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How to Get Free Paypal Card Reader for your Business

PayPal is regarded for its online payment processing solutions for both businesses and customers. Credit card processing can sometimes be costly, but the fees for those who use PayPal’s payment processing apps and readers are reasonable.

Signing up for a subscription is free, and there are no other types of contracts or additional payments. PayPal Here is a credit card reader and accompanying app that was initiated in 2012, enabling enterprises and professionals to accept a variety of payments, such as credit cards and contactless payments, basically on iOS and Android supporting gadgets.

PayPal has progressed its mobile and POS transaction options from PayPal Here to PayPal Zettle in the same year (2021).

All new merchants register with PayPal Zettle to the advantage of business owners. This is because PayPal Zettle, not only provides a comprehensive array of POS hardware and free software, but its transaction fees are lower than PayPal Here at 2.29% + $0.09.

Businesses or individuals open a PayPal business account – or update their current accounts – and then download the PayPal Zettle app (free) on a mobile device. Note that if you register for PayPal Zettle actively via PayPal, you’ll get a Chip, Swipe, and Tap card reader for $29 instead of the higher cost of about $79.

Here are Some PayPal Card Reader Options to Consider

  1. The Chip and Swipe Reader

You will get this reader for free once you create an account, but extra units cost $24.99. Have it in mind that this reader recognizes any credit cards with a magnetic stripe or a chip. For quick and safe payment, users swipe the card in the compartment on one side of the reader or plug the EMV chip at the pinnacle of it.

The gadget measures 3 by 2.1 inches and integrates through the use of Bluetooth to your iOS or Android phone or even tablet. Note that this also features a micro-USB charging cable.

  1. The Chip and Tap Bundle

The Chip and Tap Bundle tends to cost $79.99 and encompasses the reader, as well as a charging stand. These Bluetooth-enabled gadgets integrate with any mobile device or tablet fitted with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, minimizing the necessity to connect the gadgets to a mobile phone or tablet’s charge port or headphone jack.

Most PayPal Here gadgets are battery-powered, and a charging frame is available for positioning at checkout. To get started, a seller must first install the PayPal Here app, establish a profile and pair their preferred reader to their devices.

While all PayPal Here readers process debit and credit cards, neither the Chip and Swipe nor Tap devices permit clients to enter a PIN for debit payments.

  1. The Chip and Tap Reader

The Chip and Tap Reader is priced at $59.99, it processes magnetic stripe cards, EMV chips, and non-contact technology (where your patrons can more or less tap their card to the reader). Digital wallets including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are also accepted.

The reader measures 2.64 inches by 2.46 inches and weighs 2.3 ounces. Customers can tap their cards on the reader’s smooth surface where its non-contact symbol is displayed.

Aside from that, when using a substitute digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, your clients could launch the money transfer app on their Smartphone and position it on the non-contact symbol on the Chip and Tap Reader. Once it’s done, a bell will sound and a box will appear on the client’s payment app.

Necessary Steps to Get Started with PayPal Here

  • Create a PayPal business account
  • Install the PayPal Here app. This app is different from the normal PayPal app, so make sure you download the correct one. Both iOS and Android versions of the app are obtainable.
  • Create a business profile. This involves entering your company’s name and address, along with updating a logo or other recognized branding to your profile, so that clients can locate you easily.
  • Personalize your receipts. You can update the details on receipts, including your webpage, customer support contact details, or social media controls.


A free card reader only works as satisfactorily as the functionalities it includes. Aside from the credit card reader, the ideal mobile processing systems are simple to use, contain fully-featured apps, have reasonable transaction fees, and assist efficient payment initiatives.

PayPal is regarded for its online payment processing solutions for merchants and customers, and they also provide options you can use to move your business forward.