Do you live in a beach town or community? Is your beach frequently visited by tourists and fun seekers and you want to legally make money off these visitors. Then below are ten simple small business ideas for beach towns and communities that you can start today.

If you are living in a beachside town or community, there are lots of unique business ideas for you to make money with. Because beach-side towns and communities have a lot of tourist activity, there is a good market for those who offer specialized products and services that cater to the needs of people on vacation.

However, you must bear in mind that beaches are more active during summer than winter. So, when you are planning a beach-side business, make sure that you have all the resources you need for the busy summer rush as well as enough financial strength to make it through the winter lulls. Without wasting time, below are ten business ideas you can start in a busy beachside town or community:

Top 10 Simple Small Business ideas for Beach Towns and Communities

1. Accommodation

Because accommodation is one of the major concerns of tourists, the hospitality industry is a great option for a new business. If you have the required capital, consider a hotel, guesthouse, motel, and so on. Starting a hospitality business is a great long-term investment for you especially in a beach community. The value of real estate property is expected to increase drastically in the near future. So, now is the best time to get in.

2. House-sitting

Many houses in beach communities are unoccupied during the winter because most of them were meant to be “summer homes.” So, during the winter months, owners of these houses often aren’t around to take care of the place. You can allay the security fears of these homeowners by offering home-sitting services. Working as a house sitter requires little or no capital. And you will have a lot of business to do in a beach community.

3. Surf shop

Are there great surf beaches around you? Then you can make money by opening a surf shop stuffed with various surfing equipment. Tourists or other people from the city like to catch a few waves during their visit, but they usually don’t have all the necessary equipment. If you open a surf shop that provides surfing equipment rentals and lessons, it will be a hotspot for tourists in both the summer and winter.

4. Fishing tours

If you own a boat, you can turn it into a money-spinner. Most beach communities are fishing hotspots, and fishing is one of those interesting activities that tourists don’t like to miss while on vacation. You can offer fishing tour services taking people out to the reef. People will love the fact that they have a local guide (you) who can take them to all the good spots.

5. Cafe or restaurant

While on vacation, tourists definitely want to have a feel of the food experience in beach communities. So, you can make a lot of money catering to this need. To survive the threat of competition, you need unique culinary abilities that can really help you stand out. You can have different menus for summer and winter to ensure that people get exactly what they crave.

6. Selling local merchandise

Most of the time, tourists buy local items to take back home. They are particularly attracted to items that are unique and are not available in their hometowns and cities. So, you can start a business that sells local merchandise and souvenirs to tourists.

7. Photography

If you have good photography skills and a very good camera, then you can make money by taking shots for tourists. While many tourists come with their own cameras, many others don’t; and those are your customers. You can also take fascinating photos of the beach and other natural scenes, and sell them to tourists. You can frame the photos to make them even more appealing.

8. Transport service

There is huge demand in beach communities for local transport services. Aside enjoying the beach experience, tourists want to really explore their vacation destinations by getting to every other place they need to be. So if you have a car or bus, you can consider rendering transport services to tourists who visit your community on vacation. You will continue to make money for as long as they are around.

9. Laundry services

Many tourists stay up to 2 weeks on vacation. During this period, they definitely need to get their dirty clothes cleaned up. But chances are that they would find it hard doing it themselves. So, you can make money helping such people.

10. Entertainment

While on vacation, tourists want to catch a glimpse of every form of enjoyment available. They want to make their vacation memorable and fun-filled. Aside catching fun at the beachside and having a taste of local delicacies, tourists are always happy to enjoy some local music and entertainment. You can make a lot of money off of tourists by organizing entertaining shows such as musical shows, and puppet shows.

Ajaero Tony Martins