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8 Best ATM Processing Companies in 2023

Do you have an ATM business and you are in need of an ATM processing company? If YES, here are efficient ATM processing companies you can consider working with.

Before rushing to buy an ATM Machine, it is imperative to do your homework. When you get one you will still need an ATM company to process the actual transactions (much like credit card processing). You can start by searching for ATM companies that are experts in ATM processing.

For those who have a working ATM Machine and understand all the passwords and also have all the keys, an excellent company will be able to simply re-program your ATM Machine on to their ATM processing system.

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A trustworthy company will require a processing agreement to safeguard you and them legally as mandated by sponsoring banks as well as networks. These agreements are usually 3- 5 years, but there are many companies that discuss few years and some that provide just a 2 year agreement without any sign up fee.

ATM Agreements protect you as these companies are shifting your funds when one of the clients withdraws cash out of your ATM.

They slowly move the funds through that ATM customer’s bank account to your bank account. Note that it needs to be done nightly aside from weekends. Contracts protect the ATM company simply because most of them don’t charge set up fees, but incur costs to set up your system so it takes them a couple of months to a year to regain those costs.

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Have it in mind that ATM processing refunds vary from 85% of the surcharge plus $0.20 — $0.25 cents (bank-end revenue) as much as 100% of the surcharge plus $0.20 cents based on your ATM machine utilization volume. Some ATM companies provide a Tiered rebate that is tied to ATM performance.

It is advisable that you watch out for an arrangement on ATM equipment that appears “too good to be true”. This has to be a case of “you get that which you pay for”. When the ATM Machine you found costs less than everybody else, be sure you read the term with the processing agreement.

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Best ATM Processing Companies

  1. National ATM Systems

National ATM Systems remains the premier choice in ATM placement and processing services. If you are looking for a company with experience then look no further, National ATM Systems has been in the business since 1999. According to reports, they offer both free and full turnkey options.

If you choose the free option, they will install it for you and run the processing and maintenance on the machine. Your only responsibility is to keep filling it with cash. You’ll still rake in money on the surcharges from the machine and you won’t have to fuss with the responsibilities of ownership.

  1. ATM Link, Inc.

It was established in 1999 with the purpose to create a platform where ATM Operators can acquire all the resources they need for their ATMs. This company has grown tremendously over the years due to its experienced and dedicated team as well as the allegiance customers have shown all these years.

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The ATM industry has changed dramatically over the years; nevertheless, this company has always been proactive in dealing with those changes, which has enabled them to compete successfully with competitors all over the United States. With the revenues and assets rising each year, they have built a venerable portfolio of ATMs nationwide.

  1. ATM Global

ATM Global of Los Angeles is another smart choice that offers ATM placement and processing services. Note that they will get you all set up and ready to start reeling in the profits from those surcharges. Not only will you get to keep 100% of the ATM surcharges, but you’ll also cut down on credit card processing fees on POS systems accepting VISA, etc.

  1. BankCard the USA
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They function as the bridge between your business’s bank account and the bank account of your customers who use credit cards. They securely move the payment funds from one to the other. They also provide credit card processing equipment and software like credit card terminals, point of sale systems, and online payment gateways (more on all those below!).

When you accept a credit card through one of these channels, payment software transmits the transaction details to the appropriate payment card industry member, such as Visa or MasterCard, who then contacts the credit card issuing bank to check on the availability of funds or credit limits.

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If the payment is authorized by the card issuing bank, the approval is relayed back to the payment system and the credit card payment is accepted. Then BankCard collects funds and disburses them in batches to the business through a merchant account.

  1. Lieberman Companies

Lieberman Companies provides ATM placement and processing nationwide. Although there are many fine companies in the United States, Lieberman Companies made it to the top 10 in the nation. They did that by growing from an arcade and gaming company in 1907 to one of the most reliable free ATM placement services around.

Their success is built upon the many customer relationships that they’ve nurtured and cultivated with exceptional service over the years. If you want tailor-made customer service from a free ATM placement service, choose Lieberman Companies.

  1. Credit Card Processing Specialists

This company is a payment processor like no other. Their 24/7 support team and professionally managed services ensure the utmost value and security for customers.

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They also provide a variety of payment solutions to help businesses small and large offer their customers flexible and convenient payment options while providing merchants with the services they need to succeed. They team up with partners and agents to offer extensive services to a wide variety of companies and specialize in helping businesses in specific industries.

  1. Prineta

Serving the United States and Canada, Prineta has built a powerful reputation for itself installing and maintaining ATMs in convention centers, hotels, airports, college housing, as well as in bars and nightclubs.

By attending industry conferences and pursuing the continuous development of partner networks, Prineta has shown a strong commitment to both quality and service. They work with local technicians and have built one of the largest networks in the nation. Give Prineta a call, and see what makes them one of the top 10 nationwide today.

  1. Express ATM Solutions

Express ATM Solutions has proven itself as a top-notch option by being included on this list in the first place. You get online stats for your convenience as well as insurance, maintenance, cash services, paper supplies, and more. If you are looking for a free ATM placement service that packs a punch when it comes to the value and extra services, give Express ATM Solutions a whirl.