Do you want to power your food truck and you are considering what type of electric generator to use? If YES, here are 10 best electric generator for food trucks. Since food trucks fully depend on electricity to run their businesses, it’s very crucial that your food truck has a proper generator.

Even if the venue offers a power source, there’s no assurance that it won’t short out or sputter during the event. In the worst-case scenario, you might entirely lose power; a disastrous prospect when you are trying to build a business.

Note that competition in the food truck world is especially fierce and you will quickly find yourself frozen out if you don’t have reliable power source you can trust. Aside the fact that proper power allows you to cook your food fresh and to order, it also ensures that certain ingredients don’t spoil.

When you work with chicken, fish, pork, or beef, you also need to maintain certain temperatures for your raw products. When looking for an electric generator for your food truck/trailer, you require something that is efficient, long – lasting and has enough power to run all your appliances and keep your food truck in the business.

There are so many generator options for food trucks, but not all are created equal. Here is a list of top choices to consider.

Best Electric Generator for Food Truck

1. DuroMax XP12000EH

This DuroMax is manufactured by DuroPower, a well – known brand known for long lasting service and reliability. All their generators have cast iron sleeves to protect the engine and mute noise. All of them match government standards. This particular DuroMax is a dual fuel generator that runs on gasoline and propane.

This workhorse comes with a 450cc air – cooled OHV engine. The engine has an electric start and recoil start for an ensured rev up.

Note that the panel has 5 outlets – with the two 120V – 20 – amp outlets, one 120V – 30 – amp twist lock, one 120/240V – 30A twist and lock and one 120/240V – 50A outlet.  Also note that this unit is mounted on a tubular steel frame with 4 – point isolated motor mounts that ground vibrations making it a quiet operation.

There is a front handle to the mobility kit that has solid rubber tires that grant mobility on all terrains. In addition, this DuroMax is a true beast with its surge power of 12000 watts and 9500 running watts. The runtime is 10 hours on gasoline at 50 percent maximum output. While on propane it is 20 hours at 50 percent maximum output.

2. Generac GP6500

Generac is a respected name in the field of power equipment. This company makes generators for commercial and residential use.

Their products are known for reliability and durability. They design and manufacture manual and fully – automatic transfer switches and other accessories necessary for backup applications. This particular electric generator is a high – quality 389cc OHV engine that runs at 3600 RPM.

The engine comes with a brushless alternator that produces a single phase 120/240 volt at 60 Hertz. The fuel tank is made of large and made of metal. This ensures longer runtimes and offers a lifelong durability. Note that the fuel gauge on the tank is to monitor gasoline levels.

In addition, this generator comes with an oil alert that indicates the low level of oil in the tank. Also, it shuts down the engine when oil overheats thus preventing fire. The hour meter to monitor the running time helps to track maintenance intervals. The automatic voltage regulator guards the engine against a power surge.

Note that the panel has three outlets – two NEMA 5 – 20R – Wall – Type and one NEMA L14 – 30R. They are covered to protect from rugged working conditions and environment. The mobility kit is made of a tubular steel frame that has folding handles and wheels with solid rubber tires

3. Champion Power Equipment 100520 8750 – Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter

Champion Power Equipment ranks first among all Power Equipment manufacturers of the USA. After starting their journey in 2003, for almost twenty years this company have gained massive experience in dependable and durable power products designing and manufacturing.

So now they do not have to look back. They are the leader among the Power Equipment manufacturer of the US, Europe, and also in all over the world. Open frame inverter, electric start inverter generator, home standby generators, diesel generators are notable product lines that made them world – famous in the Power Equipment market.

4. Westinghouse iGen4500DF

If you want to keep your fuel options open, you may have to consider the Westinghouse iGen 4500DF. This gasoline generator comes with 3700 surge watts; this machine can be used with gas or propane without the need for a conversion kit.

Just flip a switch on the back of your generator, and you can choose your preferred fuel. According to reports, this is one of the finest generators for food trucks. It features a variety of outlets and a 12V DC outlet for charging batteries and this we this is the generator you need.

5. Generac 7690 GP6500

This 6500 – watt machine offers a formidable force in terms of power. The portable generator comes with a 389cc Generac 4 – Stroke OHV Engine.

Arguably, the PowerRush Technology is the showstopper of this configuration. Generac’s signature technology provides more than forty percent higher motor starting capacity. That way, you will enjoy an excellent starting capacity for small tools and essentials in case of emergency.

Thanks to the low – oil level automatic shutdown feature, you won’t have safety issues. In terms of fuel capacity, you get a large steel tank. It has a volume of 6.9 gallons and comes with an incorporated fuel gauge. When you do the math, the 7690 GP6500 portable generator can last up to ten and a half hours.

6. Westinghouse Wgen7500

Westinghouse Wgen7500 is a small but mighty portable generator that comes with an OHV engine. Note that with 9500 peak watts and running watts of 7500, you have plenty of energy to run your food truck, and are the best quiet generator for a food truck business and are the best portable generator you can get your hands on. The automatic unit has a push – button start and is delivered ready to go with:

  • It has a four – stroke overhead – valve engine, which gives you maximum power
  • It has 120, 240v outlets
  • The generator’s fuel tank holds 6.6 gallons of fuel, which provides it with a longer run time
  • The larger fuel tank allows the generator to run at 50 percent of capacity for 10 hours
  • The digital fuel gauge will enable you to check the fuel level at a glance
  • This generator is also fuel – conscious and comes with a cold start technology.
  • Built – in mufflers to keep the noise level at 64 decibels
  • Surrounded by a protective steel cage to keep all the vital parts secure
  • Cast iron sleeve secures the gas tank

7. Yamaha EF7200DE

This Yamaha brings you more wattage for a great price. The EF7200DE brings home the legendary quality and performance in this gas – powered genset. Note that this Yamaha comes with a 358cc OHV MZ360 engine with a hemispherical head that improves fuel efficiency.

The engine also comes with a cast iron cylinders for maximum heat dissipation. It starts with a 12V button start with a recoil start. The transistor – controlled ignition provides a clean spark that ensures a fast and easy start. It is minimal maintenance and reliable.

According to reports, the battery is standard and a great convenience to start up the engine. The automatic oil indicator shuts down when the oil is below level. It also prevents engine damage, avoids repair and downtime thus enhances the longevity and durability of the genset.

Note that the auto – decompression feature automatically opens the exhaust valve to reduce the initial backpressure to make manual start – up effortless. There are four plugs – two NEMA 5 – 20R – GFCI, one NEMA L5 – 30R and one NEMA L14 – 30R. The wheel kit is perfect for use in rugged conditions they have never – flat tires and fold – down locking handles.

8. Westinghouse Wgen6000

When searching for a generator, one of the key factors to consider is portability. If you are searching for the most portable generator, one of the options you may want to consider is the Westinghouse Wgen6000 Portable Generator. Note that its 6000 watts remains one of the highly – rated generators from Westinghouse.

But before you buy, you will want to determine if everything in it is smooth riding or there are some downsides you want to know about.

9. Honda Generator EU7000iS

If your intention is to operate in whisper mode, this is the generator for your food truck. The Honda Inverter Generator Eu7000is comes with an enclosed motor that allows it to be a quieter unit. Its sound comes in between 52 to 58 decibels.

Quiet generators for food trucks are always a viable option. Also have it in mind that there is no 12v dc outlet, meaning the utility of the generator reduces for some purposes. It also comes with a high fuel efficiency with low noise levels; also this is a lightweight generator which makes it easy to carry around. This is the best 7000 watts generator you can get your hands on.

10. CAT RP6500E

This CAT RP6500 is a perfect solution for portable power. It comes with a 420cc OHV engine with a tank capacity of 7.9 gallons. It surges to power with 8125 watts through an electric start. The model also includes a lithium – ion battery. It runs at 6500 watts with the engine operating at 3600 RPM.

There is a recoil start for the times when the battery is flat. A fuel gauge is attached to the tank to monitor the fuel level. The low – oil shutdown stops the engine when the oil heats up or the level is low. To prolong the engine life and function it is lubricated by the splash method using the 10W – 30 engine oil.

Have it in mind that all the CAT models are user – friendly with intuitive controls. There is automatic voltage regulation with 120/240 volts of AC produced at 60 Hertz. The model has all the controls to one side on a LED – lit panel.

It also holds the power outlets and a 4 – in – 1 display of total hours, running hours, frequency and voltage. There is a mounted start/stop, choke and fuel shut off control. There are three plugs – two NEMA 5 – 20R and one NEMA L14 – 30R.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Generator

If you don’t, you could run the risk of getting people sick and possibly even having your business closed down. So your food truck generator needs to be reliable and fit well in your food truck. It needs to be efficient and ready to go at any moment.

The best electric generator for a food truck should be powerful enough to produce power for all the appliances. It should meet EPA standards to keep the environment clean and noise level down. Since these generators run on fuels like propane, gasoline and diesel, it should have a large enough fuel tank to sustain truck activities.

Food trucks are a very profitable business and the industry is growing rapidly. This is primarily due to the fittings that make up the food truck. A food truck requires internal and external fittings. The external fittings may be the signboards, the lights to illuminate the area around the serving windows and doors.

The internal fittings can be the refrigerator. The refrigerator may function 24 x 7 to maintain the freshness of the food. There may be a freezer to deep freeze the meats and other condiments. There may be a fryer for French fries, tempura, etc.

Also note that you may need to power an oven to bake the bread and keep them warm. The drink fountains require power to cool and dispense the beverages.

It is very imperative that you consider all these appliances on the food truck and the fact that they will be running simultaneously. Also note that some of them like the freezer and refrigerator will be running 24 x 7, so you will have to work out the wattage of power you will need to run your truck before choosing the best generator for your truck.


Indeed, all the food truck generators featured in this review are worth looking into. Reliable, efficient and portable, each of the food truck generators is capable of helping your food truck venture be successful. However, be certain to always provide appropriate ventilation and follow all manufacturer’s safety guidelines.