If you are looking towards working in the corporate setting and you desire to determine how much you want to earn per month as against being paid what your employer wants to pay you, then you should look towards sealing a sales and marketing job. Sales and marketing job happens to be the only job that comes with the benefits of the employee determining how much they want to earn per month especially when they work base on sales commission.

The truth is that some of the most successful employees that gain rapid promotions in their workplaces are sales and marketing staffs. This is so because sales and marketing staffs that meets and surpasses their targets are always rewarded with bonuses and promotions.

So if you are a fresh graduate and you want to grow faster in your career path, then you should consider taking up a sales and marketing job. It could be in an insurance company, a production company or any company of your choice that pays attention to their sales and marketing department.

Now the first thing you need to do to be able to secure a good sales and marketing job is to apply for one and then ace the interview when you are invited. Let us quickly go through the 7 surefire steps to follow to be able to ace an interview for a sales and marketing job;

7 Ways to Ace an Interview for a Sales and Marketing Job

1. You must be Qualified for the Opening

The first step to follow before you can be invited to attend an interview is to be qualified for the opening. If your desire is to work as a sales and marketing executive, then you should ensure that you get a college degree in a related course; a degree in marketing will be preferable. If the opening is not for a fresher, then you must ensure that you have acquired the required experience before applying.

2. Prepare a Winning CV

The first screening process for all job applicants is done by sorting out their resumes. The truth is that if your resume is not convincing, you are likely not going to be invited for the interview. So, if your intention is to ace your next sales and marketing interview, then you must take your time to prepare a winning CV. You can consult with any HR person that is your friend to help you crosscheck your CV before sending them out; just one single error in your CV might likely deprive you from getting your dream sales and marketing job.

3. Conduct Research on the Company you intend attending their Interview

The wisest thing for any applicant invited for an interview is to quickly conduct research on the company that has invited you for an interview. The truth is that being well prepared for an interview gives you the confidence that is required for you to axe an interview. The truth is that when you read up all you could about the company before attending their interview, it will give you a competitive advantage.

4. Dress Smart for the Interview

Some people fail interviews not because they are not good enough for the job, but simply because they are not properly dressed for the interview. For you to be able to ace a sales and marketing interview, then you must be properly dressed; you must wear jacket, shirt and tie to match, and also your shoes and your belt must match if you are a guy, but if you a female, then your shoes and your handbag must match.

For example, you are not expected to wear a brown shoe and a black belt as a guy or a black shoe and a brown or red bag as a female. You just have to be smart in your dressing if you truly want to axe your next sales and marketing interview.

5. During the Interview, Look for Opportunities to Sell Your Past Sales and Marketing Achievements

If you are smart, you must ensure that you look for any opportunity during the course of the interview to sell your past sales and marketing achievements if you have one. This is applicable if the interviewer did not come up with a direct question in that regard. It is advisable that you do it in such a way that you do not sound proud – if it is achieved with the help of your team, ensure that you state it.

6. Get to the Interview Venue At Least 30 Minutes Earlier

One of the ways you can boost your confidence level when attending any interview is to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes earlier than the time scheduled. The truth is that if you rush in for an interview, it is likely going to show on your demeanor because it will be obvious that you are unsettled. So, if you want to axe your next sales and marketing interview, then you must ensure that you get to the interview venue at least 30 minutes earlier.

7. After the Interview Session, Ensure You Thank Your Interviewers

Most applicants feel that an interview session ends with the last questions asked during the course of the interview. If you want to be different from the average interviewee, then you must take it a bit further by sending a thank you mail to the company that invited you for the interview. That is simply one of the steps you need to follow to be able to axe a sales and marketing interview especially if you are competing with other good candidates.

When there is any opening for any sales and marketing job in a good company, you can bet that the competition for the opening will be very high. That is the reason why you must do all it takes to top the interview and seal the job.

There you have it; the 7 surefire steps that you need to follow to be able to axe your next sales and marketing interview.