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50 Best Luxury Corporate Gift ideas for Rich Clients

Do you have rich customers or executives and you want to appreciate their patronage? If YES, here are 50 best luxury corporate gift ideas for rich clients.

To be able to maintain solid relationships is indeed a very crucial part of success in any organization. We all can agree that sending out gifts is one of the best ways to create a good rapport with your partners, colleagues, and clients in the business world.

Giving out gifts to your loyal customers and employees will help establish a rich working relationship that helps your business to grow. But then, choosing or selecting suitable gifts for rich clients can be tasking. This because you have to strike a balance between thoughtfulness, value and your organization’s code of ethics. Any careless mistake can be disastrous.

Note that it is not advisable to give your rich clients and employees practical items like mugs, pens, or t-shirts with your company’s name and logo on them. You may think you are killing two birds with one stone by using the item both as a gift and an advertisement, but it is wrong. You need to understand that people like getting gifts that only adds value to the receiver.

In this age, businesses give gifts for a lot of reasons. Some give gifts to clients for referrals as well as for business milestones and noteworthy life events like anniversaries, weddings, births, and birthdays. Employees often receive gifts for the same life events in addition to internal promotions, reaching quotas quickly, and years with the company.

But irrespective of the reason you decide to gift your most valuable employees and clients, the gifts you give should be about them not you.

When a traditional business gift isn’t enough, then it is time to shop for a unique luxury gift. Some luxury business gifts are expensive and some are just special gifts that your clients will appreciate but would never buy for themselves. Below are 50 notable luxury corporate gifts for your rich clients:

Best Luxury Corporate Gift ideas for Rich Clients

  1. Globe Awards

You need to understand that gifts tailored to a “global theme” are ideal for any occasion. We believe it is the perfect luxury corporate gift to honour the recipient for their accomplishment or to thank the client or vendor for their outstanding relationship.

Some of the great globe-themed selections include solar-powered spinning globes, static structures and even anti-gravity global gifts. Some even allow you to personalize the gift, including inserting your company logo.

  1. iHome iB73 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

We believe that this is the perfect gift for a corporate rich client who spends a considerable amount of time at the gym. The earpieces are connected together by a flat cable that runs behind the head, making it easy for the user to move from one exercise machine to the next.

iHome’s iB73 bluetooth wireless headphones has a built-in microphone and 4.0 Bluetooth wireless capability so the person exercising can listen to audio, or take calls from a mobile device that is up to 30 feet away.

It is also sweat-proof and provides up to 10 hours of listening time before it needs to be recharged. Although this pair is convenient and lightweight, the quality of the sound is not sacrificed. The iB73 is designed for those who enjoy music with booming bass, and it comes with detachable ear cushions in different sizes to ensure the best fit.

  1. Golf Accessories and Collectibles

We all know that golf is a game for the rich. Practical golf gifts include golf balls which are specially designed and enhanced to help them perform at their peak. Note that such golf balls come in attractive packaging, which brings out the indulgence of the gift.

Also another practical golf accessory worth putting into consideration is the golf performance tracking system which helps the recipient analyse the games played, providing valuable insight and helping to improve his skills. You may consider adding collectibles like desk ornaments, such as a crystal paperweight or sculpture.

  1. Nat Geo CompressLite Pack away Jacket

This we believe is a very unique gift for a rich client especially for someone who sits in the stands watching a football game. This jacket, available for both men and women, will help protect the wearer from the wind and rain. The CompressLite jacket has insulation properties that are comparable to natural down (it uses ClimaPlus fill).

This jacket was designed to provide waterproof protection in even the rainiest conditions, also keeping the wearer cosy and dry during any outdoor adventure. It is lightweight and designed to fold-up and be tucked away in its own pouch when not in use.

  1. Decanter Set

Whether you think so or not, a decanter set is a good corporate gift for wine lovers who value the taste of their wine. Also they are a classy addition to the recipient’s wine collection, hence making it a premium corporate gift.

Note that giving an elegant decanter set shows your appreciation to your working colleague, boss or highly esteemed client. Suitable Decanter sets include those special edition ones, for example a 125 year anniversary edition Ravenscroft Crystal which includes a hand-ground crystal stopper.

Decanter sets made from crystal with Irish cut is worth considering too, as the special cut exudes sophistication and luxury living. Wine Decanter set featuring beautiful 14 Karat gold designs also add a touch of class to the gift.

  1. Coffee Cafe Barista

Any of your rich corporate clients who loves coffee will surely enjoy the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista, which makes it easy to make a tasty espresso drink without leaving the office. This compact 3-in-1 machine facilitates brewing coffeehouse-style beverages in a home or at the office. It has a relatively small 8″ x 10″ footprint, so it can be set-up practically anywhere.

Mr. Coffee’s is very easy-to-use, and friends, colleagues and customers will think they’re with a professional barista. This semi-automatic espresso, cappuccino and latte maker includes an automatic milk frothier, and a one-touch control panel.

A recipe book included with the coffee maker allows users to conjure up everything from perfect shots of espresso and traditional cappuccinos to raspberry cappuccinos and Choco-nutty lattes.

  1. Luxurious Statement Copper Accessories

We all can agree that Copper accessories are stylish and make statement pieces. The metallic shine of these items exude luxury and elegance. The recipient will be happy to receive this practical luxurious corporate gift.

  1. Achaval-Ferrer Wine Gift Set

If your rich client is a wine lover, you don’t have to just send him a bottle, make it two bottles of premium wine from Achaval-Ferrer. The Finca Altamira 2012 and Finca Bella Vista 2012 are the top of the line for this Argentine winemaker.

Both have been highly ranked by Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate/Robert Parker. The Finca Altamira 2012 ($140) received 93 points from Wine Spectator and 94 points from Wine Advocate/Robert Parker; the Finca Bella Vista 2012 ($140) received 92 points from Wine Spectator and 93 points from Wine Advocate/Robert Parker. Note that you can send your corporate client this gift box, and if you’re lucky, the next BYOB dinner will be on him.

  1. Drink ware Sets

Exquisite drink ware sets make an ideal luxury corporate item for any recipient. This is because they make a functional gift for anyone, even for daily occasions. Be certain to add a personal touch to make your stylish gift standout from the recipients’ regular drink ware. You can, for instance, add a fun quote or a message of appreciation on the items.

  1. Spend On A Philanthropic Event

If there is one thing that truly brings people or a community together, it is giving back in the form of volunteer work, charitable event, fundraiser, etc. We believe that no gift will make you feel better about giving than inviting your clients to give back with you.

This could mean tickets to a gala event to raise funds for a local or national charity. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You could simply organize a small group of your clients to join you and volunteer at a local soup kitchen or help out at a pet shelter. There are always organizations that need help.

  1. Vases

We all know that flowers make a house or an office inviting as it brings nature indoors. A lot of people, as such, would find a classic vase a welcome gift. A polished and refined vase makes a stunning corporate luxury gift and they can be used all year round and for many years to come.

The recipient will appreciate this practical and elegant glassware which adds brilliance to her home or office. This is also among the best retirement gift ideas for women.

  1. Lunch Or Dinner

We all know how enticing a well prepared meal can be. No one can argue with that. Note that the beauty of sending prepared meals is that it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a gourmet, a foodie, or couldn’t care less about what’s on their plate. There are many businesses that serve that purpose and can be easily reached.

For instance, Sakara is an organic meal delivery program based on the science behind a plant-rich, gluten-free, superfood diet.

Each meal is made by expert chefs and is conveniently delivered to your home. Also another Impromptu Gourmet delivers chef-inspired meals and foods that are simple to prepare and serve for those who love to cook but would rather leave the shopping and recipe decisions to a gourmet chef.

  1. Paperweights

Apart from helping to keep the office tidy, luxurious paperweights, for example the crystal collectibles, can also add a touch of elegance in the office.

The paperweights vary in designs, textures and even colours. For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite corporate gift will definitely add class to the recipient’s desk.

  1. The Signature for Bentley

We believe that this is one for the automobile enthusiast out there. This gift is inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, with its price-tag of £252,000, the Signature for Bentley has a carbon fibre pillow that shares the same weave as the car itself.

It sports a Beluga Black calf leather rear as well. Made by Vertu, which is in the business of creating luxury phones with a Made in Britain tag, the phone doesn’t disappoint in the customisation front either. Also note that you get to create a Signature phone that is completely in accordance to your tastes.

But if your client is a lover of smartphone then this isn’t the gift you’re looking for. Its functions cover calls and text messaging.

  1. Armand de Brignac Trilogie

Indeed not every rich client will be a golf enthusiast. But a lot of them will enjoy a nice bottle of wine, even with some other alcohol. It’s a safe bet.

But in the case of alcohol you need to either know your client’s tastes or go big. We’re going to go with the latter by introducing you to the Armand de Brignac Trilogie – a treat created by a brand more commonly known as Ace of Spades, dating back to 1763.

This drink was made very famous by Jay-Z. The rapper helped propel the brand into stardom in 2006 when he started singing about the champagne and promoting it in clubs. Be it gold, rose or blanc, this French-created gift will cost you £1,395.

  1. Clocks

They are very good corporate gifts to show your appreciation or business recognition to clients and employees. Clocks can be versatile, luxurious and can be tailored to an individual’s likes.

There are the golf shaped clocks for golf enthusiasts, car shaped clocks for the racing fanatics and even calendar shaped clocks. Your rich clients will love this luxury corporate gift, which is a wonderful and chic addition to his home or workspace.

  1. Rosewood Chef’s Knife

Even if the gift is for a gourmet cook or a weekend kitchen warrior, a chef’s knife with rosewood handle will make a nice addition to anyone’s kitchen toolset. Victorinox, which makes the inimitable Swiss Army Knife, produces this line of kitchen knives by bringing together functionality with aesthetics.

The 8-inch chef’s knife was specially designed for the 130-year anniversary of Victorinox. It’s a straight edge knife that will please everyone, from professional chefs to everyday cooking enthusiasts. All of the knives in the Victorinox Rosewood collection are made from high quality chrome-molybdenum steel, and feature ergonomic, rosewood handles.

  1. Candlesticks and Votives

Candlesticks and votive are incredibly decorative and inviting. These décor items give sophisticated feel to the space. The lights create a relaxing and comfortable feel, which is beneficial for the mind and body. As matter of fact, when you offer candlesticks and votive as a gift in your next corporate function, you will simply be spreading light and love by creating more personal business relations with business acquaintances and employees.

  1. Ride A Formula One Or NASCAR Race Car

This experience would be a one-on-one event with a valued client or, at most, a very small group. Just pay attention to your client’s likes and you’ll hit it out of the park with this one. An alternative would be to arrange for a super luxury car driving tour, where the client gets to drive in an amazing, possibly Italian-made machine.

While driving in a luxury car can set you back around $200, depending on how long the drive is, you can create a similar experience by taking your client to a local race track or contacting a local racing club for a demo.

  1. Money clips

Money clips make a great alternative to traditional wallets. If you’ve used them, they are lightweight, smaller in size and come in a variety of designs to fit anyone’s preferences. Also based on the recipient’s preference, you can choose leather or metal money clip.

Choosing the appropriate design makes this gift a luxury gift, as some design display style and class. Rewarding your employees and associates with engraved money clips or giving your client a personalized money clip is a great way to create a closer working relation with them, this is also among the best retirement gift for men!

  1. Carry-on Luggage

Whether they choose to carry their luggage onto the plane or check it in makes no difference. What matters is that you gift them a well-made, stylish piece of luggage that will stand the test of time. For instance, Tumi Alpha Lightweight is durable and spacious.

Its standout features include four 360-degree wheels, attractive bumper sides, and a variety of interior pockets and straps. Tumi will even monogram it for you for free in addition to providing a universal tracking number.

Another Rimowa Salsa Air is a lightweight hard-sided case that comes in a lot of colors. Note that it standout features include a telescopic handle that can lock into any height position, four dual-sided wheels that provide 360-degree movement, and mesh zipper compartments in each half of the case’s interior.

  1. Pens

Pens make for an ideal gift for business associates and clients as they are an everyday tool in the office. For some, pens are also an accessory to one’s outfit, which is why a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury branded corporate gifts.

  1. DJI Inspire 1 PRO

With the advent of technology, drones can do many things, which is why we want to bring your attention to one particular quadcopter sure to steal any client’s heart.

The DJI Inspire 1 Pro, featuring a Zenmuse 5X camera, is the perfect drone for anyone that loves to see new heights and have a bit of fun. Studies have shown that this drone lives up to the high demands of its price tag. It’s a filmmaking platform at heart, with the footage out of the Zenmuse camera deemed to be absolutely breath-taking.

  1. Decorative Bowls

When you don’t know what to get for a particular client, it is a safe and reliable choice to get a decorative bowl. Ideally, you want to choose a bowl that is handmade. There are plenty of choices for materials such as hand-thrown, hand-glazed pottery, blown glass, or a one-of-a-kind whittled wooden bowl.

  1. Nichols

Cool and colourful boxed notecards by famed illustrator and stationer R. Nichols (best known for illustrating the international best-seller French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano) can help with the tough-gift-recipient category.

The cards cover a wide range of interests including pets, garden, party, travel, “girlie girls,” shopping and more — there really is something for everybody. Tastefully packaged in black boxes — all note cards can be personalized with a name to add that special personal touch. Priced from $18-$25, R Nichols is also easy on the holiday budget.

  1. Flowers and Bonsai

Flowers and Bonsai make the perfect corporate gift because everyone can appreciate the scent fresh flowers and bonsai bring to a room or office. High end flowers and bonsai with exquisite packaging makes a perfect luxury corporate gift idea or retirement gift idea for ladies.

Always have this in mind when choosing your bouquet, make sure to opt for high-end, premium blooms. Shy away from cheap, garish or dyed flowers such as carnations. You should think about elegant blooms such as roses, orchids, lilies, and peonies. When choosing your bonsai, be sure to pick a size that fits the recipient’s desk or room.

  1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Another great gift for a corporate rich client is a smartwatch. One possibility to consider is the Pebble, a cross-platform Bluetooth device that works with both Android and iOS. This gift has a nifty magnetic charger and is available in different styles and colours.

The Pebble comes preloaded with eight watch faces and there are even more options online. It also includes an on board music controller and the ability to read text messages on the go. It displays email, SMS, Caller ID, and other notifications from right on the wearer’s wrist. The Pebble also vibrates when an incoming call comes in, and displays the number or name of the caller.

  1. Photo Frames

When thinking of how to thank your rich clients for their dedication and continued support, you can choose to make it a little more personal. A photo frame will help you achieve exactly that since they will see the opulent display piece every day, all year round.

You can opt for crystal frame as their brilliance not just add sparkle to the photographs, but also to the workspace or home. Ideally, a photo frame will be remembered for a lifetime, hence it is a gift worth considering.

  1. Fund a Training  Session with Their Favourite Athlete

Just imagine you and your top clients skiing in Vail, Colorado, with Lindsey Vonn. If you can make this happen, it could be the experience of a lifetime. You can still plan a day of skiing, surfing or mountain biking or any other sport your clients enjoy.

  1. Grill Related Items

If this rich client has an interest in outdoor cooking, you can buy a top-end grill-related item such as a portable gas grill, an accessory gift basket, or a three piece grilling set. This unique and luxury gift is especially well received around summer time.

  1. Mark Cross

This unique bag known as America’s first luxury leather brand is back and more stylish than ever. We covet the Madison Bag.

Inspired by vintage doctor’s bags, the Madison is made of buttery Italian calf leather in rich colours and a perfect medium size for everyday use. The Madison Doctor has open patch pockets inside the bag to keep track of all your devices while looking oh-so-chic.

  1. Watch and Accessory Travel Organiser

We believe that watch roll/case travel will be a perfect corporate gift for a rich client who is a frequent traveller for business trips and vacations. Watches are an important men accessory and there are different watches for different occassions.

Note that the frequent traveller on business trips may need a dress watch for work hours and a casual watch after working hours or during weekends spent overseas. Anytime you are choosing the watch roll/case travel, be sure to choose one with high quality workmanship and good quality leather.

Have it in mind that this will make your gift look sleek and luxurious. Also make sure to check on the quality of the inner lining (for example, ultra-suede) to make sure that the watches are well protected and check on the dividers, so that you know how many watches your recipient can bring on the go.

  1. Amazon Echo

We all know that companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and many other are fighting to dominate the “Internet of Things,” with control modules for managing connected devices.

The Amazon Echo, which weighs less than two pounds, is an aesthetically designed black cylinder that can probably live comfortably in just about any environment. The Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service to provide information, answer questions, play music, read the news, check sports scores or the weather.

  1. Beer Related Items

Many people used to think that beer is the drink of the lower class, but that is not the case anymore. Beer is the newest, most buzz-worthy drink.

Expand your corporate gift recipient’s beer horizons with a gift basket of local craft brews. Another option is a nice, thick, glass beer mug for the ultimate home drinking experience. These items are also excellent men’s retirement gift ideas!

  1. Pie

Have it in mind that it doesn’t matter what holiday it is, a family meal isn’t complete without some good sweet pie. Studies have shown that this is the perfect gift for clients, since it lightens the client’s load when preparing a holiday meal for the family. You can also add a personal touch by delivering it yourself.

  1. Desk Collection

If you are looking for an extravagant corporate gift for a rich client, then consider getting something he or she can keep or make use almost everyday – a desk collection. We believe there is a whole market of luxury, leather desk items such as a pen stand, name card holder, or office clock. One option is to get these items personalized with their initials, which is sure to please.

  1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets used to be like fruit bread: no one wanted them. But times have changed. In this new age, the right gift basket can be a vessel of decadence customized to suit the interests and tastes of the receiver.

The right gift basket full of luxury gifts, lifestyle goods, and gift certificates will leave lasting impressions on clients as well as deserving employees. Just make sure the gift baskets are personalized, and don’t include your company’s branded swag unless it’s worth a significant amount of money and provides value to the receiver.

  1. Display Boxes

If this rich client of yours is a collector of ornaments or trinkets, we suggest you show them that you’re interested in their hobby by purchasing a luxury display box. This corporate gift is a great choice because you will be enhancing their most cherished items. Choose a box made of quality wood or fine glass so as to most accentuate the ornaments.

  1. Haibike XDURO Nduro Pro

A lot of people don’t now about the ebike. They are not alternatives to motorbikes, rather this bike is fitted with a tiny motor that helps you pedal, making for a more comfortable ride. And as you can imagine, such comfort doesn’t come cheap.

One of the best offerings comes from Haibike, which offers different degrees of electrical assistance – “eco”, “standard” and “high”. Note that this bike comes with a price of £6,000 over its head, you get value for money, with the bike being fitted with a high performance drive system from Bosch.

  1. Whiskey Barware Items

Presenting fine wine like Whiskey is great especially if the recipient is a whiskey connoisseur. We believe that one can never go wrong with this classic gift, which is why to make your luxury corporate gift more unique and special, you should consider giving whiskey related barware items.

  1. Iomoi

You should know that anything you buy from this whimsical and chic boutique of personalized goods will be a homerun. For the hostess with the mostess, Iomoi’s colorful and cool coasters in a Lucite box or a monogrammed iPhone case will do the trick. Modern and luxurious, Iomoi offers a treasure trove of products for all of your gifting needs.

  1. Leather Journal

For “writerly” types or someone who likes to jot down stuff on pen and paper, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive corporate gift. Journals are personal items, so swing for custom gold embossed personalization with their initials on the cover.

Make sure the journal you choose is made with quality paper too. To go above and beyond, consider buying a matching pen.

  1. Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Headphones, which started more than 50-years-ago in small drum shop in the uk, brings stage-quality sound to the average audiophile. The Kilburn, Marshall’s Bluetooth speaker, seems to have been created at the intersection of retro and modern tech.

Even though it looks like a desktop version of a concert amplifier from the 1960s, it delivers well-balanced highs and lows. And it’s got a small enough footprint to fit on a bookshelf or elsewhere in the office of a hippie-turned-corporate-exec.

  1. Pocket Watches

These watches are also another ideal high end corporate gift idea you should consider. It is a timeless gift for the male recipient. They are trendy, versatile and some can be personalized. For some pocket watches, you can personalize it with a personal message, his name or his monogram. This will definitely make your corporate gift stand out.

  1. A Book

Have it in mind that it is not just any old book, but a book that has a specific meaning for your client. For example, if during one of your conversations your client says that they loved Peter Rabbit as a kid, maybe finding a first edition or special edition of a Peter Rabbit book would be very meaningful.

  1. Cobalt Valkyrie-X

If you have a rich client who is a high flier and thrill seeker, the perfect gift would undoubtedly be their own plane. Better yet, a Cobalt Valkyrie-X, which is set to be one of the fastest piston aircrafts in the world. And if you want a truly unique version, then think about Neiman Marcus’ rose gold edition.

Studies has shown that the flight controls are rose gold, too, plated to perfection. The seats? Exclusive cream leather surrounded by a just-for-us colour scheme for the sumptuous beige-and-taupe headlining and anthracite carpets. The Neiman Marcus plane comes loaded with options and 24/7 technical support for two years.

  1. A Subscription To A Customizable Service

There are a few very cool services out there that can be customized to your client’s lifestyle. We suggest you consider gifting a subscription to beauty products, health and fitness products, snacks, food, crafting supplies, toys for kids, pet toys and treats, all of which will arrive in a box delivered by mail to their front door.

Ideally, you could buy the subscription, send it to the client via email and have them set up their accounts, so that they can tailor what they want to receive. Bonus: It will be a monthly reminder of your relationship. This subscription may include;

  • Beauty products for him or her, and many others.

  • Foodies

Your client can TryTheWorld, literally, with these tasty boxes full of treats from different countries. Or, if your client loves everything green, you can send them a GreenBox, which is full of seasonally “curated” items by Homegrown Collective.

  • Socks for him or her

You can send very cool socks by mail via and, depending on the client’s fashion preferences, you pick from a range of styles. The company then sends a pair of cool socks per month to your client and donates another pair of socks.

  • Kids

For those clients with children, you can pick boxes with toys, treats, recipes or fun crafting activities to entertain them.

  • Pets

The cool part about is that you can customize the plan for one, three, six or 12 months. The company then sends goodies to the dog of choice.

48. Naim Atom

Even with the digital forms of music, and the Spotify account reigning supreme, some of the population still rely on CDs and cassette tapes to give them that comfy sound. With the seemingly revival of vinyl records, the future may see cassette tapes come back to life as well.

This device called the Naim Atom plays both analog and digital music from cassette tapes and vinyl records to streamed tracks from your mobile phone.

49. Personalized Experiences

A lot of people would prefer experiences to material goods, even if those goods are luxury gifts. So, why not give them what they truly want? Below are few ideas…

  • Swimming with sharks
  • A day at the shooting or driving range
  • Premium tickets to a sporting event
  • Premium tickets to a live show (e.g., Cirque du Soleil or a local theater company)
  • Spa day for two
  • Tours of a winery, distillery, or brewery
  • Yoga or gym membership


With the world and our way of life becoming competitive, the art of buying executive gifts is becoming a trend everyone should adapt to. Giving an executive gift is both personal and strategic, be it to a friend or a rich client. It reveals the receiver’s standing in the eyes of the giver.

Gift also reflects the personality, style, and savoir-faire of the giver. We hope that this article help point you in the right direction.