Are you wondering what type of greenhouse plastic is best for cannabis? If YES, here are 14 best greenhouse plastics for cannabis in 2023. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse has become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists and commercial cultivators alike. Growing weed in a greenhouse combines the best of both indoor and outdoor growing, allowing you to exploit the powers of natural sunlight without sacrificing control over your growing environment.

Do a quick Google search and you will find pages on pages of sources explaining the benefits of growing cannabis in a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, the main thing standing between the crop and the almighty sun is the greenhouse cover. This is why it is important to choose a cover that is best for your specific growing needs.

If cannabis is your forte, then consider using a woven poly greenhouse cover because it promotes high light transmission and high light diffusion. When you are thinking of a cover, think of light. Not all light is the same, and your plants will respond differently to the light they receive.

There are UVA/UVB, blue, green, and red/far red/ infrared light spectrums that affect cannabis growth. However, for the most part, there is no one light that is best for growing cannabis as they all tend to produce different results at the different growth stages. Nonetheless, you can increase your yields with more light even if it is the “wrong spectrum,” which is why high transmittance is necessary for your greenhouse cover.

Also, note that direct transmittance is the portion of the light that passes through the cover. Having a high light transmission percentage also shows that the cover will let in a high amount of light. Diffuse transmittance is the portion of the light that gets scattered by the cover. This is crucial especially because it allows for deeper light penetration ensuring that all the plants receive equally intense light.

If you live in an area with plenty of sun, you want a high light transmission and diffusion material. Then your best bet is a Polyweave cover as it has an average light transmission of 85 percent with 100 percent light diffusion. Also, note that the material is on the expensive side, but it is strong and can last up to 10 years in the right conditions.

As long as you closely monitor your greenhouse’s temperature, then a woven poly cover could help you produce some of the best conditions for a cannabis crop. However, for anyone to qualify as a top pick, it is expected to be durable, thick enough to resist tearing and include the additional features an individual grower needs.

Although greenhouse requirements vary depending on the size of the growing operation and the results you intend to achieve, any of these greenhouse plastic products would be well suited for covering most Cannabis greenhouses.

What are the Best Greenhouse Plastics for Cannabis in 2023?

  1. ECOgardener Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film

The Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film by ECOgardener meets the industry standard for 6 mil thickness and meets all the expectations of consumers for greenhouse applications. Note that ECOgardener has been able to produce wonderful light transmission via this product in order to maximize growing seasons for gardening enthusiasts and commercial users alike.

Also note that this greenhouse clear plastic film has also been UV stabilized and its UV treatment is quite suitable for an uninterrupted usage for 4 years. Its specialty however is that it promises its users anti-condensation. This entails that the material features a surface tension that will modify the limits of water droplets forming inside it

  1. Grower’s Solution Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film

Grower’s Solution is a relatively new company because it was founded about a decade ago. Even though this may be the case, they have clearly captured the market with their selling proposition – agriculture. The greenhouse plastic is made from polyethylene – which is known as the industry standard for their genre of products.

Aside from meeting the industry’s demands, their greenhouse plastic can also be bought at a great 6 mils thick. In addition, this thickness promises the best levels of durability along with great defenses against punctures with torsion strength. As these products are durable, as proven by the thickness of their greenhouse plastic, Grower’s Solution also offers its customers a comfortable 4-year warranty.

  1. Ginegar Suncover Greenhouse Plastic Film

Suncover is a little different from the other companies on this list because of the fact that it isn’t its own organization in terms of autonomy. Suncover is actually a subsidiary brand under the umbrella of the Ginegar Corporation.

Notably, this particular product offers levels of protection that may be missing from so many others. One such instance is the fact that this product has been treated by UV protection – which is, again, not much of a surprise. One of the unusual treatments of this product is that it is manufactured with anti-dust protection. This treatment is quite cutting edge as the greenhouse plastic

  1. Arc Direct Clear Heavy Duty 14 Mil Poly Tarp Fiber

The Clear Heavy Duty polyethylene greenhouse plastic from Arc Direct is a beefy 14 mils thick; thanks to embedded polyester mesh that makes this product more of a tarp than just plastic sheeting. Have it in mind that the finished tarp size is just over 9 by 19 feet, and the edges are folded over and finished with reinforced rope for extra durability.

The tarp also comes with UV blockers and is rot- and acid-resistant. It also features reinforced aluminium grommets spaced every 18 inches along the edges to stake the tarp to the ground for additional wind resistance. This thick greenhouse plastic lets in ample light and is extra thick, so it is suitable for regions prone to high winds

  1. SHANS Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film

Note that this product is indeed unique because its deliverability doesn’t miss its mark and has been rated accordingly. Even though most of the finer details of this product have been omitted, SHANS came through by providing its customers with information about their standards of quality.

All of these standards fall along the lines of everything customers would expect from manufacturers. Coupled with these quality standards, SHANS has noted that their product has been made with polyethylene and has been rolled up into sheets that are 6 mils thick. This information from the company has then been followed up with the fact that it offers its consumers with a 4-year warranty.

  1. Green-Tek GT4 Clear Greenhouse Film

When it comes to thorough greenhouse plastic, no product will be as thorough as Green-Tek’s. Note that this is due to the fact that they have more than 30 years experience in their field and their products have functioned with the most efficiency and durability.

Also, note that this company took it one step further by promising that their UV radiation treatment would provide protection that is about 33 percent better than their average competitors. What’s more? Their products have been rated to be 164 percent resistant as opposed to the probability of tearing of polyethylene films.

  1. Frost King P1025/6W Polyethylene Sheeting

The Frost King Polyethylene Sheeting is 6 mils thick and comes in a 10-by- 25-foot piece for covering greenhouse structures. Most importantly, it is available at an affordable price point. The sheeting features slight opaqueness but does not contain UV blockers, making it best suited for covering a greenhouse that is protected from the hot afternoon sun. While this sheeting doesn’t feature many bells and whistles, it should easily last 1 to 2 years.

  1. Watershed Innovations Heavy Duty Clear Tarp

From the HydraTarp family of Heavy Duty Clear Tarps by Watershed Innovations comes this 10-mil polyethylene clear tarp that is well suited for covering a greenhouse. Have it in mind that this plastic is reinforced with a polyester cross-weave mesh that gives the clear plastic added strength and durability.

Furthermore, the tarp features UV blockers and reinforced grommets every 36 inches along its rope-hem edges. It measures 12 by 24 feet and is both waterproof and rot resistant. Especially owing to the double-reinforced corners, this greenhouse tarp offers strong protection against the elements, making it ideal for regions subject to high winds or storms

  1. YGS Perfect Sunblock Shade Cloth with Grommets

For growing cannabis, check out the YGS Perfect Sunblock Shade Cloth that is designed to protect tender plants from harsh sunlight. This multipurpose cloth comes with a 100 percent UV-stabilized polyethylene and can be installed over a standard hoop greenhouse frame.

It also comes with reinforced grommets along the edges for staking or tying down the cover and serves as an essential wind and sun break when used on a greenhouse. The shade provided by this polyethylene film makes it suitable for regions that experience a lot of hot suns. It is available in a lightweight yet durable 10-by-20-foot piece

  1. SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Polyethylene Film

This plastic film is 6 mils thick, and with the inclusion of an infrared tint, it will let in a maximum amount of light while emphasizing the color red, which may increase the size and amount of flowers. The film will also block harmful UV rays to reduce the risk of scorched foliage on sensitive plants.

Note that users can attach this polyethylene film directly to wood or metal greenhouse structures, but it is essential to prime PVC structures before covering them with this product to prevent plastic degradation. The film comes in a 12-by-25-foot piece and offers superior strength in a clear greenhouse film.

The strength of your weed and how good it smells/tastes will vary greatly depending on the genetics you’re growing and your skills as a grower. However, greenhouse-grown bud has earned itself a notable reputation for its potency, aroma, and flavour, likely because of the control this environment gives growers over the quality of their crop.