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8 Best Brooms for Hair Salon [For Dust and Hair]

The best broom for picking up human hair in a hair salon is the Sweepa Rubber Broom. This broom makes it easy to sweep up any kind of debris from any hard surface, and it works especially well for hair. Note that most traditional brooms produce inadequate results when sweeping fur and hair but not Sweepa.

With this broom, you don’t have to bother about balls of fur or pieces of hair flying around. You are also able to completely sweep away any hair on the floor in just a single pass.

The unique design of the Sweepa Rubber coupled with its materials makes it work so well. The broom head is made from natural rubber, and it has a one-piece solid moulded head.

This makes it overly durable and long-lasting, but also lets it clean floors very well. There are other knock off versions that can be found, but most of these feature inferior rubber, cheap handles, rubber bristles attached to a plastic head, or all of the above.

When you sweep with this broom, a static charge will build up with each stroke. This helps to clean up the hair, but also prevents it from flying away as you sweep. Also note that all the debris you are cleaning will stay on the ground right next to the broom.

This is one of the primary reasons why it is a powerhouse at sweeping. Another reason this broom is ideal for hair salons is due to its flexible natural rubber bristles. Each time you pull the broom towards you, the rubber bristles will flex together to form a solid wall.

The flexibility of the bristles also lets this broom to conform to any surface, and even get down in cracks and crevices, so it will work equally well on concrete, tile, linoleum and more. It can be used on virtually any floor, because it won’t harm any surface type, and it will produce great results on any floor and any kind of dirt, hair, fur or anything else.

As a hair salon owner, you will be amazed at how well it works, and wonder how it is possible to get so excited over a broom. The bristles and charge will pull hair out of your carpet even if it has been freshly vacuumed by one of those expensive vacuum cleaners.

Short deliberate strokes will remove hair that you didn’t realize existed. Before you know it you will have an extremely clean carpet and a pile of hair that you never knew was there.

This makes it ideal for cleaning stairs and area rugs, but you can also remove the head to use it directly on furniture and upholstery too. This broom will work equally well on dog hair, cat hair or human hair. This is the best broom for sweeping up any kind of hair.

Sure, the Sweepa Rubber is the best for sweeping up fur and hair, but it is not the only great broom out there. Here are other top brooms to consider too.

Best Broom for Hair Salon

  1. Jade Active Broom and Dustpan Set

This broom is made from high quality, durable materials. It can be used as a kitchen, home, office or lobby broom. The clip-on feature makes the dustpan and broom a perfect space saver. Just clip the broom to the dustpan handle to store in your stand up cleaning cabinet.

Plus, you can also hang it up to make it even more space efficient. No more brooms that are too short and inconvenient to clean. The Broom and Dustpan Combo takes almost no space for storing, when in use, it is much better to work with then your standard dustpan. You can clean standing upright with ease.

  1. Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom

Fitted with Built in scraper, this broom is a choice to extensively consider. The rubber lip of the dust pan is flush with the floor and the teeth clean out the bristles easily. Chouqing also offers customer 30 days refund or replacement, no questions asked.

You can contact them first when you have any questions, risk-free guarantee provides a reliable purchasing experience, and your satisfaction remains their boundless motivation.

  1. ANODA 2 Pack Push Broom

You can easily gather hair, dust and dirt effectively with the 13 inch wide rubber broom head. Also note that it displaces liquids effectively with the 17 inch wide EVA rubber squeegee head. The broom’s high quality 59 inches anodized aluminium telescoping pole won’t bend or break under pressure. No retightening of the broom head attachments to the pole due to the bi-thread securing mechanism.

  1. ForPro Extendable Salon Broom

This broom comes with Salon Broom features and unique bristles made of a rubber material that removes hair, lint, dust and dirt. Note that its aluminium handle is adjustable, can be as short as 31.5” or as long as 51.5” fully extended.

  • Rubber bristles help to grab and trap hair, dust, particles, and much more
  • Fully extendable handle
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Country of origin is China
  1. RAVMAG Rubber Broom

This Lightweight broom comes with slanted side bristles produced from high quality organic rubber guaranteed to last for long years. Its uniquely designed slanted bristles makes it perfect for cleaning along walls and furniture without hassles.

It sucks up dust, hair and removes other low weight dirt from vinyl, hardwood, carpet, cement, tiles and other surfaces within the home.

  1. Mosuch Broom

With the optional extension pole, this broom long handle can be adjusted in length from 36 to 50 inches, to help you keep comfortable while cleaning without bending the waist. The dust pan is designed to be windproof, which can reduce dust and odour emission.

The Teeth on the dustpan help to solve hair problems, all pet’s and human hair can be easily be removed into the dust pan. Independent ditch broom and dustpan easily snaps together and they can be stored even in a narrow corner, such as balcony, door back, washing machine and refrigerator side.

  1. Maxurry Broom

This broom comes with a 41/50 inch long handle extendable, stainless steel, and can easily stand upright for your sweeping at your hair salon. It also comes with a dustpan humanized design, built in scraper and comb/teeth. Broom dustpan combo set snaps together for easy upright standing storage. The set is easy to assemble without tools.

  1. LandHope Push Broom

Its Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom. Ash or pet hair won’t be blown in the air during sweeping. This broom is ideal for removing hair from carpets and rugs.

Soft bristles gently scrape down hair from carpets, and easily gather hair on the carpets that a vacuum can’t reach. It comes with a 31.5 inches to 54 inches adjustable length to suit people of different heights. It is long enough for tall adults to sweep without bending down and it can also be shortened for ease of kids’ use.

With it’s built-in squeegee edge, it is also suitable to be used in outdoor areas like garden, balcony, patio, garage, to clean up water or spills, clean windows, etc.