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10 Best Affordable Gifts for Tow Truck Drivers

Do you have a spouse or friend who is a tow truck driver and you want to show them love? If YES, here are 10 best gifts for tow truck drivers. Tow truck drivers always tend to put their lives in danger every day by helping people who are stranded along roads and highways.

Between challenging weather, exhausting shift schedules, dangerous drivers and disgruntled civilians, tow truck drivers have many challenges to overcome to just get through their work day. Although they are always there to help during troubling times, one of the biggest dangers they face is people driving too fast or not moving to the other lane when tow trucks are on their side of the road.

So if your spouse or loved spends a lot of time on the road, you will understand that it can be very hard to find a practical gift that he or she will use and love especially while working. You want to give them something they can use and not stash in their closets never to be seen again. Although the gifts they will need can be very hard to predict, here are top 10 gift options to consider when for Tow Truck Drivers.

What are the Best Gifts for Tow Truck Drivers?

1. Coffee Gift Cards

Indeed there are a lot of late nights and early mornings for tow truck drivers, so you can choose to offer them a gift that keeps them going! Note that many coffee vendors will have gift cards available in store or available as digital gifts through their website or Facebook. And if their favourite coffee spot is also a donut shop, a gift card can be your own ideal way to offer them a nice breakfast on the go.

2. Truck Route GPS or App

You can also choose to get a GPS model or download an app that is specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. Note that such units should have height clearance information; truck – prohibited routes identified and updated maps.

A GPS or an app on a smart phone can save a truck driver a substantial amount of time in reaching their destination. It takes the guesswork out of bridge heights and truck routes and aids them locate their intended route and make their jobs easier.

3. Wireless Backup Camera System

Note that when you’re driving a vehicle as big as a tow truck, it can be challenging to account for all of the blind spots of the vehicle. So, you can also consider gifting a tow truck driver a backup camera system that comes in a 3.5” regular screen and their 7” jumbo monitor. The Peak Wireless camera system can give them the scope and vision they need to get into and out of the tight spaces and sticky situations that towing can get them into.

4. Haltzgloves Night time Full Gloves

The job of tow truck drivers tend to be quite dangerous at times. The number of tow truck drivers that are hit by passing vehicles in low visibility is unbelievable to say the least. Giving these gloves is like giving the gift of safety and warmth! Also note that these gloves are used for night time stops and accidents. These gloves are made with Haltzgloves’ patented high – visibility reflective material that can be seen from up to 1,250 feet.

5. Wireless Bluetooth Headset

According to reports, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has successfully passed a law making it illegal for a commercial vehicle driver to operate a hand – held cell phone while operating the commercial vehicle. So by gifting tow truck driver hands – free headsets, you are helping them stay safe on the road, allowing them to stay connected to families.

6. Personalized Mud Flaps

You can also show a tow trucker how well you know him by purchasing personalized mud flaps. These flaps can feature his favourite movie character or his band; they will make a statement wherever he goes.

7. Shower Kit

Note that a fully stocked shower kit that includes a quick dry towel, shower shoes, and a bathrobe, makes a wonderful gift for a driver whose home is in the cab of their truck. A grab – and – go shower caddy can make rest stop showers much more efficient and comfortable.

8. Heated Swivelling Car Seat

Heated swivel seat is created from memory foam materials and includes 3 temperature settings for those long winter shifts. Also note that this non – skid underside makes sure the cushion stays stationary while the swivel of the seat makes getting out of the truck as easy as pie.

9. Power Inverter or USB Converter

Note that only a few trucks are equipped with power inverters or USB converters, so charging a smart phone or other device can be a problem for Tow truck drivers. A power inverter or USB converter powers can quickly and easily use the truck’s battery to charge tablets or phones.

10. First Aid Kit

While a first – aid kit may not sound exciting, it’s essential for any driver. Owing to the dangers faced by tow truck drivers and that the fact they are usually alone and cannot always get to a medical facility quickly, having a first – aid kit can be helpful when faced with a minor cut or burn. Important items in a first aid kit include antiseptic, gauze, medical tape, burn ointment, bandages and common medications like aspirin or allergy pills for routine issues.

If there is one thing truckers and tow truck drivers love more than their trucks, it’s getting a gift that they can use with their truck! Sometimes it can be hard to think of gift ideas, but hopefully, these 10 options mentioned above can help you get the perfect gift for the tow truck driver in your life.