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Why Business People Should Travel By Private Jet

In recent years, the quality of services delivered by commercial airlines has continued to dwindle. This, coupled with deteriorating airport conditions, has caused passengers more headaches and frustration. And it’s for these reasons that many people now prefer private jet flights to commercial flights. Although they are more expensive when compared to commercial flights, private jet flights are really worth their price.

Aside the fact that there are little to no worries attached to it, flying privately has several other exclusive benefits. So, if you have always disliked the idea of taking private jet flights, here are 10 reasons why they trump commercial flights and why you should fly privately, if you can afford to:

10 Reasons Why Business People Should Travel By Private Jet

1. Private jet flights save time

Whether you are working with a very tight schedule or you are on vacation, the truth is, you will always want more time to yourself. Private jet flights will save your time. You don’t have to sit for hours waiting for the take-off time. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars booking a hotel space overnight because the flight is scheduled for 6.00am the following morning. And you don’t have to leave your office assignment uncompleted because you’re trying to catch up with a flight.

You are the dictator here. You decide the take-off time. In most cases, you will have the pilot’s cell numbers. So, you can call to inform him if you will be showing up earlier or later than schedule. The flight won’t just be possible without you. But wait. Can you say the same about commercial flights? Who cares?

Even if you want to stick to the schedule, you can arrive at the airport just minutes before take-off and fly off to your destination immediately. No annoying, time-wasting layovers. No long queues. Time is money. So, when you save lots of time, you have more time to spend on productive things, and you save money – lots of money.

2. You will get the convenience advantage

Only 500 airports in the US can accommodate large commercial aircraft. But there are about ten times that number (5000) of airports that can accommodate the smaller private aircraft. This means you are free to land at any of 5000 airports, not necessarily your planned destination. So, if your plans change during a flight, you can instruct the pilot to head somewhere else. Can you ever try that on a commercial flight?

Also, if you are taking a private jet flight, you can travel with all your valuables – your instruments, sporting kits, laptop, and whatnot. Nobody will impose any weight limits on you.

3. There’s great flexibility

Yes. As I stated earlier, you decide the take-off time for your private jet flight. If you have scheduled a flight for 2pm, but you think you will prefer a night flight instead, the world’s your oyster. Also, you can make certain last minute changes to your plans. For example, you can decide to stop over at an airport midway during the flight.

4. Private flight operators offer high quality service

Of course, you get whatever you pay for. If you pay for high quality, you will surely get it. That’s the case with private jet flights. They are worth their price. In a private jet, there are luxury furnishings, lots of space, comfort, and almost every other form of enjoyment you can think of.

5. You will have the privacy advantage

When you are on a private jet flight, you are all alone; perhaps with your family or staff. You can hold meetings and conferences while in the air. You only have on board whomever you want. There’s no outsider around. (And I am sure the pilot is very busy with the buttons and throttles in front of him, he can’t overhear your conversations. He even has his headpiece on).

6. Fun, fun, and fun

Yes, a private jet flight avails you the opportunity to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can enjoy music on your laptop or iPod. You can chat and play with your family. You can even play with your pet (yes, you can take your dog with you on a private flight).

7. Private jet flights show your class

With a private jet class, you can prove your class and worth to others. Not many people can afford to fly privately. So, if you want people to know that you are among the few who can, just show them. Also, you may want to impress your visitors or special guests by arranging private jet flights back to their destinations. Show them that you or your organization is successful enough to afford the costs. Nobody will forget such a gesture!

8. No stress or headaches

You won’t have to join endless queues. You won’t have to rush your assignment in order not to miss the flight. No delays. No security issues. You will be relaxed throughout all phases of your travel.

9. Wide range of food and drink options

Although this may not be a major concern to you, it’s worth mentioning. On a private jet flight, you can order for whatever food you like. Your preferences will not be limited to the regular chicken or beef meals offered during commercial flights.

Also, you get a selection of drinks – beers, wines, cocktails, and spirits. If you have any special request, just order ahead of time; and it will be made available to you.

10. Private jet flights are all about you

That’s the bottom line! From the time you board the jet until you land safely at your desired destination, every aspect of your experience is geared toward you and your needs. Throughout, you will be treated like a king.

Bottom line

Now, you have just learned 10 great reasons why you should prefer private jet flights over commercial air travels.

After all that has been discussed, the only real excuse you may have for not flying privately is cost; perhaps the cost is more than you can afford. But if you can afford it, give it a trial, and you will never settle for less again. Never!