There are a lot of factors that help employees to be effective, efficient and to meet and yet surpass various targets in the workplace. One of the factors is a safe working environment. The truth is that creating a safe working environment is not just the responsibility of the management of an organization, but also the responsibility of the employees.

Although there are labor laws that ensures that all employer of labors put in place measures that can guarantee the safety of their employees, but as an employee, you must also ensure that you play your part.

Did you know that most accidents that occur in the workplace are preventable? Well, that is true and that is the reason why employees must ensure that they don’t treat safety measures with kid gloves. Even if you may be compensated when you are injured at work, the truth is that money cannot buy the pains and emotional trauma that you are likely to be subjected to by the injury.

Hence, in other to be able to know the safety measures put in place by your company to ensure your safety, you should talk to the Human Resources department of your organization. Most organization educates their team on safety measures during their orientation and then possibly gives them an employee’s handbook that contains general safety measure they are to observe while at work.

Here are the 10 daily workplace safety checklist and tips that can help you stay safe and healthy at work;

10 Daily Workplace Safety Checklist & Tips for Employees

1. Ensure that electrical connections are intact

You don’t need to be an electrician before confirming if your electric connections are intact. By mere observation, you are able to identify a faulty electrical connection. So, make it a point of duty to confirm that your computers, Air conditions, printers, and other electrical appliances are properly connected to the socket before putting in on. It is also important to switch off all electrical appliances before leaving your office when not in use.

2. Ensure that Floors Aren’t Slippery

A slippery floor can cause devastating accident in the work place. If the cleaners in your office mop the office every morning, it is your responsibility to ensure that the floor is not slippery and no water is spilled on the floor. Ensuring that all these are in place; means that such accidents would automatically be avoided.

3. Confirm the Stability of your Chair

The truth is that well over 90 percent of workers hardly check their chairs before sitting on it when they resume for the day’s task. It is important that you confirm the stability of your chair. The fact that you used the chair the previous day doesn’t guarantee that it couldn’t get damaged; besides a stable chair would help avoid back ache.

4. Confirm the Stability of your Table

It is important that you confirm the stability of your table as part of your normal safety check. This is imperative especially if you aren’t the only person that uses the table or if your office is open to other members of your team. Ensuring this means you might be saving yourself than to be sorry.

5. Make sure that the Emergency Exit is Functioning

You might be surprised to know that some emergency doors mightn’t be functioning simply because it hadn’t been opened for a long while. What is the use of having an emergency door that is not functioning? Even if there is no need for making use of the emergency exit, it is wise to confirm if such doors still function.

6. Ensure that your Telephone is Functional

In case of emergency, your phone might be one of the most useful tools to you. For example; if there was an incident around you, then you may easily call the fire service with your phone. Therefore, before resuming for work in the mornings you must confirm that the phones are functioning by simply dialing the number of a colleague.

7. Ensure that All Walkways are Free-: Never permit stuff to be placed along walkways in the office. It is your duty to ensure that all walkways are free, especially the road that leads to the emergency exits. Don’t permit people to even drop their personal stuff on the walkways.

8. Make sure that Your Office is properly swept and cleaned-: Part of the safety tips you need to imbibe is to ensure that your office space is properly swept and cleaned every morning when you resume at work. This will help you get rid of sharp objects that can pierce you or your colleagues.

9. Ensure that Fire Extinguishers are well positioned and Functional

It is one thing to have fire extinguishers in strategic places in the office; it is yet another thing for the fire extinguisher to be functional. It is important that you move around your office to ensure that all fire extinguishers are in their positions. You can also confirm that they aren’t expired.

10. Ensure that there is water Supply and all Taps are Functional

It is also very important to confirm that there is water supply and that the taps are all in a good working condition. For instance; a faulty tap could cause havoc in the office if it is not identified on time. If a tap is faulty and it is left running overnight, it is able to damage documents, furniture and even electrical appliances.

Safety in the work place should be a top priority for all stake holders. Safety tips should be printed in colorful cardboard and placed in strategic positions all around the work place and safety seminars cum training should be conducted for employees at regular intervals. As a guide, it pays to print the above safety tips and paste it on your work station so that you can easily tick each of the boxes when you have confirmed it. You can also set an alarm or a reminder that can help you go through the routine on a daily basis.