Are you wondering what type of heater is best for greenhouse? If YES, here are 10 best greenhouse heaters and their cost in 2023. A greenhouse outfitted with the best greenhouse heaters is an exciting way to grow plants all year long.

Simply put, a greenhouse turns a short growing season into a year-round growing paradise. A well-designed greenhouse—with the right greenhouse accessories and equipment—can provide the perfect growing environment for all kinds of plants.

To decide which heating system to use, note that one of the most crucial factors is the possibilities your greenhouse offer you. If you have a greenhouse that is built against your house, you are more or less able to extend your central heating system there. But if your greenhouse is far away and your gas pipes aren’t accessible, you will probably have to go for an electrical heater or solar heater.

Also, note that you can choose a simpler model that you turn on and off depending on the outside temperature or you can decide to install a thermostat in your greenhouse to heat automatically. But right before you can choose which kind of heater you want, you have to decide on how big or strong this heater should be.

To accurately understand what you have to look for when acquiring one, you have to know the number of BTU’s you will need. BTU’s (or British Thermal Units) are used to determine how strong your appliance needs to be to heat up a space.

The BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. If you are planning to add a greenhouse to your property, then the best greenhouse heaters, equipment, and accessories will come in handy.

What are the Best Types of Greenhouse Heater in 2023?

  1. Avenger FDT3IR Dual Fuel Ventless Infrared Heater

Avenger FDT3IR is a compact heater designed for bigger greenhouses. Note that it comes with a seating capacity of up to 30,000BTUs, adequate for rooms of up to 1400sqft. Also, note that this heater runs on fuels and not using electricity. If you do not have a power supply in your greenhouse, no need to install one as this heater serves the purpose perfectly.

If you are looking for a greenhouse heater for a larger space with many plants, this is undoubtedly a considerable model. It is also an option for those who do not want to spend money on expensive electrical connectivity and installation in the greenhouse.

  1. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

MVH Vortex Heater has a compact design, built-in thermostat, and 3 heat settings to provide the required temperature inside your greenhouse. Ideally, it will automatically stop heating upon reaching the maximum temperature according to the settings.

In due course, it will again restart when the temperature levels drop again. Note that this allows you to save electricity, without harming the plants. Vortex Heater is ideally suited for heating small to medium-sized greenhouses.

It is a light and portable heater with a fan so you can shift it to any convenient position anytime depending upon the availability of space. Considering the competitive price margin and loads of astounding features, it is the best heater for a small greenhouse with an impressive look.

  1. Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG Heater

If you are searching for a heater running on fuel for small areas, this vent-free model is another powerful heating element. It is adequate for heating greenhouses of up to 300sqft. This is a natural gas heater so no need to install an electricity connection.

Also, note that this blue flame technology heater is excellent to keep your plants safe and warm during the freezing months. It is an economical supplementary heating system with a compact design.  If you are eager for enhanced functioning, it is also worth installing the blower fan. However, this part is sold separately and not included in the package. Generally, this is a heater for medium size greenhouses on a budget. You can run it at a relatively lower cost than an electrical heater.

  1. Comfort Zone CZ220 Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater

If you have a bigger greenhouse with plants placed close to each other, a ceiling mount heater helps to spread the heat easily to all corners of the room. You should consider installing this adjustable ceiling mount heater to protect your crops from dying during chilly months.

It is equipped with dual knob controls and a sensor to prevent overheating issues. Also, note that this model is perfectly suited for greenhouses lacking enough space to install an electric heater. However, placing the heater too close to the plants can damage the crops.

This top-mounted heater with a high power fan helps to spread the heat equally to all parts of the greenhouse. It has several safety features to guarantee durability and ease of handling. It also offers superb energy efficiency and performance. Therefore this model is highly recommended for bigger greenhouses within a budget.

  1. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

Have it in mind that this 1500W ceramic heater is much more than a supplementary heating system. It is wonderfully crafted to boost the indoor garden ambiance. The model is perhaps the only exceptional inclusion in the list of best greenhouse heater reviews that offer both good looks and performance. In terms of functionality, it has many features to serve the purpose of maintaining the required heat for optimal plant health.

If you are also concerned about the decorative aspect apart from heating functions, the Lasko designer series ceramic heater has much to offer. The structure of the heater resembles that of an artifact adding a decorative touch to the surroundings. This 1500W heater is an advanced heating solution for your greenhouse at an affordable price margin.

  1. Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Garage Workshop 

Dr. Heater comes with excellent infrared heating technology suitable for keeping a greenhouse of about 150sqkm warm during extremely low temperatures. Even with steel housing, the outer surface always remains cool to prevent accidental burns or accidents when touched.

Classified as an excellent greenhouse heater by several experts, it is safe for running throughout the day and serves all types of heating requirements. Also, note that this heater is an excellent power saver appliance ideal for small greenhouses running on a budget.

It tends to need little or no maintenance so it is budget-friendly in every way. Last but not the least; it is completely adjustable and safe for use without the risk of overheating, accidents, fire breakouts, etc. Generally, this is a splendid heater for small greenhouse heating requirements.

  1. Bio Green PAL 2.0/US Palma

If you own a smaller greenhouse, it is ideal to consider this mini size heater to protect your crops in winter. Bio Green PAL 2.0 is the smaller version of the Phoenix model. It can keep the plants in a perfectly safe condition during winter in greenhouses of up to 120sqft.

If you are eager to get started with a mini greenhouse heater, this would be a wonderful choice. It is available at a competitive price margin and is a quality product from a brand you can trust.

  1. Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater

For individuals who do not trust cheap plastic material or metallic heaters, ceramic housing is a much safer option. Ceramic heaters provide the same efficiency as the other heater without the risk of hazardous overheating issues.

Lasko pro ceramic heater is a brilliant heater with a superbly stylish design. It is a multipurpose, small, and portable electronic appliance. Leverage this heater in your greenhouse in winters to keep the plants warm and run it on the fan only mode at home during hot summers.

If you are eager to buy a greenhouse heater at a reasonable price, Lasko is worth every cent. It does a very good job to keep your plants warm as per the required temperature while keeping a check on your expenses on monthly power consumption.

  1. Buyplus Electric Garage Heater

This is an ideal fan cum supplementary heating solution for small to mid-sized greenhouses and garage spaces. It features an attached mounting stand so you do not have to acquire additional attachments separately. Once you have adjusted the temperature depending on the plants inside the greenhouse and climatic conditions, there is no need to turn the heater off.

It is a high power saver heating device to purchase at a reasonable price range. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use so you can shift the heater anywhere as and when required.

  1. Bio Green PHX 2.8 Phoenix Greenhouse Heater

Whether you prefer a ceiling mount heater or just want to place it on the floor of your greenhouse, Phoenix Greenhouse Heater is the ultimate choice for small spaces. Note that it can heat up rooms of up to 100sqft and keep the plants frost-free in an area of up to 180sqft.

This small heating equipment can produce an output of up to 9553 BTUs or 2.8kW. It is a complete solution for your greenhouse cultivation requirements. It comes with 3 different temperature adjustments to suit your heating requirements. It is a quite expensive model compared to the area of heating but considering the high-end reliability and performance, it is worth every cent.

Not all greenhouse heaters are the same. They differ in terms of features, heating capacity, and other aspects. However, when choosing it is highly advisable to check with the buyer about the area the concerned heater is capable of keeping warm even under extremely low temperatures.