination, promote health and wellness for future generations, and enrich childhood and communities through play.

  1. MD Materials Playgrounds

MD Materials Playgrounds are a full-service commercial playground equipment company with 5 Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs) on staff. Note that they sell and install commercial playground equipment, play structures, swingsets also replacement parts, shade structures, site amenities, playground surfacing, and much more.

They also ship commercial playground equipment products nationwide in the USA and internationally. Their customers include hundreds of schools, daycares, parks & rec. departments, homeowner associations, and religious organizations.

  1. Playcraft Systems

Playcraft has been producing and selling fun, innovative playground equipment for more than 25 years. They remain committed to adapt, improve, and innovate to meet the needs, requirements, and demands of not only the industry, but the desires of the communities that use their products.

Playcraft also boasts of absolute dedication and attention to detail. They provide a full line of park equipment, both systems and freestanding, to meet the exact needs of parks, schools, and recreation centres they serve. They also offer an expansive line of themed structures for communities that wish to bring imaginative theming into the play environment.

With extra thick powder coating, state of the art clamp system, precision die-cast aluminium parts and a superior fit and finish, they remain focused on exciting playground products of the finest quality and price in the industry.

  1. A-OK Playgrounds

This company is a leader in designing and selling top-quality commercial and residential playground equipment for indoor and outdoor use, as well as backyard swing sets and playhouses. All products come with dedicated customer service and helpful advice, making the planning process both efficient and fun.

Note that their playground equipment serves schools, parks, churches, restaurants, daycares, home owners’ associations, malls, retail sites, hotels and resorts, apartment complexes, residential backyards and more. Furthermore, they sell indoor and outdoor playground equipment, water slides, groundcover, inflatable, shade structures, video games, commercial playhouses, residential playhouses, and backyard swingsets.

  1. American Parks Company

American Parks Company is a nationwide distributor, offering commercial playground equipment, daycare center equipment, city park playgrounds, school playgrounds, church play structures as well as indoor playground equipment, site amenities, and recycled playground equipment

  1. Adventure Playground Systems

At Adventure Playground Systems, they boast of providing a safe environment for all children to grow and nurture their natural sense of adventure through play. Note that this company is a local Texas manufacturer and nationwide provider of quality Commercial Playgrounds, Splash Pads, Shade Structures, Safety Surfacing, Park Amenities, Dog Parks and more.

All their team members are passionate about creating fun and exciting play products while maintaining that quality, compliance and safety will always be their highest priorities. Note that they also offer a complete turn-key project solution, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and installation of all your parks and recreation needs.

  1. Superior Recreational Products

This company has spent nearly three decades developing and acquiring product lines that help communities play, relax and live.

They enrich the lives of children by personalizing play. Note that their “play” lines include outdoor and indoor playgrounds, steel and recycled playgrounds, themed playgrounds, playground components, and Grounds for Play, which is a leader in playgrounds for early childhood education.

They also proudly offer quality amenities that perfectly complement your outdoor space and provide great gathering space.

Their “relax” lines include all-steel shelter, waterproof and mesh shade structures, and commercial site furnishings. By leveraging their product lines, they are able to create complete outdoor environments that cultivate community, enrich lives, and allow families to focus on what matters most.

  1. All Play Inc.

A Southeast Texas designer and builder of commercial playground equipment since 1991, All Play Inc. is a Houston-based company that understands fully what it takes to create areas where kids can play, laugh and grow. Their park playground equipment boasts of features that kids love and the quality construction, design and installation that parents trust.