It is easy to set a goal to be a billionaire but without a strong “WHY”, you may abandon the goal. Sometime ago, I set a goal to become a billionaire in my life time and I provided a step by step plan for those who intend to attempt the feat.

Since setting this goal in 2010 and talking about it openly, few people who challenged my rationale for setting such goal and called me a dreamer. Some said I am being greedy, while others said people like me are the ones that exploit the poor to achieve our selfish ambitious.

I am not writing this to justify or convince you over to my side, I am writing this to share with you the “WHY” behind my goal to become a billionaire. For those who follow me, you will attest to the fact that I always emphasize the need to have a strong reason before pursuing any goal. I emphasize this because I have learned from experience that  your “why” for pursuing a goal or executing a task can be a driving force.

Now why do I want to become a billionaire? Before I state my reasons for pursuing such goal, I want to emphasize that my reasons are clearly personal and are a reflection of my philosophy. Whether you accept or dispute them won’t make any difference and please; you are under no obligation to share my beliefs. Thanks.

4 Reasons Why I want to Become a Billionaire

i. I Want to Aim Beyond My Reality

When i first set this goal, i found out that I was quite comfortable with the goal to become a multi millionaire; so I kind of said; “why don’t I aim for something beyond my present reality” and that was how I came up with the goal. If I hit the goal, it’s going to be a feeling of self actualization on my part.

You see, i am tired of being average. I am tired of living withing my means and i am tired of being contented with what i have. I am tired of setting goals i am comfortable with. So i am prepared to leave my comfort zone. This is why i want to become a billionaire.

I have some notable entrepreneurs as my mentors and they are all big thinkers. I am talking about people such as Aliko Dangote, Donald Trump, Larry Ellison and Robert Kiyosaki. These men got to the level they are because they aimed beyond their reality.

With lessons learned from these great entrepreneurs, I have refocused my perception to never accept anything average. Why settle for less when you can think big and go for it? I figured out that if I am going to attain the level of these great entrepreneurs; I must as well think big and that laid the foundation of my goal to become a billionaire.

ii. I Want to Touch Lives

Before I explain this, I want to ask you this question. Have you ever felt the urge to help a dying soul but unfortunately, you couldn’t because you lack the financial resources?

Well if you haven’t, I have and I can tell you that it’s a painful situation to be in. Most people believe that the rich are greedy and evil but most good deeds are done by the rich; either secretly or publicly. All the poor and middle class do is complain and yearn for more; but the good rich guys get things done.

Consider how Bill Gates is helping fight malaria in Africa through his foundation. Consider Ted Turner, who pledged a billion dollars to the United Nations. Consider the Ford foundation, Getty Foundation and others that distribute billions of dollars annually to different causes.

Consider what Andrew Carnegie did in the aspect of education. Consider the billionaires like Warren Buffett that have signed the “Giving Pledge” to give away half of their wealth upon their death. Consider Anayo Rochas Okorocha, who is giving less privilege kids the opportunity of going to school at no cost. And you will see why I want to be up there. I want to support causes that affect my conscience.

iii. I Want to Re-distribute Wealth

Thirdly, I want to redistribute wealth. Have you ever seen a billionaire who got rich alone? I doubt it. Take a look at some of the world’s richest men and you will see that they have enriched others through their companies and foundations.

Consider how many people have become rich by being attached to Microsoft; either as employees, partners, consultants or investors and you will understand what I mean. I also believe that the pursuit of my goal to become a billionaire will lead to the creation of jobs. Entrepreneurs such as Carlos Slim and Li Ka Shing each have a direct workforce of over 200,000 from different continents. Consider that.

iv. I Want Influence

Lastly, I want to be able to influence government’s policy for the good of the public. Now let me ask; how many people will it take to stage a protest and get the government’s attention? My answer is millions; just like the Arab Spring of Libya and Egypt, and also the occupy Nigeria campaign that was held to protest against the removal of fuel subsidy in 2012.

But it will take just one rich man with millions of dollars in donation to influence any policy. Just consider how Roman Abramovich changed the fortune of Chukotka (Russia) for good. Also consider how Aliko Dangote influence the standardization of the use of 4.25 grade of cement, all in a bid to stem building collapse and you will understand why it pays to be rich. Oprah Winfrey is another example of good influence. I want to also be able to pull government’s attention to my region and people.

I want to add that I am not pursuing this goal for the money; neither am I in it for the power. I set the goal to become a billionaire because of the challenge involved; the excitement, the highs and lows.

I believe this goal will keep me on edge; it’s going to keep my brains active because it’s a goal that requires continuous learning. What I don’t know is if I will achieve this billionaire goal but at least, it’s worth giving a shot. Even if I don’t hit the sun, I am sure to land among the stars.

Sincerely speaking, I know I am not qualified to teach you how to become a billionaire because I am not yet one but on the other way round; since it’s my goal to make at least a billion dollars in my lifetime, i think i should share with you my plans and strategies; as taught by my mentors.

“If you can count your millions, you are not a billionaire.” – J. Paul Getty

Some Harsh Truths about My Goal to Become a Billionaire

a. There’s No Guarantee That I Will Hit the Goal

The goal to become a billionaire is definitely not an easy one; yet, it is achievable. The fact I want to point out is that there’s no guarantee that I will hit the goal. The business terrain is unpredictable, so is the investment world. Sh*t happens!

Economic downturns can wipe away my profits and investments. I may lose it all tomorrow or I may surpass the goal. But no matter what happens, I am willing to stick to the entrepreneurial process till the end. I am not doing it for the money; I am doing it for something higher than money.

b. I am Not Doing It Alone

Now for those who might be challenged to take up a similar goal, I want you to note that I am not pursuing this goal as an employee. I am pursuing the goal as an entrepreneur and investor; and even at that, I am not alone. However, i must admit that i started out alone, as a lone wolf. But now, i am finding people that i was comfortable working with, partners, employees and friends of like mind; and they are way smarter than me. These people are now part of my team.

The point I am trying to emphasize is that I am not a solo player; I am a team player. I have a business team behind me and I have struck strategic alliances with other businesses. Business is a team sport, so also is investing. As my business grows, I will need to keep expanding my business network and alliances; else I will be left behind.

c. It’s a Lifetime Goal-: The third point I want to make with respect to this goal of mine is that it’s not an overnight flight; it is a goal I am willing to stick with throughout my lifetime. Regardless of how many times I fail.

d. I Will Keep My Eyes Open for Opportunities

Lastly, my strategy to achieve my billionaire goal is to be prepared at all times. I must be on the watch for changes in economic trends and government policies because such changes come so fast. The bad news is that a lot of people will lose their jobs and be wiped out due to these changes. The good news is that this same change will also create a lot of opportunities; but unfortunately, such opportunities cannot be seen with an untrained eyes.

For example, when the government privatize state-owned companies; a lot of people lose their jobs, while few become rich in the long run because of this change. When the government prohibits the importation of a particular product, some people lose their means of livelihood; while others profit immensely from this same situation.

The question now for you is this: On which side of the table will you be when the change comes? Do you want to be on the side of those that profit from this change, or you would rather side with those who do nothing but complain, blame the government and instigate in industrial actions and protests?

You see, my country Nigeria has a lot of potentials; and certain changes are coming that will make most people poor and others rich. I want to be prepared when such change comes. I want to exploit such opportunities to the fullest. This is exactly how i intend to become a billionaire.

Ajaero Tony Martins