What are the best countries to invest in? What are the best countries to start a business? What are the best countries with high profit potential? Well, I advice you read on to find the answers you seek.

It is an establish fact that investors often go out of their home country to find suitable business and investment opportunities. Of course you must be wary when it comes to playing around with your money; you must make sure that you invest only in a country that has a potential for long term income generation or a high rate of short term return.

The key here is not only knowing the best countries to invest in or do business in but also what to invest in. This article will discuss all that in details.

How to Find the Best Countries to Invest in or Start a Business

Before I came up with this list, a lot of factors were put into consideration. When it comes to investing your money in another country or starting a business in another country, there are certain factors you must look out for to know if a country is worth doing business in.

16 Factors you must consider to determine the best countries to invest in

  1. Investor friendly environment
  2. Availability of manpower
  3. Ability to access investment fund if need be
  4. Fast developing infrastructure
  5. Untapped potentials and opportunities
  6. Abundance of natural and mineral resources
  7. Favorable tax laws
  8. Good government fiscal and monetary policy
  9. Fast growing economy
  10. Property rights
  11. Technology
  12. Government red tape and restrictions
  13. Corruption level
  14. Stock market performance
  15. Investor related laws
  16. Security, etc.

What are the Best Countries to Invest In or Start a Business

Canada is consistently in the top three and arguably the top country to invest in because of its steady growth, given the fact that any growth at all is very hard to achieve. To be more specific, Canada has a 3.1% growth and considering it is the 9th biggest economy in the world; that means a huge potential for income generation. Investment in Canada ranges from real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

  • Hong Kong

When looking for a country to invest in, you need to look at certain aspects of the economy such as a free market, a highly globalized economy, a sizable share of re-exports, an effective and efficient bureaucracy and an acceptable degree of corruption.

Hong Kong fits this profile well because it has adopted a hands-off approach to business, a low level of taxation, effective bureaucracy, etc; Let us also not forget her stringent bank secrecy laws.

If you are seriously considering investing a substantial amount in agriculture, food processing, manufacturing and tourism, then you should seriously consider New Zealand. This is because all the above mentioned industries are backed up by the most advanced research and development. And any investment will already have a ready market since New Zealand’s main trading partners are Australia, China, Japan and USA.

Investment opportunities in Ireland center on financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, etc. As a testament to its globalized market, it is a top trader in the European Union, a market it just recently entered into.

Australia has vast tracks of land which provides it with ample opportunity for mining and industrial scale production. Couple this fact with the free market economy that is second to none and you have unlimited potential for growth.

China has cheap labor (skilled, semi skilled, entry level) and production statistics second to none. China has only recently opened its doors to the global market and see where they are at right now.

A silent world leader”; that is how some experts define Japan. If your business involves technology, advanced research and development, healthcare, chemicals, raw materials, etc. then you need to go to Japan and see the business opportunities there.

Africa is a vast land mass and only a small portion of which has been tapped. Of course there are a lot of disadvantages when it comes to investing in Africa, particularly the North (i.e. corruption, crime, red tape, etc). It may come in last in terms of best countries to invest in however the potential for long term income for big time investors cannot be ignored.

Using my country Nigeria as an instance, despite the challenges facing her business terrain; there’s still massive opportunity in every sector of Nigeria’s economy. From untapped mineral and natural resources, to health care, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, tourism, etc.

In conclusion, I want you to understand that there’s nothing like the best country to invest in or do business in. After all, there are business people and successful entrepreneurs even in countries presumed as worst. What’s more important is your competence as an entrepreneur in dealing with whatever challenge comes up and a thorough understanding of the market environment you are playing in.

Ajaero Tony Martins