What makes a good manager? What are the characteristics and qualities of a good manager? Do you want to learn how to become a good manager in business? Then read on.

For an organization to be successful, there must be a good manager. The same is applicable to business management. There are a number of factors that can make you that better business manager that you have always wanted to be. So without wasting your time, below are some practical steps to follow if you want to become a good business manager.

How to Be a Good Business Manager – 8 Qualities and Characteristics

1.   Lead by example

Let it be at the back of your mind that the people you manage look up to you. If you expect your staffs to behave in a certain way, show an example by portraying the behavior first. It is not fair to expect your staffs to do something when you know that you are not doing it.

2.   Do your job

That you are a manager does not give the temerity to leave all the tasks to your staff. You need to also prove that you are also part of the team. By so doing, your staff will respect you for being a leader that works with the team; not just talking to the team alone.

3.   Be transparent with your team

No one will like to confide in a person who is not transparent and reliable. When you are reliable, your staffs will not find it difficult to communicate to you any idea that they think will help in moving the business forward.

4.   Be constructive while critizing

Nobody is above mistakes. What makes you a good manager is your ability to learn from those mistakes and help your team mates do the same. Ensure you don’t repeat a particular mistake twice. Construct your employees’ mistakes into learning opportunities.

5.   Be motivating and inspiring

To be a good business manager, you must do your best to inspire and motivate your staffs. This will encourage them to do more and it will not only portray you as a good manager but also it will profit the business enterprise because everyone will be up and doing.

6.   Allow employees to participate in management

Allowing employees participate in management is always a good strategy. Don’t hide anything from the employees just because you want to showcase your power and authority as the manager. A good manager should always discuss problems facing the organization with the employees and seek for suggestions from the employees.

7.   Manage your time

One thing you will not have in abundance aside money is time. To be a good business manager, you must learn how to manage your time as well as other people’s time.

8.   Don’t over stress yourself

Your effectiveness as a manager drops when you are over stressed. Give yourself a break to relax and recharge your energy. You must also learn how to do your work with your allotted time and go home. Try to eliminate or reduce working over time. This will help increase your productivity.

In conclusion, i want you to know that business management is very wonderful, if only you have what it takes to be called a good business manager. And as you strive to improve your managerial skills, always remember that becoming a good manager is not a one-day job. It requires continuous learning and action-taking.

Ajaero Tony Martins