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Are Automatic Car Washes Bad for your Car?

Humans are looking for better, more efficient, and faster ways of doing things, and one such invention is the automation of car wash. With the advent of automatic car washes, it is now easier, more efficient, and faster to get cars washed. 

In as much as automatic car washes come with loads of advantages, they also come with some disadvantages too. Automatic car washes can be bad for your car if they are not used properly.

Automatic car washes are designed with brushes and bristles that are operated automatically to wash cars. If these brushes and bristles are not placed properly, they have the tendency to scratch the paint on your car. So also, the chemicals used in automatic car washes can be somehow harsh and they have the capacity to cause damage or clear the coating of your car.

An automatic car wash works by spraying soapy water, and then spraying clean water to clean the car. Aside from some harsh chemicals that are used in an automatic car wash, the reason why automatic car wash sometimes causes damage to the color of cars is because of the intensity of the sprayer.

So, if you must use an automatic car wash and you don’t want it to cause any form of damage to your car, then you may want to request that the power (intensity) of the sprayer be reduced.

Aside from that, an automatic car wash can leave water spots on your car, and if the car is not properly dried before driving out of the car wash, dust might settle on the car leaving the car looking stained as though rain droplets dried on the car.

If you have done your findings and you feel automatic car wash may not be good for your car, then you may want to try other options.

Other Options to Use if You Are Not Comfortable With Automatic Car Wash

  1. Settle for Manual Car Wash

If you don’t have the capacity to reduce the intensity of the automatic car wash spraying machine, then the only option for you is to wash your car manually. Interestingly, manual car washes that are into car detailing can give you a better result than what you will get from an automatic car wash.

Although you are going to be spending more time when you use a manual car wash to wash your car, you can be assured that your car will be washed the way you want, and the color and coating of your car will be intact after the car wash session.

In conclusion,

It is important to note that the advantages of using an automatic car wash cannot be underestimated, so if you think you can cope with the very minimal drawbacks of using an automatic car wash, then by all means join the train of those who would not settle for anything less than automatic car wash.