Are you looking for the best inflatable water parks and their prices? If YES, here are 10 best inflatable water parks and their prices in 2022. Getting an inflatable water park especially for your kids is indeed a welcome idea in summer. With camp and other outdoor activities presently restricted due to concurrent waves of Covid-19, buying an inflatable water park is becoming an incredibly popular option.

Inflatable water parks are quite easy to set up and also ready to go even with less work than most above-ground pools, and they are also more fun, with a good number of diversions to keep kids busy with something that doesn’t involve a screen. With the summer swiftly taking shape, you kids will surely want to step out of the house finally and have some fun.

However, before you start your water park journey, you will have to understand the exact features you want your kids to enjoy. Note that different water parks have different criteria especially in terms of the age of the users. Some are perfect for infants, some for toddlers, and a couple for older kids.

Have it in mind that inflatable water parks are not one size fits all. They come in varieties of designs and concepts. From water soakers, jets, climbing walls, and built-in bouncy houses, there’s a collection of fun features to pick from when choosing the ideal inflatable water park.

Since they are available in different sizes, also make sure you consider the space you have in your backyard. The material used in the manufacture of the inflatable water park can affect your decision a lot. Note that if you choose super cheap materials, aside from affecting its durability, it will also influence the stability of the park, hence, safety.

Nonetheless, after looking at an inflatable water park’s dimensions and recommended age range, picking the one will more or less boil down to features and cost. Note that a typical Inflatable water park will cost around $300 to $900 or more for a full-size model, while mini parks for toddlers will cost about $100 or less.

In terms of features, aside from the slides and climbing wall to get to the top, there’s everything from water cannons and sprinkler tunnels to ball pits and bouncy houses. A good number of Inflatable water parks, not all, also come with an air blower, hose, ground stakes, repair patches, and a carrying case.

What are the Best Inflatable Water Park Slides in 2022?

  1. WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide – $829.99 (

Note that this inflatable play park is a well renowned for its impressive line up of features. It comes with a double water slide, a large splash pool with four water cannons, a massive climbing wall with a water bucket at the top, and an oversized landing pad, coupled with two sprinkler tunnels and a separate wade pool with a fountain. It also features four water soakers and an inflatable soccer ball, volleyball, and basketball. An air blower, carrying bag and hose, repair patches, and ground stakes, are included.

  1. HearthSong Inflatable Water Slide – $57.97 (

HearthSong’s Inflatable Water Slide is very popular in the marketing especially because it fits the bill as a fun-filled, ground level, alternative. Have it in mind that the slip and slide is a backyard classic and this 15-foot option is designed with heavy-duty vinyl and has inflatable side walls to keep water in. Note that by connecting it to a garden hose, its built-in water sprayers will ensure that the surface remains slick for use.

  1. BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide – $489.99 (

With numerous features and enough play space for four kids, this inflatable water slide is an excellent value. Have it in mind that the long water slide comes with a safe landing area that is sectioned off away from where other kids are playing, coupled with the climbing wall that accommodates a base with extra cushioning.

In addition, it comes with a large splash pool with two water cannons and a basketball hoop, and the slide comes with ground stakes, a repair patch kid, a water hose, and a carrying bag. It is constructed from 420 denier Oxford fabric, and the mesh section at the top of the slide features a heavy-duty 840 denier for extra stability and safety.

  1. Costzon Inflatable 7-in-1 Inflatable Water Slide Park – $469.99 (

Boasting of two different size slides, two climbing walls, a splash pool, fountains, a basketball rim, a lounger, and a water cannon, this backyard water park is the one to gun for. Note that its numerous features make it perfect for keeping kids entertained during parties since there’s something for everyone to do while they wait for their turn down the slide.

  1. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Water Slide – $398.39 (

Little Tikes is a famous name in children’s toys, and this inflatable water slide gets massive positive reviews, with an average 4.8 stars from 900 customers, many of whom comment on its sturdy construction. Note that this water park comes with a climbing wall, curved slide, and hoop with an inflatable basketball, coupled with a low section in the splash pool’s wall for stepping in and out safely. The water slide can carry three kids and comes with an air blower, repair kit, ground stakes, and a storage bag.

  1. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide – $299.99 (

When buying an inflatable water park, we all want one that will last more than one summer. Therefore, one feature to always note is durability. Note that this 7-foot option by Sunny & Fun is made with puncture-resistant heavy-duty nylon that’s reinforced with stitching to prevent tears.  It was easy to set up and both sprinklers work just fine.

  1. BOUNTECH Crab Theme Inflatable Water Slide – $569.99 (

According to reports, this inflatable water slide is perfect if you have grown kids and little siblings who want to play at the same time. Note that this water park comes with double slides land in separate pool areas, one of which is smaller and another more appropriate for older children.

It also comes with a climbing wall, two water cannons, and a tunnel, plus it comes with ground stakes, a patch repair kit, a hose, and a carry bag. It is made from BPA-free PVC-coated 420 denier Oxford fabrics, with an 840 denier mesh section, and has enough space for five kids.

  1. Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide – $469 (

Note that with double slides in one, this inflatable option from Little Tikes is the ideal chance for some friendly competition to see who can race to the bottom first. With a weight limit of 350 pounds, this Inflatable allows for kids to jump the climbing wall and get doused by the surprise dump bucket at the top while the racers slide down. When they are done, you just have to flip it upside down and leave the blower on to fully dry for 1.5 hours before folding and putting away.

  1. BANZAI Surf Rider Inflatable Water Side – $449.99 (

This Inflatable water park is ideal for children ages 5 and up, as there’s a steep climbing wall without a cushioned base to break falls, plenty of water spraying on the slide, and a massive wave tunnel section for kids to pass through before they splash down in the wading pool. According to reports, older kids will surely enjoy getting soaked playing for hours. Also note that the slide comes with an air blower, hose, ground stakes, repair patches, and a carrying bag.

  1. Action Air Inflatable Waterslide Playground – $419.99 (

This unique Inflatable by Action Air can carry up to four children at once thanks to its 200-pound weight capacity and under-$500 price point that makes it a great value especially when compared to other similar models that sell for hundreds more. Also, note that the shark mouth design and peek-a-boo tunnel below the slide add to the water park feel. This slide can get inflated within 20 seconds and is easy to deflate and roll up to put away.

Well detailed above are top Inflatable water parks to consider, and if you are wondering how much they cost, then note that it is going to vary depending on the type and features you are looking for. However, judging from the list above, you can expect to spend around $300 to $900 on a good water park product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Best Inflatable Water Park?
  • Banzai Aqua Sports Backyard Water Slide Park.
  • Costzon Inflatable 7-in-1 Jungle Water Park.
  • BANZAI Sidewinder Blast Water Park.
  1. What’s The Best Inflatable Water Slide?

Here are some of the best inflatable water slides;

  • Sunny & Fun Deluxe Water Park.
  • Banzai Pipeline Sidewinder Slide.
  • Intex Rainbow Ring.
  • Blast Zone Pirate Bay.
  • Blast Zone Hydro Rush.
  • Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide.
  • BounTech Inflatable Double Slide Bounce House.
  • Little Tikes Rocky Mountain.
  1. What Is The Best Backyard Water Slide?
  • Blast Zone Hydro Rush Backyard Water Slide.
  • HeroKiddo 13 x 17 Foot Tall Bounce House & Water Slide.
  • Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable Combo Slide.
  • Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide Bouncer.
  • JOYMOR Inflatable Water Slide Park.
  • Pogo Inflatable Bounce House and Wet/Dry Slide.
  • Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide.
  1. Who Makes The Best Inflatable Water Slides?
  • Sunny & Fun Water Park
  • Banzai Pipeline Sidewinder
  • Intex Rainbow Ring
  • Blast Zone Pirate Bay
  1. How Long Does An Inflatable Water Slide Last?

A warranty typically extends to at least 3 years across a range of products and designs, affording long term support. Dry bounce houses can have a lifespan of at least 7 years, with commercial water slides expected to last a minimum of 5 years with regular maintenance.

  1. Are Water Slides Worth It?

Investing in commercial inflatable water slides is worth it and of course a very profitable business. This could bring you lots of potential customers who want to rent the water slide during hot summer days. Having a water slide in a backyard is a better alternative for parents instead of taking their kids to public pools.

  1. What Is The Tallest Inflatable Water Slide?

i2k has the world’s tallest inflatable water slide, the SkySlide, measuring over five stories tall. The SkySlide combines innovative technology, breakthrough design, and high safety standards to offer a thrilling experience for both children and adults.

  1. Are Inflatable Water Slides Safe?

To some extent, inflatable water slides can be said to be safe, but Injuries — especially from water slides — are commonplace. These range from scrapes and concussions to broken limbs and spinal injuries. A 2014 report by found that water slides created more injuries than roller coasters. Of 552 reported amusement ride accidents spanning five years, 122 were from waterslides.

  1. How Tall Are Inflatable Water Slides?

Large inflatable water slides can vary from the single lane or dual lane options, and usually start from 15 feet tall and can go all the way up to 37 feet tall giant inflatable water slides. Please note that entry level slides usually range from 12 to 15 ft in height, 12 ft in width, and 25 feet in length.

  1. How Much Is An Inflatable Water Slide?

Generally, consumer grade Vinyl Crossover inflatable water slide typically start at $800 to $900 range, and can cost up to $1300 or more. Meanwhile, commercial inflatable water slides can cost anywhere from $1500 to $8000 or even more.

  1. Can A Bounce House Explode?

Bounce houses are generally safe – it is rare that they ever explode. The most common danger associated with bounce houses is when they are blown away by high winds.

  1. What Are Inflatable Water Slides Made Of?

Inflatable water slides are typically made of a thick strong PVC or vinyl and nylon and are inflated using an electric or gasoline powered blower. The water slide is attached to a water hose in order to generate the supply of water.

  1. Are There Inflatable Water Slides For Adults?

Inflatable water slides big enough for adults exist, and you can purchase them for your own backyard so you can go from overheated to gleefully sliding your way to a refreshing dunk in no time.

  1. Can You Put An Inflatable Water Slide On Rocks?

Water slides can be set up on rocks, but there are special requirements and procedures for doing this. First of all, the slide must be completely secured at all tether points using straps, stakes or sandbags.

  1. How Do You Maintain An Inflatable Water Slide?

Here are five simple steps I use to clean the inflatable water slides;

Step 1: Drain out all the unclean water.

Step 2: Rinse the water slide with a garden hose.

Step 3: Scrub the water slide with soap and water.

Step 4: Dry the inflatable water slide.

Step 5: Store the slide.

  1. How Do You Clean And Dry An Inflatable Water Slide?

In order to clean and dry an inflatable water slide, you should first turn off the blower, deflate the water slide, and roll it up. Take out the slide on the next day and hose or wash it off. Dry puddles with towels and wipe the Velcro areas. Water drops will air-dry.

  1. What Is The Best Material For A Water Slide?
  • Husky Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting.
  • TRM Manufacturing Black Poly Plastic Sheet.
  • Team Magnus Slip and Slide XXL.
  • Heavy Duty Slip and Slide Plastic Sheeting.
  • Wahii WaterSlide.
  1. What Is The Safest Trampoline For Kids?

Round trampolines are the cheapest to make and are also considered the safest since they pull you towards the middle when you jump. Maybe they aren’t as fun since the bounce is less high and not as responsive. Space is also not optimally used since most backyards are square shaped.

  1. What Happens If You Exceed The Weight Limit On A Trampoline?

Exceeding those weight limits makes it possible for the trampoline to break. Most outdoor trampolines for kids are designed to hold 200 pounds or less. Toddler trampolines may hold 50 pounds or less. If you put 3 adults onto the trampoline and the weight limit is exceeded, then the same risks of failure are present.

  1. How Do You Fix The Seam On Inflatable Water Slides?

After you have sewn your inflatable water slide, you need to patch the hole. Cut a patch that is at least ½ inch bigger than the tear, spread small amounts of glue around the square, and place the patch onto the glue to cover the tear. Then let the glue dry on the patch for at least 24 hours.

  1. What Do You Put Under Water Slides?

Use a ground sheet or tarp under the inflatable water slide to prevent any possible damages to the bottom and minimize dirt that can travel onto the inflatable.

  1. How Long Do Inflatable Water Slides Last?

It depends on the type and brand, but generally, dry bounce houses can have a lifespan of at least 7 years, with commercial water slides expected to last a minimum of 5 years with regular maintenance.

  1. Is There A Weight Limit On Inflatable Water Slide?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, the maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs.

  1. Why Is Outdoor Play So Important For Kids?

Outdoor play is so important for kids because it enables the infectious agents to spread out and be dissipated; it also enables children to get fresh air and exercise and be less constrained than they are in the classroom.

  1. What’s The Best Bounce House To Buy?
  • Best Overall: Blast Zone Magic Castle.
  • Best For Toddlers: Action Air Bounce House.
  • Best For Kids: Big Ol Bouncer Blast Zone.
  • Best For Adults: Big Bubba Giant Bounce House.
  • Best Indoors: Little Tikes Jump N Slide.
  • Best Outdoors: Little Tikes Shady Jump N Slide.
  1. Can You Use Inflatable Water Slide Without Water?

Yes. Inflatable combos can be used wet or dry as long as they do not rely on the weight of water in the splash area for added stability. Bounce and Slide combos like the Princess Palace and the Misty Kingdom work well without water, thanks to their fun castle themes and their multiple-activity designs.

  1. How Many Gallons Of Water Does A Water Slide Use?

Water slides usually consume 4 liters of water for every minute. This is equal to a garden tap for quarter flow.

  1. Are Bounce Houses Safer Than Trampolines?

Firstly, I will say both of them are safe, but in recent times, modern trampolines have netting around them to prevent falling. Dedicated children can still find ways to injure themselves with their play, but it’s less likely than it was before. Bounce houses, meanwhile, are generally much safer.

  1. Are Bounce Houses Safe In The Rain?

Yes, bounce houses are safe in the rain because bounce houses can get wet and be used in light rain or drizzle with no expected damage to the bounce house. Although many rental companies won’t want you jumping on a wet bounce house, you can still safely get away with it if you own one yourself.

  1. How Much Are Trampoline Nets?

The exact cost will depend on the size and shape of your trampoline, but you can expect a price between $45 and $65 for trampolines ranging from 12 feet to 15 feet.

  1. How Much Space Do You Need For A Trampoline?

It depends, but if you don’t plan to have a safety net around your trampoline, a margin of 8.2 ft is necessary. As this is required around the entire circumference, you should add a total of 16.4 ft to your overall measurements. If you do plan to have a net enclosure, then you should plan for a margin of just 1.5 ft.

  1. How Dangerous Are Bounce Houses?

Although bounce houses are fun for kids, but it will be important to point that bouncy castle do expose your kids to a level of danger. According to emergency room data, more than 40% of kids’ injuries result from these so it’s justified to be asking are bouncy castles safe. As children enjoy laughing and jumping around, there are high chances of colliding.

  1. Can You Use Flex Seal On A Bounce House?

Yes. Spray the hole with the Flex Seal, cut a square out of a thin shirt or cloth, and place on the puddle of Flex Seal.

  1. Do You Need Trampoline Insurance?

Yes! It is advisable to have insurance coverage for your trampoline. Trampolines are a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous. If you’re even considering getting a trampoline, you’ll want to be positive you’re covered for personal injury liability and medical expense coverage.

  1. How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

It depends, but a 12-foot trampoline has a weight limit of 250-350 pounds. 14-foot trampolines can hold weight up to 300 pounds. A trampoline of 15 to 16 feet can support weight up to 400 pounds.

  1. Do You Need Insurance To Rent Out Bouncy Castles?

Of course yes, you will definitely need public liability insurance if you are hiring out bouncy castles or inflatables to the general public.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Trampoline?

It depends but please note that the bigger the trampoline, the longer it might take since it will have more springs and they might take time to fit. The average time it takes to assemble a trampoline is three to five hours.

  1. Do Shoes Ruin A Trampoline?

Yes, and this is because wearing shoes with a leather or rubber sole will rub against the jumping mat. While doing this once or twice probably won’t cause excessive damage, doing so consistently can wear your jumping mat out prematurely. Therefore, we recommend jumping in bare feet or using trampoline jump socks.

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