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10 Best Inflatable Water Park Slides [Price Included]

Are you looking for the best inflatable water parks and their prices? If YES, here are the 10 best inflatable water parks and their prices.

Getting an inflatable water park, especially for your kids is indeed a welcome idea in summer. With camp and other outdoor activities presently restricted due to concurrent waves of Covid-19, buying an inflatable water park is becoming an incredibly popular option.

Inflatable water parks are quite easy to set up and also ready to go even with less work than most above-ground pools, and they are also more fun, with a good number of diversions to keep kids busy with something that doesn’t involve a screen. With the summer swiftly taking shape, you kids will surely want to step out of the house finally and have some fun.

However, before you start your water park journey, you will have to understand the exact features you want your kids to enjoy. Note that different water parks have different criteria, especially in terms of the age of the users. Some are perfect for infants, some for toddlers, and a couple for older kids.

Have it in mind that inflatable water parks are not one size fits all. They come in varieties of designs and concepts. From water soakers, jets, climbing walls, and built-in bouncy houses, there’s a collection of fun features to pick from when choosing the ideal inflatable water park.

Since they are available in different sizes, also make sure you consider the space you have in your backyard. The material used in the manufacture of the inflatable water park can affect your decision a lot. Note that if you choose super cheap materials, aside from affecting its durability, it will also influence the stability of the park, hence, safety.

Nonetheless, after looking at an inflatable water park’s dimensions and recommended age range, picking the one will more or less boil down to features and cost. Note that a typical Inflatable water park will cost around $300 to $900 or more for a full-size model, while mini-parks for toddlers will cost about $100 or less.

In terms of features, aside from the slides and climbing wall to get to the top, there’s everything from water cannons and sprinkler tunnels to ball pits and bouncy houses. A good number of Inflatable water parks, not all, also come with an air blower, hose, ground stakes, repair patches, and a carrying case.

Best Inflatable Water Park Slides

  1. WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide – $829.99 (

Note that this inflatable play park is well renowned for its impressive lineup of features. It comes with a double water slide, a large splash pool with four water cannons, a massive climbing wall with a water bucket at the top, and an oversized landing pad, coupled with two sprinkler tunnels and a separate wade pool with a fountain.

It also features four water soakers and an inflatable soccer ball, volleyball, and basketball. An air blower, carrying bag and hose, repair patches, and ground stakes, are included.

  1. HearthSong Inflatable Water Slide – $57.97 (

HearthSong’s Inflatable Water Slide is very popular in marketing especially because it fits the bill as a fun-filled, ground-level, alternative.

Have it in mind that the slip and slide is a backyard classic and this 15-foot option is designed with heavy-duty vinyl and has inflatable side walls to keep water in. Note that by connecting it to a garden hose, its built-in water sprayers will ensure that the surface remains slick for use.

  1. BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide – $489.99 (

With numerous features and enough play space for four kids, this inflatable water slide is an excellent value. Have it in mind that the long water slide comes with a safe landing area that is sectioned off away from where other kids are playing, coupled with the climbing wall that accommodates a base with extra cushioning.

In addition, it comes with a large splash pool with two water cannons and a basketball hoop, and the slide comes with ground stakes, a repair patch kid, a water hose, and a carrying bag. It is constructed from 420 denier Oxford fabric, and the mesh section at the top of the slide features a heavy-duty 840 denier for extra stability and safety.

  1. Costzon Inflatable 7-in-1 Inflatable Water Slide Park – $469.99 (

Boasting of two different size slides, two climbing walls, a splash pool, fountains, a basketball rim, a lounger, and a water cannon, this backyard water park is the one to gun for. Note that its numerous features make it perfect for keeping kids entertained during parties since there’s something for everyone to do while they wait for their turn down the slide.

  1. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Water Slide – $398.39 (

Little Tikes is a famous name in children’s toys, and this inflatable water slide gets massive positive reviews, with an average of 4.8 stars from 900 customers, many of whom comment on its sturdy construction.

Note that this water park comes with a climbing wall, curved slide, and hoop with an inflatable basketball, coupled with a low section in the splash pool’s wall for stepping in and out safely. The water slide can carry three kids and comes with an air blower, repair kit, ground stakes, and a storage bag.

  1. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide – $299.99 (

When buying an inflatable water park, we all want one that will last more than one summer. Therefore, one feature to always note is durability. Note that this 7-foot option by Sunny & Fun is made with puncture-resistant heavy-duty nylon that’s reinforced with stitching to prevent tears.  It was easy to set up and both sprinklers work just fine.

  1. BOUNTECH Crab Theme Inflatable Water Slide – $569.99 (

According to reports, this inflatable water slide is perfect if you have grown kids and little siblings who want to play at the same time.

Note that this water park comes with double slides land in separate pool areas, one of which is smaller and another more appropriate for older children. It also comes with a climbing wall, two water cannons, and a tunnel, plus it comes with ground stakes, a patch repair kit, a hose, and a carry bag.

It is made from BPA-free PVC-coated 420 denier Oxford fabrics, with an 840 denier mesh section, and has enough space for five kids.

  1. Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide – $469 (

Note that with double slides in one, this inflatable option from Little Tikes is the ideal chance for some friendly competition to see who can race to the bottom first. With a weight limit of 350 pounds, this Inflatable allows for kids to jump the climbing wall and get doused by the surprise dump bucket at the top while the racers slide down.

When they are done, you just have to flip it upside down and leave the blower on to fully dry for 1.5 hours before folding and putting away.

  1. BANZAI Surf Rider Inflatable Water Side – $449.99 (

This Inflatable water park is ideal for children ages 5 and up, as there’s a steep climbing wall without a cushioned base to break falls, plenty of water spraying on the slide, and a massive wave tunnel section for kids to pass through before they splash down in the wading pool.

According to reports, older kids will surely enjoy getting soaked playing for hours. Also note that the slide comes with an air blower, hose, ground stakes, repair patches, and a carrying bag.

  1. Action Air Inflatable Waterslide Playground – $419.99 (

This unique Inflatable by Action Air can carry up to four children at once thanks to its 200-pound weight capacity and under-$500 price point which makes it a great value especially when compared to other similar models that sell for hundreds more.

Also, note that the shark mouth design and peek-a-boo tunnel below the slide add to the water park feel. This slide can get inflated within 20 seconds and is easy to deflate and roll up to put away.

Well detailed above are top Inflatable water parks to consider, and if you are wondering how much they cost, then note that it is going to vary depending on the type and features you are looking for. However, judging from the list above, you can expect to spend around $300 to $900 on a good water park product.