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5 Best Places to Sell Firewood

Are you wondering what place or location is best to sell firewood fast? If YES, here are 5 best places to sell firewood.

Starting a Firewood business can be a simple side-hustle that can indeed offer you enough income to make it a full-time job. Selling firewood might be a good old-fashioned work, but there are many benefits to being your own boss. You might be wondering if there is really that much demand for firewood these days, especially with the convenience of modern heating technology; well, you would be surprised.

According to Google, the term ‘Fire Wood Near Me’ is searched an impressive 90,500 times per month on average. The peak month being November with 135,000 total searches!

Note that this entails that people are looking for firewood to buy, which is an enormous opportunity for any willing entrepreneur. You may believe firewood is only seasonal, which could be true, depending on where you are located. But if you look at the searches for ‘Firewood Near Me,’ even the lowest month (March) receives 40,000+ inquiries.

As long as the location is concerned, you may wonder if there would be demand in warmer places such as Texas and California. As you can see by the Google search statistics, Texas and California are some of the states with the most demand for firewood.

For instance, California has a northern part that is cooler and tends to have people in need of wood-burning fireplace fuel. In addition, the southern part of the state is hot and lined with beaches and cabins in need of campfire supplies. According to industry data, a total of 11.6% of the searches for firewood are conducted in California, and 8% are from Texas.

However, as with any business, nothing happens until something is sold. Fortunately, firewood is easy to sell since your potential customers already know they want it. In this line of business, you don’t have to convince them that they want it.

Every year they have to look for more wood to buy to replace what they have burned over the previous winter. This is the beauty of selling consumable products. Firewood dealers don’t usually use expensive media advertising like radio and television, although you could if you wanted to. Most of the firewood they sell is through low cost or free advertising.

Best Place to Sell Firewood

  1. Craigslist

According to reports, this site is woodcutters’ dreams come true. It is free and a lot of people go there searching for firewood. However, the downside is there can be a lot of competition, but you can put a link to your website on your Craigslist ad.

This way, people can go to your site and read more about your business. The website makes it look like you are professional and trustworthy. This will offer you an edge over the competition.

  1. From Home

If your home or business is next to a busy road, note that you can put out a firewood for sale sign. You can also park your truck or trailer on the street with a load of wood and a for-sale sign on it. A lot of people do this all the time but it also means you can’t use your truck or trailer while it is busy trying to sell wood.

  1. Personal Website

By having a website that shows up at the top of search engines when people search for firewood in your area, you can attract customers that are around you and also make very good sales. If you know how to build websites, and more importantly, how to promote them, this can be a great option. Also note that you can hire someone to build one and promote it for you, but that can be expensive.

  1. Grocery Stores

Selling to a grocery store is a great way to sell a lot of firewood in bulk at once. Although you may not be able to charge as much as a single customer, but what you lack in the margin for one sale, you will make up in bulk. Consider it, you don’t have to acquire all the customers and deliver the wood; you have one big customer and supply them. A good strategy is only going after the local grocery stores and supermarkets.

  1. Classified newspaper ads

Before the internet, a lot of people tend to sell wood in the newspaper classified section. Many papers have a section for firewood.

Believe it or not, people still read newspapers. Although this is decreasing, classified ads still work. A lot of times it is the older demographic that is more likely to read the newspaper and less likely to use the internet, and that is who a lot of your customers are.

Selling wood is easy. The toughest part can be the first few years while you are building up a customer base. As you get a list of repeat customers, the less advertising you will have to do. Eventually, you can get to a point where you have enough repeat customers to keep you pretty busy, and then maybe do a little advertising to keep a few new ones coming in.