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Where Can You Rent a Food Truck? [Rate / Requirements Included]

There are websites that provide a chart of folks available to rent food trucks, as well as specifications of its hardware and geographic area. This actually depends on the owner’s personal choice; trucks can be hired weekly or monthly. You will also find notable food truck renting sites that provide numerous offerings, including month-by-month to annual contracts.

Note that once you rent from some of these firms, you will receive coaching on how to handle the trucks. When considering opening a catering business, have in mind that renting a truck instead of purchasing one may be the best option to start.

Renting a food truck allows you to evaluate the industry for your concept, without making a large investment. Renting a food truck is less expensive than purchasing it, this may include authorizations and food kitchen agreements, based on the business.

When you’re in a position that necessitates you to rent, there are a various sites to begin your searches. Firstly, consult your city’s local food truck association. Ensure that you drop an email to let them know that you would like to lease a truck for some period of time. So, the association’s president can contact their associates to find out what is obtainable.

6 Best Places to Rent a Food Truck

  1. Roaming Hunger

Because of its functional site, this marketplace is a perfect place to begin. Have it in mind you will find viable food truck options that will satisfy your needs regardless of your location. This assists with both short and long-term renting, and seem to have initiatives in a position designed to guide business owners. If you want to purchase or construct a food truck, roaming hunger is the best option for you.

  1. The Food Truck Group

The food truck group, founded in January 2015, is a Los Angeles-based company operated by a team of people with extensive food industry experience. Their goal is to supply budding small business owners with the resources they need to make their dining aspirations a reality and on tires.

They support customers with the reservation process, and perhaps even the details of setting up an enterprise. They are becoming a hub for initiating food truck promotional activities, as well as providing renting and food service bookings.

  1. Food Truck Booking has been the quickest site to search for and book a food truck immediately with the owner. It is worth noting that their youthful and talented team of web professionals works in the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

They have a wealth of expertise and insight into different food truck markets. locates different delicious food vendors. This guarantees that you will determine the suitable food truck for a party, festival, or corporate event.

  1. Mobi Munch

This company offers assistance to the contemporary street food business. They lease out a network of newly constructed food trucks on a short and long-term basis. Aside from that, they create, oversee, and handle a portfolio of ready-to-license food truck concepts.

Mobi Munch is a group of enthusiastic foodies, industry experts and innovators, truck blokes, head honchos, and several incredibly enthusiastic truck workers who enjoy the experiences they gain on a truck day after day. They affirm that they live, inhale, and wolf down food trucks.

  1. On The Go LA

This corporation aims at supporting business owners, by offering a simple, cost-effective, and revenue-increasing manner for nearby eateries, restaurateurs, and pop-ups to share their food-related enthusiasm with the public.

A mobile kitchen has been equipped and improved for convenience and speed; preparation and cooking areas have been mindfully certified for comfort and operability. Use cutting-edge stainless steel appliances to prepare and serve culinary delights. Some of the equipment that comes with the truck include;

  • 39” Flat top griddle
  • Warming oven
  • 3-door refrigerator
  • 2-door refrigerator
  • Coffee urn
  • Gravity-fed water system
  • Dual fryer
  • Steam table
  • Small freezer/ice bin
  • Prep areas and refrigerated condiment station
  • Overhead and under-counter storage
  • Heated water is provided by the steam table.
  1. Local food truck owners

Aside from the companies and websites mentioned above, you could also consider contacting local food truck owners, to know whether they have equipment available for rent. Although car rental companies can be found in almost every city, food truck rental companies can be difficult to locate.

Owing to that, a good number of people would consider online databases, which would more or less connect you with resources in your area.

Rate and Requirements for Renting a Food Truck

You will only need a valid driver’s license and insurance to rent a food truck, and short-term renting can range in price from hundreds or even thousands of cash. Rental prices will vary depending on if you want the truck wrapped, and the purpose it will be employed for.

Note that the more designed or advanced it gets, the bigger the financial burden. Long-term rentals will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more- per month.


Renting a food truck is not usually cheap, however, it is cheaper than purchasing or leasing a custom-designed truck. For instance, if you rent a truck for six months, you could perhaps anticipate spending around $3,000 per month. Many also have commissaries, which are defined kitchens where meals can be primed or preserved.

If somehow the truck does not include a commissary, this could result in an extra $1,200 or more, per month. Have in mind that a rented food truck will usually come with the necessary kitchenware equipment.