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How to Arrange a Nursing Home Room [List of Necessities]

As we age, we may need more assistance with daily activities and medical care. Nursing homes are one option for those who require round-the-clock support.

If you or a loved one is moving into a nursing home, you may be wondering how to arrange the room to create a comfortable and functional living space. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to arrange a nursing home room to make it feel like home.

How to Arrange a Nursing Home Room

  1. Start with the Essentials

Before you begin decorating and adding personal touches, start with the essentials. Make sure the room is set up for daily activities and is equipped with everything that is needed. This includes a bed, dresser, nightstand, chair, and a table for meals and activities. Ensure that the bed is comfortable and at a height that can be easily accessed.

  1. Add Personal Touches

Adding personal touches can help make the nursing home room feel like home. Hang family photos, artwork, or other decorative items on the walls to make the space feel more personal. You can also add decorative throw pillows, a cozy blanket, or a decorative rug to the room to make it feel more comfortable and inviting.

  1. Make it Functional

It is important to make the nursing home room functional and efficient. This means making sure everything is within reach and easy to access. Keep frequently used items like glasses, water, and medications within reach. You can also add organizers to the dresser to make it easier to find clothing items.

  1. Ensure Safety

Safety is crucial in a nursing home room. Make sure that the room is free of clutter, with clear pathways to the bathroom, bed, and other essential areas. Place grab bars in the bathroom to help with stability and prevent falls. Consider using a nightlight to prevent accidents in the dark.

  1. Create a Home-Like Atmosphere

A nursing home room can be a cold and sterile environment. Adding home-like items can help make the space more comfortable and inviting. This can include adding plants or flowers to the room, playing soothing music, or even bringing in a favorite chair or pillow from home.

  1. Coordinate with Staff

Lastly, coordinate with the nursing home staff to ensure that the room is set up in a way that is conducive to daily activities and care. They can provide guidance on the placement of furniture and any specific needs for medical equipment or supplies.

List of Necessities That Must Be in the Room

The basic furniture, electronics, and gadgets that should be in a nursing home room can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the individual. However, there are some essential items that are generally needed in most nursing home rooms. Here are some examples:

  1. Bed – A comfortable and adjustable bed is a must-have in a nursing home room. The bed should be adjustable to allow for different positions and heights.
  2. Chair – A comfortable chair is important for sitting and relaxing in the room. A recliner or armchair is a good option.
  3. Dresser – A dresser is needed for storing clothing and personal belongings.
  4. Nightstand – A nightstand provides a convenient place to keep items such as eyeglasses, books, and medications.
  5. Table – A table can be used for meals, activities, and games.
  6. TV – A television can provide entertainment and help pass the time. It can also be helpful for staying up-to-date on current events.
  7. Phone – A phone can be helpful for staying in touch with loved ones and making important calls.
  8. Computer or tablet – A computer or tablet can provide access to the internet and allow for video calls with family and friends.
  9. Medical Equipment – Depending on the individual’s needs, medical equipment such as a walker, wheelchair, or oxygen machine may also be needed in the room.

It is important to note that some nursing homes may provide some of these items, while others may require residents to bring their own. It’s always a good idea to check with the nursing home beforehand to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

In conclusion,

Arranging a nursing home room can be a daunting task, but with a few simple tips, you can create a comfortable and functional living space. Start with the essentials, add personal touches, make it functional and safe, create a home-like atmosphere, and coordinate with the staff. With these tips, you can make the nursing home room feel like home.